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    So I want an older Fastrac - Am I mad?

    Thanks for sharing @CowBale, is this one of yours? Saw it on the freeway in Perth back in 2013.
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    What is wrong with the free movement of people?

    Who did these jobs before EU migrants did them? If there wasn't a ready supply of labour willing to work for low pay then maybe employers would be forced to increase wages and that would attract local workers.
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    What is wrong with the free movement of people?

    The problem I see with freedom of movement is that large numbers of unskilled workers can move here for an indefinite period of time. This leads to wages stagnating instead of increasing over time as there is always a ready supply of labour. Another problem is that these workers will generate...
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    Passat cc 2014 reg

    Have a look at this thread
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    New Shogun any one got one ?

    Not any longer in the UK I think, there are quite a few in southern Ireland though which end up being imported. Can still get a swb station wagon in the UK but they're about £35k. :eek:
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    Case Optum

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    Best place for gas struts without getting ripped off

    Try eBay, I got a pair for the boot lid of my car a few years ago and it wasn't at all expensive as far as I can remember.
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    Holding up traffic.

    It can be a difficult situation to be in. Ive driven along the A17 in Lincs in tractors and its can be tricky to pull out of some of the lay-bys as they're positioned on corners and the difficulty can be getting back out again in a slow moving vehicle like a quadtrac. Another problem is some...
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    The Hunt

    Where abouts are you? Always sad to hear of hunts folding as I used to hunt as a child and thoroughly enjoyed it, but with the way some of them behave they deserve it!
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    Why o why

    I had similar experience with a VAG specialist servicing my 11 year old car. Came back with a list as long as your arm after being serviced of what additional work was required including new brakes and pads all round, new full exhaust system, new tie rod end, four new tyres "as there is only...
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    100 acre fields

    I have drilled in a 200ac field on the Lincs/Notts border which is massive compared to where I grew up with an average of around 5 acres.
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    Mf 5445 as a loader tractor

    Have used a 5435 with loader on a hill farm. It seemed to be excellently balanced and didn't require any ballast for the work we were doing.
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    Inspirational books

    I'll second On the Smell of an Oily Rag. Fantastic read.

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