What do you eat for breakfast

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Some dried fruit museli, a few cold porridge oats and a handful of crunchy nut with a fair bit semi skimmed.
Occasionally omelette/scrambled with mushrooms ,tomato and possibly bacon at the W/E. Rarely have full works, only if at a hotel or MiLs.
Mostly DIY.
Always eat something before I go out even if that is 4am.


How many eat first, or work before breakfast? I have fruit and cereal followed by tea and toast. Before I look out the door.:D
Would love to work before breakfast for a bit, but it doesn't really work logistically. I live off farm, so getting out of my work garb, cycling/driving home, eating brekky and getting back to work would take an hour out of my day, whereas brekky can be cooked and eaten in 20 mins before I go out the door.
Wouldn't be fair on the rest of the team either, who live up to 30mins drive away!

Cramming food in my face when I've barely woken up is always a bit sh!t. When I worked in an office with a canteen I used to love going in early on a Friday, doing my timesheet, then making a brew and going for a bacon sandwich.
I can’t stomach anything on a morning until I’ve done at least and hour or two of work. I’ve tried but I just can’t do it
Lots of people like that. I get that sometimes. Find it easier to eat around 10am some days.

There is no instruction manual to these bodies of ours. 'Running on empty' is a thing the body was designed to do, back in the days we were running around the banks of the Euphrates nobody ever had food available 24/7 so an interim measure was devised. You can exhaust your supplies of glycogen, protein and fat quite readily. There is some research showing that this kind of thing is perfectly healthy and can actually reverse the severity of diabetes in some people with that condition.


I try to avoid the overly processed cereals with too much sugar in.

To be honest, there is some research that says chips and steak and eggs and the like are actually ok for you if you are burning the calories during the day and getting a source of fibre somewhere along the lines. Chips which are cut from whole spuds, for example, with the skins left on, is a start.
I have malt wheats and then toast and marmalade (I'm addicted to the oranginess). I know I should be having an omelette but can't be @rsed with the faff in the morning.

Re fibre, Zoe Harcombe wrote to several western govt health authorities asking them where the fibre recommendations came from. Not one of them could answer her, they'd all just made them up or went with the flow. There is no evidence that humans need it.
I have a different breakfast each day of the week.
Porridge with honey& figs.
Scrambled eggs on toast.
Weetabix with banana and bluberries.
Beans and grilled tomatoes on toast.
Mushroom omelette.
Warm ham & cheese sandwich.
Sausage eggs & bacon.

Used to be washed down with 3 mugs of tea but l've cut it back to one now.


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i didn’t bother with breakfast for years so only recently started eating it

now I feel its the most important meal of the day

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