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Discussion in 'Rural Diversification' started by Pasty, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Pasty

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    Anyone gone through these folk?

    Planning wise seems they have the same sort of deal as the Caravan club but maybe a bit

    Seems a good deal in all. We are looking into it seriously as I think planning will be an issue for us.
  2. jendan

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    Is that the nudist camping club?
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  3. Pasty

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    If you want. Seems you are my only customer so far.
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  4. matty

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    Depends if it's "The Freedom Camping Club" or "Freedom Camping Club" they are both camping clubs but one caters for the lesbian,bisexual,gay and transgender community and the other for everyone else i presume
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  5. In the past I have rented out a field ( PD 28 day rule ) to a nudist club for area members weekends and also for national agm, no problem with localauthorities regarding paperwork, one of the permits
    said as long as the nearest FP is more than 200 mts away from field boundaries to stop them being charged with indent exposure......
    This then lead to another application on the same field as one of the nudest campers was the md of a M O D supplying company making armoured plated pannals and was looking for a secluded location to try new products using P4 plastic explosive........NOW WAS THAT FUN OR WHAT !!!! :eek::eek: :LOL:
  6. Hey everyone. We have seen this thread and wanted to clear up the confusion. Freedom Club is the club for same sex couples, Freedom Camping Club is a new exempted organisation with authority to certify sites to operate as camping and caravan sites in England in the same manner as The CC and The CCC. We are a non exclusive club so a site that operates under our supervision is not restricted to members only, however membership is free and there are many benefits to members, so we ask all our sites to encourage membership.

    Applying to our club for certification is quick and easy, we visit the site to ensure it is safe and suitable, consult with neighbours and your local authority to ensure there are no legal reasons preventing exemption. If every thing goes well you can start a caravan/camp site in as little as 6 weeks. To find out more visit our website
  7. Bruce Almighty

    Heart of England
    One of our Landlords hosted a "Swingfest" last year, it even made the Daily Mail !
  8. We are a family orientated club, so not really what we have in mind. We do have some adult only sites but this is more of a kid free theme rather than a adult activity site. Each to their own I suppose but this is not the sort of thing we encourage.
  9. Danllan

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    Sir Gar / Carms
    @Pasty Anything to report in re' Freedom Camping Club, what I'm really asking is whether it is as good as it seems to be? If you didn't go with them what alternative did you use? TIA
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  10. jendan

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    Is that the type of camping club Sid James thought he was going to in "Carry on Camping"?
  11. Pasty

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    Will PM you. Essentially, yes, they did a perfect job for us and got permission on our site with no problems.
  12. @Pasty how much business are you getting, do all bookings come through the freedom site or can you advertise elsewhere. Potentially looking into this, just wondering which of the three certified site providers are best to work with and also provide the best occupancy rates?
  13. Pasty

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    No business at the moment for various personal reasons. They do have a booking system but not sure how much referral you would get. I think things like Pitchup and Canopy and Stars and so on would be better for getting qty of clients but I could be wrong. Social media is good too. I have no complaints at about Freedom Camping. They did an excellent job for me, I just haven't done my bit to be honest!

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