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    Welsh 'Small Grants - Efficiency' scheme.

    dose anybody have any idear when will decide who got the grant or not ? I am not holding my breath in 30 years of farming on my own never had one grant
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    black grass from layer muck

    hen muck encourages clover we use plenty and there is more and more clover
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    black grass from layer muck

    A farmer says he has black grass from appliying my hen muck. We do not use any straw in our poulty sheds ,If there was black grass in my feed what the chances of it going throw the hen whould it still grow
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    supermarkets treat us like mugs

    We have given notice on to our packer and a few packers are wanting to sign me. One was offering me a tesco contract with a feed tracker. I told them I was not keen because the egg price does not cover all the other costs such as electricity and wages increases. BFREPA say we need at least...
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    supermarkets treat us like mugs

    with modern multi tier sheds you have a certain amount of crops before the equiment is worn out if we all extended the turn around period we still get the same or better return just over a longer period.
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    supermarkets treat us like mugs

    we are on week 29-30 the pullet rearer says the very very latest we can order will be september I met two egg packers one I produce for ,I sagested we all have 2 or 3 month turn around they were not keen I told them I would not order pullets untill it was viable
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    supermarkets treat us like mugs

    A member of BFREPA told me a pullet rep told me today farmers will restock what ever the egg price
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    supermarkets treat us like mugs

    At the pig and poulty show. A supermarket buyer said they were no longer worried about their egg suppy for 2023 because farmers will keep on supplying what ever the price.
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    Direct drill for grass

    I got a grass simtech aitchison 3018 for sale 5 year old , only 400 acers drilled £10,000
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    Are Egg palletisers worthwhile ?

    I have done my calculations and find them borderline wether they pay .If we stacked 5 high then i would buy one. 64000 hens i think i would only save 1/2 hour a day am i wrong?
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    Did an interview on BBC Breakfast this morning pushing for egg price rises.

    It costs £55 a bird to build a 64000 free range unit plus air scrubbers, twice as much as did 10 years ago ,with the same egg price, My egg packer says it does not pay to build at this time but some packers and feed companies are doing there best to persuade new farmers to build
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    Dress to impress

    I once went to my children private school, took my wellies off at the front door,I then rembered that I had a hole in my welllies and had tesco carrer bags inside anyway the princpil did not mind when when I gave her a envelope with the school fees for 3 children for the year.
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    long term grass lay back to spring wheat

    I looking to drill next week. spring corn has not time like winter corn
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    long term grass lay back to spring wheat

    roundup off , 6 year plus grass lay do I need to plough p and k 3 plus lime 6.5 ploughing would dry the land up quicker will there be to much of a mat of grass to direct drill or be a home for slugs is it better to berry the grass?
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    Laying hen feed price

    you got tell your packer that you will not restock if they do not pay a you can make a return I refused to order my 64000 hens untill I wasn offered a price I could make a return it took 2 months