Do you know how to reduce calf scour in your herd

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Webinar written and presented by Dr Tim Potter BVetMed MRCVS


• Calf scour (diarrhoea) is the most common disease in young calves, accounting for about 50% of all calf deaths.
• Easily recognised it is important that it is rapidly identified and that affected animals are treated appropriately to ensure survival.
• Calves affected by scour are most likely to die from dehydration as a result of the increased fluid loss.
• Damage to the gut results in reduced daily liveweight gains.

Economic impact


Rotavirus and Coronavirus

• Common causes of diarrhoea in young dairy calves.
• Infection may be acquired in the calving pen then spread between young calves in the calf shed.
• Typical early signs include a reluctance to stand and drink, mild depression and salivation.
• The calf becomes dehydrated with sunken eyes and tight and inelastic skin; recumbency soon follows.
• Vaccines for rota and coronavirus are available for administration to cows prior to calving.
• This vaccination helps boost the immunity provided to the calf in the colostrum – therefore good colostrum feeding practices are essential.


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