1. D

    Grabbing a rat by its tail

    Nothing to do with poltics or unfaithful partners. I found a trio of dead rats in the barn, half grown & then loading some small bales, I saw another one same size but very much alive. It dived between two bales but its tail was visible, should I have grabbed it.
  2. Ramrod


    Is this a shoot trailer accident?
  3. Man_in_black

    Ewes blowing guts out

    How do Due to start next week. Tex X lleyn in lamb to tex. Brought them in ny eve. Week later one had prolapse but another one had (my gaffers words, I wasn't there) just shot everything out its fanny. He insists it not a prolapse and everything had come out in bloody mess, obviously dead. Two...
  4. Hilly

    Cf Moto I thjnk they look good , but cheaper than main stream gear. Anyone got one ? Sons boss sells them very tempted next time I need a change .
  5. JP1

    Member Gator - coming home to lambing

    Sadly tonight I’ve learnt of the passing of fellow TFFer @Gator after a short illness Whilst I’m no longer a moderator I came to really appreciate Ian’s contributions not least his ever popular thread as a go-to for sheep men “Coming home for lambing “ Always open and fair and a great...
  6. S

    Lambing experience wanted

    Hi, Is there anyone local to South Staffordshire who would be happy for me to join them and get some lambing experience? I don't have any experience currently, but I am looking to learn as much about sheep farming as possible. Even if it's just a few hours one weekend I would be extremely...
  7. Ffermer Bach

    Kelvin's Farm on BBC

    What are the thoughts on it? Kelvin Antionette and the BBC are trying to cash in on the Clarkson's Farm series that they missed out on I think.
  8. farmer james

    Schmallenberg this year

    We are about half way through our early lambing ewes, just over 200 lambs born and we have had about 15 deformed lambs, similar to Schmallenberg. We are based in North Bedfordshire, has any one who is lambing at the minute had any problems? FJ
  9. Farm Business RSS

    Address nutritional shortfalls in forage ahead of calving and lambing

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business As concentrate prices hold strong and livestock farmers push stock harder on homegrown feeds, nutritional shortfalls in forage needs to be addressed for breeding stock, says Dr Alison Bond, nutritionist for Rumenco. “Throughout the winter feeding...
  10. cpsf

    Night Lamber

    Good morning everyone. Just a quick question please...what is the going rate per hour for a night lamber this year? Someone that would be experienced in assisting sheep with lambing and not just able to attend to pens. Thanks in advance for any feedback (y)
  11. N

    lambing job 2022

    Hi I'm looking for a lambing job starting anytime now, i have plenty of experience as i have grown up on a sheep farm.
  12. steveR

    Enzo and Heptavac....??

    If that has not grabbed the attention of one or two, I'll be shocked ;) I am due to Heptavac in about 10-14 days, and the prophylactic dose of Alamycin* to deal with any residual Enzo, is due at around the same time. Any potential issues in doing them around the same time, but probs NOT the...
  13. F

    Cattle nuts fed to sheep

    I ve some sheep on grass keep on a former dairy farm they ve just got rid of the cattle and have a ton of nuts left which the farmer says I can have for free ..sheep like them but will they do any harm fed in small amounts?
  14. F


    I think I ve bought in a problem which I ve been late diagnosing but it seems I ve a couple of bought in sheep with what i think is codd having looked at pics of the symptoms...i ve isolated the affected sheep what next in terms...
  15. Aspiring Peasants

    Grass vs cake

    Talking sheep here. It's been a largely accepted doctrine that grass is good and cake is bad. I've always thought this is over simplistic because the cost of grass should include rent field maintenance etc. However ignoring that, with fertilizer at £700 to £800 per ton the cost of producing...
  16. L

    Glyphosate around young hedges

    Hi bit of a disaster here today, had a new guy spraying around a thorn hedge that was planted last year, he wasn’t very selective where he sprayed and managed to get some of the plants. They do have rabbit guards around them but they will protrude maybe 9 inch above I know it will kill the grass...
  17. cookiesandwich9

    Lambing Placement 2022

    I am a 2nd year veterinary student at Harper and Keele veterinary school looking for a placement for 5 or 10 days. I am located in Kent but have my own car if accommodation is available. I have previous experience lambing and am fine working alone or in a team during the season. Due to...
  18. V

    Price of pet lambs

    Somebody I know has asked if I would sell the spare triplet lambs once born, they will attempt a twin on or bottle rear. How much is a pet lamb worth ? Used to always be a tenner or something but given the value in sheep nowadays possibly more ? I don’t know.
  19. S

    Heptavac P

    Not sure if it’s scaremongering but had 2 people tell me today that Heptavac is in short supply,only 500ml packs available.Told that there has been a batch failure
  20. CopperBeech

    Great article in The Times