1. C

    Bugs in wheat in store

    Just had my first load rejected of the year this morning. 15 loads gone out no problem. Apparently bugs are a real problem everywhere this year??? So I’m told.. Grain not as cool as I would like but never had a problem before
  2. kevindb880

    Drilling anyone?

    Just north of Hertford, We managed to get 20 acres in last week but nothing since and now it’s really wet! Anyone else got anything in the ground?
  3. spin cycle

    diary of a comedy sheep farm

    taking a cue from others with their own threads....and upon a suggestion of a friend whom i keep 'entertained':rolleyes: so today.....up at the sheds at 6am to check for lambings although we're not supposed to start for a month:banghead:....just a single....penned it up and back for school...
  4. Durry cows


    anyone scanning cows themselves? What makes are you using? Looked at easi scan and I scan, they’re not cheap...any used ones about too? Cheers
  5. davieh3350

    Welcome to Highland Perthshire!

    I had a little time to kill yesterday and it was such a nice day I thought I'd go photo the farm from above(y)Craig na Airigh.about 2/3rds of the way up you clear the plantation and you can start to get a view. The first field is the hill park, and below the road is the sawmill field... This is...
  6. N

    Where to find a used Herringbone milking parlour of GEA Delaval or dairy master like brands ?

    I'm looking for a used herringbone milking parlour of GEA Delaval or dairy master like brands and a 1000 L used milk storage tank (1000L DX tank). This is to set up a small-scale dairy farm alongside other cultivations. Could you please recommend me a good place or website to find a decent...
  7. F

    How would you like to buy timber fencing that is not full of chemicals & will last 50+ years

    You do not need to buy fencing that is treated with Copper, Arsenic, and other harmful chemicals! I can supply you with Agricultural timber fencing with NO chemical treatments . I will guarantee it for 50 years with no if's or but's. Brian Griffiths Suffolk
  8. Bossfarmer

    Donald J Trump will.....MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

    Ive been hearing a lot dismay and outrage even in the UK about Trump becoming the next president I think many people are missing the bigger picture, here we have one of the most successful businessmen in America with a serious drive to prove to people just how good he really is, a Wharton school...
  9. C

    Weaving GD user thread

    Thought it would be useful to gain some knowledge from other weaving GD users out there to share experiences / problems / solutions. I'll start.....anyone else had problems with blocked coulters? I've had a lot. It's been on the wetter side of ideal, but still good drilling conditions. It's got...
  10. zsnotdead

    Northern Ireland Milk Price Tracker

    trying to revive the ni milk price thread from the other forum which has nearly died, we differ from the rest of the uk in that most of our raw milk is "exported" to ireland and with brexit,europe what this holds for us. also most of our dairy products are exported which leaves us very exposed...
  11. cows sh#t me to tears

    750a A very different approach

    Finally worked out after 2 years of thinking about it how to reconfigure my drill.