1. Andrew.j

    Looking For Work Assistant Stockman/General Estate Worker Available (Scotland)

    I am seeking a position/role as assistant stockman/general estate worker, undertaking aspects of sheep/lambing, beef/suckler/calving/rearing husbandry, aspects of wild game husbandry, pest control, grounds & building maintenance. I have my own young collie, qualified lambing shepherd...
  2. Bignor Farmer

    Polytunnel Layout for Lambing

    We’ve been lambing in polytunnels for 20 years but I think it’s time for a fresh look at the system and layout. We’ve always had a central passage wide enough for a quad bike or our Avant mini loader but nothing bigger. In the past we fed haylage and concentrate twice a day in the central...
  3. A

    Indoor lambing set up costs

    I know it’s a pretty expansive question but how many lambs do you think you save lambing a cheviot flock inside v outside. Trying to work out how long it would take to pay off the extra costs for lambing inside (eg gates, hurdles, feeders etc)
  4. Cab-over Pete

    Hampshire Downs Tupping Now?

    Aye up, Our big ram has escaped. The bugger has pushed the staples out of a post and got in with the ewes and ewe lambs. My wife saw him serving an old pet ewe (she’s 10 years old) and she was happy, standing for him, so I’m a bit bothered. Although we’ve kept them for the last six years I...
  5. W

    Prince Philip RIP

    Big loss to this country. RIP
  6. spin cycle a muddle

    don't use much....but had a helper put bottle back in box upside down and leaked fekkin new vets are 'out of stock' :banghead: and this morning 3 vulnerable lambs:banghead:......tried another vet...'moving away from stocking it':rolleyes: what can i do apart from...
  7. J

    Starting up sheep farming

    I am looking to start my own flock of sheep, possibly 100 How many acres would be needed? I am in the lowlands My partner is an arable farmer so is there any way sheep could benefit this?
  8. H

    Yamaha kodiak 700 (2019)

    Any good on steep side lying ground?
  9. Y

    Contracted tendons in lambs legs - deficiencies?

    I've had a few this year that start off looking a bit clubbed but have got steadily worse instead of decontracting with benign neglect like they usually do. Is this linked to selenium deficiency/ white muscle disease does anyone know? Any suggestions? Its mainly the bottom joint so splinting is...
  10. David.

    Barry Barker

    Reading Anglian Farmer, I note with sadness that Barry Barker has died, actually back in February. He was a valued contributor on matters seed related. Not seen it mentioned elsewhere and didn't know if members were aware. My condolences to his family.
  11. steveR

    Sheep profits??

    So Gentlemen/Ladies, what are all the huge profits (income anyway) from the buoyant sheep trade recently going to be "invested" in? More sheep Sheds Outdoor flock conversion (more sheep) Tractor/Handlers More sheep New kitchen?
  12. S

    Fox @calving

    Just been out to check calving cows (outside) to find a cow bleeding from her back end first thought was calf will be dead brought her into the calving box to help her,only to find that a fox had bitten her and chewed one of the calf’s front feet and made a right mess of it calf is alive thank...
  13. abitdaft

    I know the answer but...

    Have a lamb born last night. Got out this morning and Ravens had taken the majority of its tongue. Have had one in the past that survived, tubed it twice and it is trying to suck. What are its chances? Should I continue with the tubing or should I do the deed? It's a game wee thing and has...
  14. twizzel

    Parrot mouthed lambs

    Only have a small flock of 20 ewes, but this year had a cluster of lambs born with parrot mouths. Sorting all my lambing notes out last week and all 7 lambs noted for bad mouths, all born within 3 days of each other, out of 35 lambs born. Everything else born earlier or later is ok. All from the...
  15. F

    Ewes, no lambs!

    Just been through the lambing shed to see how many are left to lamb and I’m horrified how many there are with no lambs, either lost them early on on the root field, rotten/bad lambing so left with out a lamb or had no milk. We lamb 550 indoors, Welsh mules to texel Tups and got 25 running...
  16. Smokey16


    Hi I farm suckler cows but i bought 120 llyen ewes last year and ran texel rams with them iv got some cracking ewe lambs I would like to keep back for breeding what poeple thoughts on what breed of ram to put them to I was thinking either back to a texel or llyen ram or a aberfield ram
  17. Bald Rick

    Farming and the ageing process

    Comments in the H&S thread got me thinking as I’m now within a few months of turning 60. I suppose I am increasingly a bit of a liability. I won’t drive tractors unless forced to but any machine has to be hitched on for me; Mechanical jobs take me longer as I like to get everything just so -...
  18. Sandpit Farm

    Any swallows yet?

    Earliest I’ve seen is 11th April. Just wondering if anyone has done any better than that? Probably wrong week to ask
  19. puppet

    Mole Valley Online

    Anyone deal with them? Bought an item on 23rd March, email confirmed despatch but courier now says never received it although their tracking system gave 2 delivery dates. Meanwhile Mole Valley not responding to emails from last week and nobody available to answer the phone today.
  20. I


    Hi am looking at putting up a polytunnel who supplies the heaviest duty one ? Thanks Colin