Farming Protest Event

Chris F

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I am thinking a Farming Protest should be organised at a farm based on the new Agriculture bill and the fact that Jamie Oliver and NFU have done a great job getting nearly a million signatures for food standards.

We could also have beer, a band and a ploughing match. Just an idea ;)

@Guy Smith could give a speech! (free beer for speakers)


all petitions seem pretty meaningless really

comfort blankets to help people feel they are doing “something”

Is it what the yoof call 'woke' ?

Petitions in themselves may well be meaningless, but if they are intended to show that you have a handle on what is needed to move your industry forward, then their wording is important.
The wording of a petition needs to pass the SMART test. The NFU petition fails miserably to do so.
The thing is, these protests we are seeing at the moment are only going on and getting so much traction because lots of people are turning up. They’re turning up because they’re bored and also getting frustrated and fed up, so feelings run high. And that is in no way belittling the root of the protests, which was horrendous.

But lots of people with nothing better to do attend and cause trouble. The devil makes work for idle hands.

We don’t have idle hands and I’m not sure many would turn up unless you happen to hold the protests at the end of a wet week between milkings.

I remember years ago there were riots in Coventry. They started midweek and got very busy over the weekend. I was driving trucks in the area at the time and there were areas we wouldn’t deliver to. It was generally well know that the Wednesday night was going to be a big one. Huge protests planned and whilst they thought they were causing damage to the north end of the city, they actually did millions of pounds of improvements. ??
But on Wednesday afternoon it started to rain, becoming heavy by teatime.
Nobody turned up. It seemed the cause was not worth putting on a coat for.

Top cereal and oilseed growers honoured at the Yield Enhancement Network Awards 2021

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Despite an average growing year for most crops, many growers managed to go above and beyond their predicted max yields, with Lincolnshire grower Tim Lamyman taking the top spots for his wheat yields and his world record breaking winter barley yield.

The highest cereal and oilseed yields achieved at harvest 2021 were announced at this year’s Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) Awards on Wednesday 24th November at the Croptec Show. With award presentations by Tom Bradshaw, Vice President of NFU, 24 farms took home the evening’s top awards for highest yield and highest potential yield achieved for wheat, winter and spring barley, oats, and oilseed. The 2021 winners came from all corners of the UK, as well as from as far afield as Finland and New Zealand.

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