1. Laggard

    Belkar on Cranesbill

    Does one application or Belkar @ 0.25l/ha kill all forms of Cranesbill? Cranesbill size wise is first whorl just emerging to established palm size plants.
  2. R

    So who has started drilling ?

    Normally try and drill first ten days of October but last two years have been caught by heavy storms just after drilling that has gone on for months, thinking of going early this time, what's are others doing ?
  3. Corteva Updates

    Reactive herbicide applications advised as oilseed rape area is set to increase

    With the oilseed rape area expected to increase this autumn, Corteva Agriscience is advising farmers to consider a reactive approach to weed control in order to reduce risks during crop establishment. Buoyant prices for the 2021 crop are being underpinned by demand from processors and it is...
  4. S

    Dow shield 400 in veg.

    Does it have activity against chickweed? Looking for something to spray mixed brassicas and beetroot for chickweed and redshank.
  5. Corteva Updates

    Corteva Oilseed Rape offer

    This year, we are running an exclusive offer for anyone who purchases our new Protector® Sclerotinia tolerant hybrid, PT303 and Belkar® herbicide for the 2021/22 growing season. Anyone taking part in the offer will be eligible for an One4All gift card valued at £303 if they make a purchase...
  6. Laggard

    Cranesbill in spring barley

    What would be a good pre emergence spray please?
  7. Corteva Updates

    Win a petrol power pressure washer from Belkar®

    Hi everyone, Just letting you know about our latest competition to win a Clarke PLS195A petrol driven power washer. We have three up for grabs!! For more info and to enter go to: The introduction of Belkar®, a robust post-emergence herbicide for tackling key...
  8. Corteva Updates

    John Sellars: This post-emergence herbicide window will be crucial for oilseed rape growers

    John Sellars: This post-emergence herbicide window will be crucial for oilseed rape growers A lot of arable farmers will be glad to see the back of the last growing season and will be looking forward to a fresh start. Every year we are reminded of how volatile the business of producing food...
  9. Corteva Updates

    Have you drilled your OSR? Please take a moment to complete Corteva's short survey by 30 September 2020

    In 2019 we conducted a short survey on social media (@CortevaUK) to find out when farmers drilled their OSR, the number of hectares sown, and if a pre-emergence herbicides was used. Of our respondents, 70% used a post-emergence herbicide versus 30% that used a pre-em. The top week for drilling...
  10. Corteva Updates

    Early drilled oilseed rape needs tailored herbicide programme

    Early drilled oilseed rape needs tailored herbicide programme Farmers who drilled oilseed rape in July and August without applying a pre-emergence herbicide will need a tailored approach to weed control this autumn. Corteva AgriscienceTM says earlier drilling is one strategy being employed on...
  11. D

    ground breaking oilseed rape herbicide

    Damn lost the advert, what is it & is it any good
  12. Corteva Updates

    First semi-dwarf variety to make Descriptive List could thrive in early planting slot

    First semi-dwarf variety to make Descriptive List could thrive in early planting slot The attributes of a new oilseed rape variety could make it the perfect fit for farmers who plan to switch to early drilling to improve autumn establishment. PX131 from Pioneer, the seed brand of Corteva...
  13. Corteva Updates

    Stand CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE Stand: 412

    CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE Stand: 412 Cereals 2020: Resilience and innovation at the heart of Corteva Agriscience Leading global crop protection and seed company, Corteva Agriscience, continues to place innovation at its core and is showcasing the brightest pipeline in the industry at Cereals 2020...
  14. A

    Wild mustard in SOSR!

    I have a field of SOSR with wild mustard ( is it the right name ) Are there any herbicid in such crop that works on wild mustard in UK?
  15. Banana Bar

    OSR companion crops

    What companion crops should I be planning to drill with OSR this autumn? Ideally as many components that I already have on farm, linseed, beans, peas?
  16. Flat 10

    Bifenox on OSR

    Realistically, how big Charlock plants can it take out? I wouldn't bother but for the erucic acid contamination issues. I think the odd smaller charlock is feeling sick from the astrokerb but that may be wishful thinking........... And apart from the speedwells on the label what else does it...
  17. richard hammond

    Why is this happening????

    I have today travelled from Spilsby to Cromer and I cannot believe how many fields of drilled cereal crops have had a pre-em applied in shocking conditions, the crops were obviously only just mauled in (and they look crap) who recd a crop which was likely to fail given the weather conditions to...
  18. Flat 10

    Can you mix metazachlor and glyphosate?

    Peculiar contract job. Some weeds but no crop emerged. TIA
  19. Clive

    Bellkar timing

    When did users find best last year ? I think we went a bit late where we used it last year but with kerb and spring herbicide we did end up with a very clean crop really but maybe didn’t more than we could have got away with ? Nothing other than slug pellets applied to our osr yet so bell at...
  20. CropTec

    CropTec 2019 - November 27th and 28th

    Welcome to the CropTec Show thread on The Farming Forum. Here we will announce what you can expect at the show and what seminars and hubs will be available. CropTec is the leading technical event in the arable calendar showcasing new technology, innovation and knowledge exchange within farming...