Glyphosate around young hedges

Lazy Eric

Hi bit of a disaster here today, had a new guy spraying around a thorn hedge that was planted last year, he wasn’t very selective where he sprayed and managed to get some of the plants. They do have rabbit guards around them but they will protrude maybe 9 inch above I know it will kill the grass eventually but I’m a little bit worried about the thorns.
He recons they Will be fine as they have no leaves but I’m not so sure! What do people think? Thanks


Mixed Farmer
You will probably be ok ,especially if you dont have any rain for a while as rain can wash the glyphosate into the ground and it can be taken up by the roots.But as the thorns are dormant at the moment you will hopefully be fine.
several years ago in a wet summer i had different shrubs die a lingering death and my agronomist reckons it was glyphosate being washed into the ground and being taken up, as i thought that this couldnt happen i used to spray around most things:banghead:

Bury the Trash

Mixed Farmer
if it lands on green leaf ( or bark) it will work at a bit above freezing as long as it applied to a dry target ,and has a dry time afterwards it doesn't matter what time of year it is .
its not just warmth but Light as well ,both strength and how long for varying speed of action.

I think anyway, these days we have generally less frost both prolonged spells and hardness of .. higher average winter temps seems.

Lazy Eric

Why you even spraying it in January
Because of getting too busy in late summer it didn’t get its second spray and became completely engulfed by September. When it starts growing again we will be flat out lambing / calving.
There’s roughly 1200 m . Thought it would be safer with no leaves on bushes.
When I used to do contract planting we would round up the hedge lines in December before we started planting and it always killed the grass of eventually giving us a little more time in spring to spray the new growth.

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