1. I

    50% 1st wheat 50% fallow/cover/stubble

    I’m planning on going 50% first wheat and 50% something else... non cash crop... I was thinking of just leaving stubble and perhaps subsoiling and preparing land early ( July) so it’s ready to drill at optimum time suggestions for an easy/cheap catch crop that would build fertility and...
  2. DairyGrazing

    YouTube channel Nicks farm, Claydon drill.

    I was watching some of his drilling videos. I was surprised how much soil his drill was moving. Is that normal for a Claydon?
  3. average farmer

    Leaving spring wheat volunteers

    I have about 50 acres with a good stand of Kilburn spring wheat volunteers growing. Plan was to drill with ww but that’s not going to happen now. what’s people’s thoughts on leaving it as a crop ? Would probably graze with sheep in the spring or roll the sh!t out of it
  4. S

    Drill dilemma....

    We have an armoury of drills, but....there is always a better way! Current lineup: 2001 Kockerling AT300, bought from a member on this very forum a few years ago. Its now mostly used for drilling beans 5" deep, which it is very good at. It leaves too rough a job ideally for cereals, and is very...
  5. Corteva Updates

    Weather data at your fingertips to optimise timing of AstroKerb and Kerb

    Weather data at your fingertips to optimise timing of AstroKerb and Kerb Corteva Agriscience will be providing weather data by postcode on their website and on Farming Online, as they have done in the past, but now with greater ease of access through their popular Arable App. Designed for both...
  6. CPM RSS

    Focus on peri-em applications to prolong grassweed control

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham Heavy rains that interrupted autumn drilling could also further compromise pre-emergence herbicide applications. Growers should now consider options for peri-emergence treatments to target early grass weed control. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Syngenta technical...
  7. Corteva Updates

    Cereal growers urged to follow tried and tested herbicide programmes this autumn

    Cereal growers urged to follow tried and tested herbicide programmes this autumn Corteva AgriscienceTM says farmers growing winter cereal crops should persevere with early-season herbicide programmes wherever possible as changeable weather hits much of the UK. The company says skipping a...
  8. CPM RSS

    Weed control survey – Integration, integration, integration

    Written by cpm As grassweeds continue to rob growers of their yield, the industry continues the search for a solution. CPM delves deeper into some of the key issues as growers get stuck into the autumn drilling window. New chemistry will be completely useless unless we keep on keeping on with...
  9. CPM RSS

    Weed control – Ryegrass threat looms

    Written by cpm Ryegrass may take over from blackgrass as Britain’s toughest grassweed to control. CPM gathers worldwide experience. Herbicide-resistant ryegrass is much more challenging than blackgrass. By Tom Allen-Stevens If you’ve drilled up your wheat, and especially those fields with known...
  10. bobk

    Do ploughers get bg ?

    If not , there's your answer
  11. bobk

    Barley volunteers in wheat

    Due to the last 12 months weather my already shattered rotation means I've followed sb with wheat ( didn't want to grow it ) anyway we sowed 3 days after finishing combining . So we have a volunteer issue , is frost my friend ? doesn't appears to be any chems available that will kill the stuff.
  12. GeorgeK

    Ryegrass seed scandal

    An article in FW this week I could scarcely believe. A grower of Italian ryegrass for seed documenting his major issues with herbicide resistant ryegrass in the following cereal crops. Says it's getting worse than blackgrass due to to its ability to germinate any time of year, being more...
  13. Steevo

    Does barley still stack up?

    Reading one market report yesterday, barley is currently trading at a £44/t discount to wheat. Is anyone changing their barley acreage as a result, or are people hoping it will come back in time? Personally we put everything we could last year into wheat, and will be doing likewise again this...
  14. CPM RSS

    Innovation Insight – The solution becomes Crystal clear

    Written by cpm Download PDF The launch of Crystal 20 years ago introduced a new mode of action on grassweeds and a new timing. But as CPM discovers, it was the mindset change it brought that heralded a revolution in blackgrass control. It was the start of a planned, programmed approach to...
  15. CPM RSS

    weed control – The autumn stack gets a shuffle

    Written by cpm Two new active ingredients expand the options for chemical control this autumn, but growers would be foolish to rein back on cultural measures, warn experts. CPM reports. Removing a significant control such as delayed drilling will mean an increase in populations that will...
  16. CPM RSS

    Pushing performance – Control the controllable

    Written by cpm There are many aspects to blackgrass control that are in the hands of the weather gods, but a decade of trials has shown that the performance of residual herbicides can be reliably pushed using Backrow, regardless of the season. CPM finds out how. In dry soils there’s less...
  17. CPM RSS

    Research shows cereal choice can reduce grassweed levels

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham A study conducted by Syngenta has shown that the choice of winter cereal crop grown can reduce ryegrass levels by nearly 90%. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Conducted by Syngenta at its Innovation Centre in Staffs, the work recorded the numbers of ryegrass heads...
  18. L

    Post harvest cultivations

    We have a small area of a larger field that is in Triticale the rest is wheat, and the Triticale has some ergot in it, the whole field was due to go into spelt this autumn and we would probably weather dependent just topdown then sow it but having found ergot should we plough it or will that...
  19. J

    How early can you drill winter wheat?

    Without worrying about disease and grassweeds. Theoretically how early could you drill winter wheat without it going to ear by Xmas? I understand the winter varieties need to go through the vernalisation period, but that most varieties don't require this as much now due to cross breeding with...
  20. CPM RSS

    Weed control – Don’t step back in blackgrass battle

    Written by cpm Download PDF Fears are growing that the rush to get the drill out this autumn will festoon the UK’s fields in grassweeds. CPM rounds up the latest advice. All the evidence points to sowing before mid-October being a recipe for disaster. By Rob Jones Growers are set to sacrifice...