Weed management – Herbicide hints for spring


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February sees many agronomists getting ahead of the spring rush and noting weeds which may need attention as winter turns into spring. CPM finds out the latest on wild oat resistance, some spring advice for blackgrass and a farmer’s strategy for getting ahead of weeds in peas. Most wild oat plants are only resistant to one mode of action. By Lucy de la Pasture and Rob Jones Wild oats have taken a bit of a back seat as the spotlight has been shining firmly on blackgrass in recent years. “They’ve gone under the radar and we haven’t looked at updating our understanding of wild oats for many years,” says NIAB weed biology specialist John Cussans. “We felt it was really time to provide an updated picture of wild oat herbicide resistance, and also a general picture of where we are with wild oats currently across the UK.” The UK’s two wild oat species are only distinguishable by their seeds – the spring wild oat has a single seed whereas the winter wild oat has two-three seeds within a glume. To achieve this, NIAB teamed up with Life Scientific to carry out the first survey of the wild oat population…
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