1. J

    200 Hp gearbox

    Hi guys, I am looking to know if anyone knows of (or has) a right angle/bevel gearbox that could withstand 200hp for a PTO stone crusher The gearing ratio would need to be 2:1 / 3:1 I have a 6m power Harrow gearbox out of a lely but the gearing is 1:1 🙃 I am now thinking of using a...
  2. B

    FREE Hardcore

    Hi There. Not a farmer but got 8m3 of hardcore from the back garden if anyone wants to come and collect it. I live in Hove so a big van would probably do the trick. Thanks Ben
  3. G

    Bracken crushing

    Hi, has anyone had success crushing bracken?
  4. cosmagedon

    Solar panel failure

    We've got a 50kw solar system fitted on a shed roof thats about 4 or 5 years old now. We've had issues with the power tripping in heavy rain and traced it to a bank of the panels, we've currently had to switch off over half the panels until it's repaired. When we had them installed we...
  5. 7610 super q

    Next PM ?

    Who............and how long will they last ?
  6. S

    Big drop in scrap price

    Heard from someone in the know , there’s £100 price drop for scrap , to do with the Russians
  7. Rob Holmes

    Fitting a fire suppression kit on a combine?

    Has anyone done this? How much does it cost and does it get an insurance reduction?
  8. Will 1594

    Shredder tub grinder

    Anynideas on who runs one ,to mill up 400 old spud boxes and could we burn it in boiler 🤔🙄 kings lynn area
  9. D

    Anyone using stone crusher in uk

    Anyone using kit like this in UK. FAE from Italy do something similar. With land worth 12K, improving shallow stony stuff is tempting. I can see erosion could be a problem, on slopes a one off before grass reseed?
  10. tomlad

    Red diesel storage

    Few things changing here so im have to think about fuel . Highly unlikely id use 100ltr a year , if i bought by the 200ltr drum am i going to have issues with taking up water with modern shite.
  11. G

    Insect hoover

    Does anyone remember or have one of these things that sucked insects off crops and mashed them? They shook The shook the crop with a bar and a big fan sucked them into a crusher type thing?
  12. D

    PTO or mini mobile stone crushers?

    I’ve often got small piles of rubble to crush, bringing in a big sod is 2k a go after haulage and A days use. Red rhino offer mini ones which I am curious about, has anyone much experience in these or PTO driven units? Quite fancy buying one and selling on in a few years once we are done.
  13. C

    Mining your own stone?

    Does anyone know what the limit is to how much stone you can mine out of your own land per year? I know there’s a limit before you need a license.
  14. MX7

    Does a government department compulsory purchase land/farms for the HS2 railway?

    As above and if so do they pay above market value. I only ask as a farm on the Cotswolds was supposedly bought by a farmer that had sold his farm that was on the route of the new HS2 railway. By the amount of money that has been spent on a new set of farm buildings they must have sold quite...
  15. daveydiesel1

    Adding cement to a lane way

    I used to see a company advertising in some or the farm books, possibly farmers weekly but cant remember, they did a service where they would come and rip up a stone laneway and level it and then add cement to leave it like a concrete finish. Any1 here have any experience of this good or bad and...
  16. Womblefarrier

    Veg oil.....a fuel alternative?

    I thought I would consult the experience and knowledge of the TFF members. With increasing fuel costs(£1.50-£1.80 here in the south west) Is it possible to mix Veg oil in to diesel to make it go a little further or am I asking for trouble. Vehicle in question, Isuzu DMax. If it is possible...
  17. B

    Concrete crusher

    Small concrete crusher wanted only needs to be big enough to take a nine inch solid block. Please call 07792049734. Many thanks
  18. jacobl741

    Bamford corn mill

    Anyone on here know what speed the shaft on a bamford roller mill similar to the one in the pic Should run at? And what sort of hp it would need? Cheers !
  19. Grass And Grain

    Northern Ireland cereal growers

    Can any of you guys enlighten me as to how things work in NI (or the Republic for that matter). Trying to find out what hoops you need to jump through to sell to a maltster, flour miller or oilseed crusher for human consumption markets. In England we need to be Red Tractor assured to sell to...
  20. R

    Anglian Water Pipeline

    Anyone else got the joy of Anglian water putting a new water pipeline through their farm , its running from Grantham to Colchester . They want to start digging trial trenches this month!