1. Jerry

    Cow colostrum vs powdered -lambing

    Does fresh/frozen cow colostrum have any pros or cons over powdered alternatives?
  2. paul&mandy

    utv buggies diesel or petrol

    We are looking at swapping a gator, I want another but been told a can am could be better with lots of road work.... I really don't care what it is but are the petrol ones really a pain filling up? we have 3 miles to the pump and at lambing time I'm filling the gator every day. Could the bigger...
  3. Paigey

    Lambing placement Easter 2021

    Hello, I was hoping there would be some farmers still looking for a 1st year vet student to help with their lambing season. Dates available: W/C 29/3/2021 until 19/4/2020. Ideally looking for 2 week placement and if it’s local to Stoke on Trent I can commute however accommodation may be...
  4. S

    Student Placements

    Hi ! My name is Natalie and I’m a first year vet student at the RVC in London. I’m posting to see if there are any lambing and/or calving placements still available? Preferably in the north (I live in Yorkshire) or a little further afield if accomodation is available. I have helped at a friend’s...
  5. S

    Looking For Work Lambing Placement

    Hi ! My name is Natalie and I’m a first year vet student at the RVC in London. I’m posting to see if there are any lambing and/or calving placements still available? Preferably in the north (I live in Yorkshire) or a little further afield if accomodation is available. I have helped at a friend’s...
  6. MRT

    Bedding Sheep on Wool

    Dry ewes inside on hay now until lambing. Had enough. Land is wet and reedy at the best of times. Straw is an actual fortune atm, wool a waste product. Put a few inches of straw down first to aid cleaning out, ripping the fleeces up as I go, going 50/50 for cover wool/straw and likely use more...
  7. Onwards and Upwards

    Lambing mob size

    Just a quick question. What numbers do you look to limit your outdoor lambing groups at?
  8. J


    Hi Everyone!! I hope you're all having a fab January? Have you forgotten the colour of your car because of the mud? Too many stains on your back seats to even consider cleaning them? Then WE WANT YOU!! I am currently working as a Casting Researcher on a brand new online digital web series for...
  9. Onemanandhistractor

    Looking For Work South Northumberland Areas

    ** FARM JOBS WANTED** South East Northumberland Area ideally but willing to travel further afield for the right position. I’m a very methodical & hard working person, keen to learn and progress quickly. Previous experience with arable and sheep/lambing and comfortable with cows. Looking to...
  10. Mc115reed

    Abortions in sheep

    Mod note: This thread has been moved from the Tracker thread. I’v still got singles outside and none of them aborted as yet... the twins are a bit comfy on space and I think its because they’ve been scrapping at feed time... all enzo vacc’d but not toxo... 3 aborted now so Vet is gonna have to...
  11. Andrew.j

    Looking For Work Assistant General Stockman/Gamebird Keeper/Handyman Available ( Scotland)

    I am seeking a varied position either self-employed, full-time contract or full-time paye, undertaking mixed farm livestock husbandry, including ponies/horses, gamebird-duck keeper, deer-farmed/fenced deer management, all aspects of grounds & general all-round maintenance, including...
  12. Wynnstay

    Lamb Milk Replacer - Getting It Right

    When, how and how much are frequent queries when it comes to feeding milk replacer to lambs. Getting this right can be the key to raising healthy, profitable lambs. When to start feeding Lambs can be fed on milk replacer at around a day old following sufficient intake of colostrum. Newborn lambs...
  13. steveR

    Choice of Crook?

    After seeing Herself go sprawling when trying to grab hold of one of HER ewes yesterday, ad ending wet and covered in mud and rather grumpy, it reminded me as it does every year as we approach Lambing time, I need a Crook! Just something to help grab hold of an animal in a small paddock or open...
  14. J

    7 weeks before lambing - too early to get them in?

    Hi all Very wet here! Got the sheep sorted into their bunches based on scan result (and BCS for the odd fat/thin ones).... Thinking about getting the triplets in but worried it's a bit early.... How do I stop them getting to lazy and not lambing well? Or is that a myth? Diet wise they will...
  15. wdah/him

    Whats the thought of molasses for sheep this year

    Basically as above, a farmer i bale for always praised molasses for his sheep prelambing, he still fed meal but said he noticed that molasses helped, he had good silage to start with and texel cross ewes with very good shapes. I can get molasses at £218 a ton never used it before but this year...
  16. Greythundercloudys

    What wrong with this sheep?

    Found this sheep kinda lying by herself, was alright yesterday, crunching her teeth, facing dog up and kinda blinky and in a trance you would think. Jagged her but no interest in cake, probably dead tomorrow.
  17. copse

    Sheep hay baskets

    Am looking for about 50 for individual lambing pens and was thinking about making some but look like they will take fair bit of time to make . Picked some up from a farm sale and they seem quite handy and keep pens cleaner when feeding silage. Any recommendations for some that don’t seem stupid...
  18. S

    The golden hoof?

    I came across this article and was wondering if anyone had any other info on the golden hoof?
  19. V

    Vet Students Seeking Lambing Placement

    Hello, My friend and I are both first year vet students from RVC and Harper & Keele respectively looking for a 2 week lambing placement with accommodation included. The earliest we can start is April 5th. I appreciate this may be late for many of you however we cannot do earlier due to...
  20. historybleeps

    More henchmen = reduction in rural crime?

    Following a conversation with a farmer friend today. 200 Acres - 1 Farmer. No man can monitor such a piece of land. From Thieves, Hare Coursers, Poachers, Fly Tippers, Night Hawkers it seems the farmer is exposed from all angles. Why not use the eyes and mobiles phones of legitimate henchmen to...

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