John deere joystick

We are in the process of putting a loader on a jd 6155r, it had the electric joystick and we would like to be able to use one of the buttons on the top of joystick to work third service divert, any idea how we do it?


New Zealand
I believe the JD joystick 3rd service is designed to work another mid mounted scv rather than a solenoid out on the loader boom. If you figure out how to tap into the wiring loom please let us know, I've been wanting to fit a third party loader and have come across this issue according to dealer

NZ Tech

Sth Africa
Aww that part of the joystick is a huge mess. Theres suppose to be a 8pin male plug under the rh step but that only seems to be there if you have an m50(silver front box) controller up the front And icv valves/mid mount under the step. But they dont seem to have made any consessions for anyone using an aftermarket fel. So... I dont think the plug will be there and from what i can tell even if it is there is doesn't seem to supply 12v switched.

Pulling the jd joystick to bits is easy but there isnt any room to install a momentary switch in the joystick. If it was me.. id just mount a switch to the joystick and forget about the dramas. Jd software is a massive mess atm.
Ok thankyou, from this photo I thought it would be easy 🙈

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