1. C

    Stone burier on demo

    I have this 3m valentini stone burier on demo and I’m impressed with it in a ploughed field at burying stone and the finish it leaves but to justify buying it I think it needs to be able to go straight into a sprayed off field of grass and not leave sods everywhere. In the video you will see it...
  2. T

    Cow manure organic fertilizer production line equipment price

    The price of a set of cow manure organic fertilizer production line equipment does not have a fixed value. The equipment price is mainly based on the customer's output demand and processing technology to determine its specific price. How to make cow manure organic fertilizer? Cow manure is a...
  3. andybk

    Do i need permission to make a hard standing on my own land ?

    Have an old railway siding thats quite uneven , local builder would like to tip stone waste to level it up so i can make a standing for bales , prob couple ft deep , im very strict on asbestos or any thing bigger than a concrete block , do i need planning or permissions ? no nearby water etc
  4. Stags Agri

    Sale of 11 Vintage Tractors, JCB 3CX Sitemaster Wheeled Digger, 2 Toyota L200 Pick Up Trucks - Wellington, Somerset. 26/6/21

  5. Agriland RSS

    Man fined for breaches of waste management legislation

    Written by Agriland Team A man from Co. Down was issued with a fine of £2,000 for breaches of waste management legislation, according to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA). The defendant, Brendan Small of Flush Road, Newcastle, was fined at Downpatrick...
  6. B

    Septic Tank & BC

    My current septic tanks leachfield has failed, my garden is tiny and we think the leachfield goes under my neighbours drive into the farmers field. The tank is a fiberglass klargester onion shaped one and has been in for over 20 years. Someone has been out and said by the time you dig a new...
  7. Northeastfarmer

    Rainwater harvesting tank size

    Has anyone got a rainwater harvesting tank for washing machinery? Which they run either a volume washer or pressure washer off? If so what size tank do people normally buy? 10k litres 15k litres or 20k litres? also areEnduramaxx tanks any good thanks in advance
  8. two-cylinder

    Concrete crushing Cambridge area?

    Looking for someone with a mobile crusher to come to us just north of Cambridge. Any recommendations?
  9. D

    New earth bank silage pit

    Morning, looking to build a new earth bank silage pit this year, needs to conform to sepa standards so I need an engineer to design it. I'm im NE scotland, would anyone have any recommendations as to who to use? Idea is 30m x 12m ish floor and earth banks, asphalt floor. Ideally a 1m high kerb...
  10. Villagefarmer

    Brix Results

    Hello I’ve started this year brix testing and I’m trying to analyse my results I took yesterday. I sampled first thing in the morning (7.30 am) . As understand a result above 12 is good I was getting results between 10-20 depending on the variety mainly the results were 16-20 is this...
  11. spin cycle

    i must resist

  12. bobk

    Alternative uses for 56 bale carrier

    In a moment of madness I bought 2 of them , our hay fields are too far away to move 56 bales , better 400 at a time , so what could I reinvent in to , answers on a postcard please
  13. blackieman83

    New Shed

    I enjoy seeing others who have posted photos of their projects and their progression so thought I'd share pictures of my recent building project. Site before Digging out and concrete foundation pads
  14. Andrew K

    How to spread topsoil

    After a few building projects we have accumulated a fair pile of topsoil,which I would ideally like to spread back on the adjacent field after harvest. Has anyone used a vertical beater muckspreader to do this,or are flying stones a risk too far? I have thought about using a dump trailer and a...
  15. Seth470

    Judging hours

    Anyone got tips to know if a tractor has gone round the clock.
  16. Fragonard

    MF 8s

    Any new models at work yet?
  17. D

    Claas Scorpion opinions

    Looking at a few of these 7030, 7040, from 2008 to 2012 as they look not bad value from £25,000 to £30,000 with around 6000 hours on the clocks. Any user opinions please as I’ve never seen one in the flesh. Normal tasks such as loading grain, loading straw and hauling a straw trailer...
  18. KB6930

    New build family home

    So after 2 yrs after starting to think about building our new home and trying 4 sites I finally got to start levelling our site out this week. The hole is 22m long x 12m wide That's as much as I can get done just now I'll need to get back to farm work till the builder hopefully comes in...
  19. C

    Chemical container disposal

    I have just built a new chemical store and filling area for my sprayers, and am considering container disposal, the standard method is obviously to use the solway bin and liner system but the inevitable result of this is a large pile of bags of empty cans which take up a lot of space in my store...
  20. Juggler

    In's and out's of running a truck

    As a bit of a hobby, myself and my father buy and sell various bits & bobs, old tractors, machinery, anything really. I've been thinking about buying a 12 or 18t 4x2 beavertail truck to move stuff round, give myself the option of looking further afield, going to the odd sale etc. I've got a...