My Beeswax Dyson Farming and Bailey trailers trip.

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  1. Phil P

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    North West
    Thought I’d post the pictures from my trip around the beeswax Carrington estate and Bailey trailers on Thursday My local discussion group was invited to take a look around Beeswax and Bailey, of course we jumped at the chance.
    I have to say we where made extremely welcome at both sites and should you get the chance to visit either it’s worth taking the time to do so.
    Anyway here’s a few pics(y)

    It was a good turn our with 31 attending

    Started the day with an intriguing to beeswax farmings and the history, now 4 main estates totaling approximation 37,000 acres:eek:.

    Then a trip around the workshop, last year they spent around £200,000 on main dealer service and repairs. As of this year they’re taking more in house and now have two full time mechanics.
    Starting to get the shop kitted out, think I may need to upgrade my workshop heating:whistle:

    Chem store and filling shed, another one on my list:rolleyes:

    General storage for seed etc, notice the fuel store to the left of the building. Wouldn’t like to re fill that!

    The on to the grain store, makes the quadtrac look like a toy:ROFLMAO:


    Drying floors, drying wood chip at the moment.

    Weigh bridge with a fancy grain sampling thingy:rolleyes: E4902109-382A-4FC4-BB6B-3C396F508948.jpeg


    More pics to follow as I can only load 10 a time:rolleyes:
  2. silverfox

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    Is that Dai Morgan in the background ( green hat)
  3. Phil P

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    North West
    If you mean the chap just to the right of center in the first pic, that @Farmersboy (y)
  4. silverfox

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    Oh right. Just looked like an agronomist I know. The only one with the green baseball cap
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  5. Purli R

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    All looks very impressive,of course he"ll be down on his arse paying for it all:rolleyes::rolleyes::D
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  6. Phil P

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    North West
    Apologies it takes forever to upload photos:facepalm:

    New Fendt 1050, just getting its guidance installed

    One of the quadtracs, there wasn’t a lot of other kit above as it was out working.

    BIG fan and heat exchanger for the grain store, both the electric and heat provided by the AD plant (which I’m coming to)


    We then moved over to the 3MW AD plant which eats its way through 150T a day.
    The dome is actually just a canvas to catch the gas, if the digester stops for any reason they have to inflate it with a leaf blower:ROFLMAO:

    The clamps, they didn’t look that big from here

    But if you climb up these steps

    You get a better idea of the scale of things.


    More to follow(y)
  7. Phil P

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    North West
    Although he invested heavily initially the estates now have to cover there own costs.
    I’m not going to mention how much was invested into this site alone, but it was lottery numbers:eek:
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  8. Purli R

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    Will they ever pay for it out of farming?..............................think we all know the answer:rolleyes::rolleyes:......but good luck to him(y)(keep posting) @Phil P
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  9. Phil P

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    North West
    Better view of the grain store and the intake for he AD plant.

    Second fermentation tank going in, they’re hoping this should take the holding time from just over 30 days to 45 with should increase the plant gas extraction efficiency.

    Insight one of the holding/mixing tanks where the fermentation begins.

    Then onto the good stuff:), this is one of 2 V20 gas engines D6B039B6-3EE6-45A2-B99B-1AD1E1DF98A3.jpeg


    Decent size turbo:D

    And some impressive specs, 1452kw or 1945hp:eek:

    Now I was going to ask if anyone wanted to guess how much a 20,000h service cost for just one of these engines. However I honestly don’t think anyone will get close!:ROFLMAO:
    The service which takes a full week to complete comes to a staggering £137,000:eek: However you do get a full set of pistons and con rods for that, and the 457L of engine oil it takes to fill it.

    The main control room that operates everything from the intake to the engines at the other end.

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  10. Steevo

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    Impressive stuff! I'd be chuffed to bits to have a carpet farm that size, let alone full scale version! They've taken any other example and just supersized it. Not sure I'd fancy the bills that go with it all though - eye watering cost for that service! (Have you quoted them Phil?!) Even worse when you consider that's a little over 2 years running flat out.....and there's two of them! Makes you realise what it must have cost to buy them in the first place....let alone the building, clamps, grow the crops, etc etc.

    Fair play to them for hosting you....!

    Is that @agricontract I spy there too? Forgot he was up your direction.

    Looking forward to more green pics coming shortly...
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  11. Phil P

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    North West
    The effluent from the digester was then taken in tankers to be applied to both cereal crops and pastures using an 18m dribble bar with worked in with the 36m tramlines. Although they were looking into a 36m umbilical system but it was still very much on the drawing board.

