Jd 6000 series and 10 series

Where have all the 6000 and 10 series John deeres gone,very hard to find one for sale,you can nearly get more of the older 50 series for sale,good 10 series very hard to find


Mixed Farmer
They are very hard to find, I’ve just bought a lovely 2wd 6200, took a lot of finding and I was also really after a 10 series, we had a new jd 6120 2wd in 2005 was a lovely tractor, worst thing I ever did was sell it! They all seem similar prices to 4wd models too.


Probably similar with most marques of that era. When tractors are kept in good tidy working beyond say 10 to 15 years the tractor is unlikely to be sold, IMHO. As said above, a proportion, before that point is reached, may be exported or scrapped further reducing availability. Most of the more premium tractors of that era are modern enough to be an acceptable place to spend the day but without so much complicated on board management including emissions. Have a look at ads to see how few clean/smart/ NH 40s, MF 3000, Deere 000 and Case 51 series.

Is it a genuine ad?
I'm always suspicious of ebay ads,no vat is certainly a smell,very odd pricing,more of a smell, I wouldnt buy it unless like doubting Thomas I could see and touch the tractor

Early moves to target wild oats

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Growers and agronomists now face the dilemma of an early application to remove competition from emerged wild oats, or holding off to allow more weeds to germinate.

Syngenta grassweeds technical manager, Georgina Wood, urges Axial Pro treatment as soon as conditions allow, once weeds are actively growing.

“That offers the chance to control wild oats more cost effectively at lower rates, whilst there is still the flexibility to tailor application rates up to 0.82 l/ha for larger or over wintered weeds and difficult situations.

“The variability of crops and situations this season means decisions for appropriate Axial Pro rates and application techniques will need to be made on a field-by-field basis,” she advised.


Miss Wood urges...