Can I lose weight when exercising?


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Hi nick. U will certainly lose weight with exercise but u need to watch the calories. I'm 115kg and need guidance in what I should do. Nights are my down side. Crisps sweets choc whatever. If i could stop those I'd be on a winner.


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It's true what they say, "you are what you eat". Losing weight is a lifestyle change not a diet. Eat healthy and a little excercise and you'll lose weight and feel a whole lot better.
There is a chap runs a health and fitness group on Facebook if you want to try something at home, half an hour excercise a day and food planning. I use it to keep fit and mobile, not to lose weight, if you want the details.


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My doc said when your over 45 your metabolism slows down and makes it much harder to lose weight so it takes more effort. That's no excuse but it takes a lot of will and determination to beat the flab and not forgetting the time. I think personally it's down to eating the right healthy food and steering clear of the treats though the odd one does no harm


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I'm on the easiest diet of them all: the 'no sh!t' diet.

All you have to do is stop buying and eating cheap high calorie crap, and crucially not having *any* of it in the house when your feeling peckish.
Stock up on fruit and lower calorie foods for snacks, and avoid the McDonalds in town etc, as even the small meals contain a full days worth of calories on their own. Speaking of which, if you've got a smart phone try a free app called 'MyFitness Pal' which easily lets you scan barcodes or easily check the likes of McDonalds (etc) calories, and total up your daily consumption to whatever your target. You soon learn to spot and avoid the *really* high calorie offenders.

Who would have thought something so simple would help you lose weight - 'no sh!t' Sherlock! ;)
It's basically a set of scales with calories in on one side and calories out on the other. Keep them in balance and you'll neither gain or lose weight. Let calories out drop and you'll lose weight. Let calories in drop and you'll gain weight.


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Eat less, eat better, move more is about it.
I use myfitnesspal to record intake and that decides if I walk home or get the bus! :LOL:
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its really not rocket science , where people go wrong is setting unreasonable goals so become demoralized.

what i would suggest is firstly Eat less , and or drink less if you are drinking beer and or sugar drinks . say you have 3 can of pop a day cut down to 1 or two , same with beer .

food do the same , don't have any crisps or chocolate in the house its just too tempting , say you like a pizza have only one per week , same with takeaway only one per week if you try to cut them out you will just demoralize yourself eat 3 meals a day , especially breakfast but not something like sugar puffs or a full english have some porridge or granola that will keep you full till dinnertime , but again if you want a full english have one a week.

at the gym just do stuff that keeps your heart rate up a bike , running machine , you needn't run just walk fast up a slope if you are sweating you are burning calories , most good gyms have a tv on the machines to relieve the boredom some good bikes in gyms you can race yourself ,or a virtual competitor, don't bother with lifting weights , there is to much time wasted between sets when you heart rate drops .

and above all don't take any supplements you don't need them your body is full of energy in the form of fat and you need your body to use it not wait for top up !!!


Hello friends. I'm Nick and I'm obese, I'm 97kg I want to practice to reduce to about 70kg, can I do that?
Short intense bursts of exercise with a walk/rest inbetween to just about get your breath back until your knackered every other day for a month would see results even if you didnt change your diet. Plodding round for miles at a snails pace will only wear your hips and knees out, short sharp relentless sprints is what you need plus some will power


I found it took quite a while to get my body used to smaller portion sizes. And to keep getting to the gym even for half an hour on the rower. I've gained weight, which was the goal, but have reduced fat in the usual man places. For the first couple of months I was ravenous despite eating a decent level of calories. I took up eating spinach and leaves just as belly fill.

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