    And that pretty much concludes the Beeswax Dyson part of the trip. So it was of the the Red Lyon for steak pie, chips, peas and gravy with apple crumble and custard for dessert. All washed down with a couple of pints:) before moving on to the second leg of our trip. (Nice pub, gets the thumbs up(y))

    Bailey Trailers

    First trailer ever built by Mr Bailey himself back in 1982.

    It was surprising just how much fabrication was still done manually, from setting up the jigs to the final welding. All very impressive mind and some good skilled lads on the workshop floor.


    The chassis are rotated to make it easier to weld.


    One or two axles on stock

    They’re building around 30 trailers a week but where hopping to get up to around 35 in the near future.
    Flat bed just come out waiting to go for paint.

    More to follow.
  12. Steevo

    Steevo Member

    Doesn't look like trailer No. 1 has had much use....the paint has lasted well though!!

    Any idea why the weighbridge? :scratchhead:
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  13. Phil P

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    North West
    Going back down the next section of the buildings is where the grain and roots body’s come together. So a lot more sheet metal work and long runs of weld.

    The jigs across the top of the trailer body where set to hold the sides out just enough to compensate for the weld pulling them in, once they are removed the sides should be square.

    A tail board getting folded into shape.

    A cnc plasma cutter which automatically changes the sheets of steel when it’s finished, run a 24h shift pretty much on its own. Although they said they put the thicker steel parts in at night as it’s slower but they aren’t waiting for them to come out at night.

    Then on to paint, again the chassis are rotated to get all around them. It’s still all manually sprayed though.



    Then on to the final assembly line to have all the lights, hydraulics, air etc fitted.

    You can even have one in red, if you want to pay extra 7F33752F-1E91-424A-950C-D298A2591398.jpeg


    And that’s about it :rolleyes: hope you find the pics interesting, I’ve probably missed loads of interesting facts but there was a lot to take in! Probably should have took notes really:ROFLMAO:

    Anyway thanks for taking a look(y)
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  14. I want people to tell me now, honestly. Do you believe any of this constitutes progress in any respect? Ignore the trailer manufacturing part but when I read in the press about the decline of family farms and industrial sized units replacing them, I can't help but thing we are on a hiding to nothing.

    But enough of that. Who were the ones complaining the UK doesn't manufacture anything these days? There you have it, a family business manufacturing high spec trailers.
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  15. Phil P

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    North West
    Unladen trailer weighs I’m guessing? They will vary depending on the spec, different axles, bodies etc. They’ll need to know before they can plate it, especially if it’s a one off for an awkward customer:ROFLMAO:
  16. The sad part is, this bloke has sunk millions of pounds into agriculture as a tax dodge and show piece to tell his mates about, yet all he is doing is shoving more production into a marketplace that is already oversupplied. He is literally racing to the bottom and it won't matter a jot to him that is never wipes its own face.

    That is the reality of the industry people now find themselves in. It's pretty sad in reality.
  17. Phil P

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    North West
    I think a lot of people don’t release that Dyson actually bought his Lincolnshire estates fron Dutch investors and has brought them back into British control. As a business they are looking at sustainability and a long term business plan with the environment at the hart of it.

    On thing I forgot mentioning was about the birds nests (apologies I can’t remember the name of the bird but it’s protected one) in the wholecrop barley, they fly a drone over to check for nests which are then marked on the gps. A block is then left around each nest when the go with the forager.
    We asked how much do you leave? Expecting the answer of a few meters round each one, the answer was actually “10ha” :eek:! That’s probably above the avarage field size around me:facepalm::ROFLMAO:

    How many other farms would go to that trouble though?
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  18. Phil P

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    North West
    The estates have to stand on there own feet now, as much as they said it was pretty much a blank cheque when they set up! The cash cow has now left, the business has to be profitable and is no way run as a hobby!
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  19. Phil P

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    North West
    Well spotted he’s a good mate of mine, grew up together at yfc(y)
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  20. Mur Huwcun

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    North West Wales
    Bailey look very impressive and I’m fery surprised you were allowed to take photos. Most factories we visit ask us not to take or share any photos. If any one is into metal work and cutting and welding etc then the IAE plant can’t be beaten. Standen Engineering are very impressive with their gear cutting machines etc aswell.

    The Manheim assembly plant was very good but there was more variation on the Forager and Combine line in Zweibrucken. The Josking factory and assembly line is very interesting aswell.
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