Drilling anyone?

Bob lincs

Arable Farmer
Well that’s it, finished off a few headlands parked the drill in the shed and packed me bags I’m off to a warmer climate for two weeks 😬. Barley finished and the rest of the wheat will have to wait till I’m home.
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Have fun guys, I’ll bring some sunshine home ☀👍
Hope you have a good time , we’re away on the 13 dec and can’t wait after mogging around in the mud for the last month . Lock that drill up well though or someone on here will be borrowing it .

Martin Holden

Actually saw a chap rolling in or firming up some Cotswold brash land in Burford this afternoon. Lucky chap to be able to travel on fields where others have no chance.


Rothamsted research, apparently.
If you have money spiders in the field, you don't have aphids.
But if you spray a pyrethroid, you don't have money spiders.
Hardly used a pyrethroid for years, save on beans for Bruchid which was also pointless! So, I do worry about collateral damage from all the pyrethroid being poured locally onto OSR in autumn. I have used two treatments and aware of individual crops that have received far more and are now getting even more applied in conjunction with fungicide and then planned with propyzamide. Does this affect other areas of the far, too. Sad days.
3.5mm last night - we have stopped but could go at a push

seems no point though really as rain forecast Saturday so packing up for the weekend
Are you please with your drill? I would guess there will be a big benefit in a wider unit this year with only wheelings on the wet every 12m. I was impressed at the video (yesterday?) of it going through very tall mustard and it all bouncing back.

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