1. RTK Farmer

    LT700H RTK Mapping Tablet

    LT700H RTK Mapping Tablet The all new LT700H RTK Mapping tablet from RTKF Net is the first Android tablet to offer an integrated RTK Module that tracks all four GNSS constellations. (GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BEIDOU). In the past in order to get accurate and repeatable RTK positions you would...
  2. DrDunc

    TFF promoting carbon capture rip off

    Just received an email from TFF promoting a company who want to sell farm carbon credits to big industry. What a bàstard rip off company! Why are TFF promoting companies like this? On the company's website they give an example of the annual income expected from sales. The annual fee they take...
  3. Adeptandy


    Anyone watching ?
  4. Hutchinsons News

    New appointment takes on horticulture challenges

    New appointment takes on horticulture challenges From labour shortages to spiraling energy costs, the horticulture sector continues to face significant challenges, but Hutchinsons new Horticultural Technical Sales Specialist Darren Tongue is confident there are good opportunities for domestic...
  5. N

    Advice after ploughing

    G'day Guys This is my first post, I am a broadacre farmer in Australia. We have been doing some mouldboard ploughing during the summer time after some heavy rainfall. Main reason is to bury Chem resistant weeds which seems to be working really well. What is the best took to go over the...
  6. MX7

    Is/Has Global warming really had any effect on your farming business?

    As above. I suspect it has not made any difference at all to your business,but it would be interesting to view your comments.
  7. Precision AG RSS

    Irrigation Technology: Where We Are and Where We’re Going

    Written by Matt Hopkins from Precision Ag Conditions are ripe for big leaps in the adoption of some very innovative technology to help growers everywhere be more efficient, more sustainable, and more profitable with their water. The post Irrigation Technology: Where We Are and Where We’re...
  8. N

    Wayleaves and the NFU

    Saw a topic on the British farming forum regarding wayleave agreed payments saying that the NFU have agreed to a reduction in all wayleaves. Don't know how to copy the link sorry. Is this actually true?
  9. . Q

    Can I claim £ for time claiming off insurers?

    A car went through my hedge, leaving a hole to be fenced and gapped up with whips. Can I add my time spent on phone and email chasing it to the bill for the works?
  10. JP1

    Levelling Up

    And in other news described as "thin gruel"
  11. Young Apprentice

    Drip irrigation

    Hi, Is anyone on here using Drip Irrigation for grain maize? I’m looking into this and would appreciate any experiences. Also with regard to fertilising through the system. TIA YA
  12. C

    Government food policy

    There seems at the present time to be very little interest from the powers that be in preserving national food self sufficiency, which has fallen in many commodities to a very low level. It seems to me that government policy in peacetime tends to lag the situation on the ground by several...
  13. D

    Who grows white turnips

    As Sheffield's leading swede grower, I've been on a cultural exchange trip to Bradford delivering swedes to the market. Had some spare time, so walked around the wholesale market, very impressive 16 busy stands. What suprised me was the sheer amount of onions & white turnips. Here in Barnsley...
  14. S

    Situation Vacant Experienced operator on arable/veg farm

    Job opportunity - Full time Arable Operator At Huddlestone Produce we farm 300 hectares within 3 miles of our base at Howden, East Yorkshire. Cropping includes 30 hectares of swede which we wash and process for the wholesale markets. We have a small, friendly hardworking team and use modern...
  15. Rob Holmes

    Looks like autumn muckspreading is back on

  16. TFF

    Drones in Insect Pest Management

    One of the major components in precision agriculture is crop health monitoring, which includes irrigation, fertilization, pesticide sprays, and timely harvest of the crop. Further, the progressive change in growth and development is critical in crop monitoring and taking suitable decisions to...
  17. S

    Why is there a big shortage of welders?

    There is a shortage of welders in the country, even at jcb Is it because certificates are needed? Or the wages are crap?
  18. Danllan


    Sh!t hitting fan, the authorities are now asking Vlad for help in suppressing the people. Will have to be pretty brutal to stop the people now though, since momentum has been gained. If Kazakhstan bins its dictators, there may be others in the region who follow - not helpful for Russia and...
  19. BRB John

    Valtra vs Massey Vs Fendt

    Just been looking at Valtra's A series and G series and can't but help notice that there is significant similarities to Masseys 4700 series and the new 5S and it got me thinking about the structure of AGCO while I assume they will go the same way as CNH, SDF and Argo at some point it seems...
  20. R

    Anglian Water Pipeline

    Anyone else got the joy of Anglian water putting a new water pipeline through their farm , its running from Grantham to Colchester . They want to start digging trial trenches this month!