Darth Vader cows anyone?


Livestock Farmer
East Sussex
Ya..... they're really going to do it. But rest assured dairy men as you're going to get a better milk price for attaching them to your cows so start trampling each other for them ASAP or you'll miss out! ;)



FFS. All the muppets on here who are happy to tow the NFU line that cows are destroying the planet, it will be your fault that we all end up having to buy these things, and the feed additives, and all the other crap that is going to be developed. There will be no point moaning about it when it comes along and becomes a compulsory part of your milk contract or red tractor, you need to stop it now.

Update on the Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot

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Update on the Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot

Written by Lisa Applin


In July, we opened the applications window for farmers to join our Sustainable Farming Incentive pilot.

The Sustainable Farming Incentive is 1 of the 3 new environmental land management schemes. It sits alongside the future Local Nature Recovery and Landscape Recovery schemes.

Through the Sustainable Farming Incentive, farmers will be paid for environmentally sustainable actions – ones that are simple to do and do not require previous agri-environment scheme experience.

We are piloting the scheme to...