1. J

    John Deere ‘new’ 6M vs ‘old’ 6R

    Deciding whether to get a new style John Deere 6120m with the dropped bonnet or a classic style 6130r. The main job will be hedge cutting/ verge mowing all year round with a bit of bale loading/carting in the summer months. Which would you go for?
  2. CerealsEvent

    Spotlight on agricultural careers at Cereals 2020

    Spotlight on agricultural careers at Cereals 2020 Careers in agriculture are incredibly varied, from farm workers to engineers, scientists to agronomists, meaning the industry has broad appeal to those with or without a farming background. Cereals 2020 is celebrating this variety with a...
  3. C

    Mail on Sunday front page tommorrow :-(

    “” In leaked emails obtained by The Mail on Sunday, powerful Treasury adviser Tim Leunig argues that the food sector is not 'critically important' to the economy – and that agriculture and fishery production 'certainly isn't'. In his astonishing remarks – which comes as the UK prepares to enter...
  4. Clive

    Michelin Tyre pressure training day

    Learnt a few month ago that Michelin offer customers a free weighing and set up service to help optimise the pressures for minimal soil damage, traction, fuel use and tyre life So last week we had them here for the day, they weighed every combination of machine and tractor we use, recommended...
  5. H

    Italy's in shut down

    If Italy is in shut down .....how is it that reporters from all over the world can suddenly arrive there to report ? I'm just hope that the Vegan bandwagon doesn't try ,by some means, to link it to livestock however tenuously just to cause doubt and mischief !
  6. A

    Professional dog walkers

    We are having problems with a professional dog walker who often has 8-10 dogs some on a lead some off , walking dogs through areas of three landowners forestry upsetting the shooting tennants. Shoot captain has asked him politely to keep all dogs close to him and avoid certain areas where...
  7. Chasingmytail

    attempted break in to workshop last night - need further security measures

    Tried to break through the welded box then turned to trying to lift the steel sheet. Must of been there some time and gave up. Need to secure the workshop internally - what are the best options - infrared beam?
  8. Yorkshire lad

    Current TB strategy

    Now that we have have left the EU and we are looking for trade deals to sell our beef . Will the ammount of TB we have be a huge disadvantage in selling our beef abroad The culls are working where they are allowed but the reality is TB is spreading . Here in Yorkshire nearly every case of TB...
  9. MX7

    JCB pulling tri axle hi side trailer 10.30pm on Saturday on main road?

    Last night we saw the above outfit nr Cirencester at 10.30 pm any ideas what the trailer would be carrying? Would the tractor in theory be running on white diesel and what is the situation as regards driver hours and tachograph etc, is it a grey area? Ok till an accident, if no restrictions on...
  10. B

    I fell off a ladder last night

    I had a few sheets on the roof of a shed that had come a bit loose and were rattling. I decided to feed silage first then get the ladder and go fix the sheeting. I was up the ladder about 14ft with a screw gun when the ladder just dropped from under me. I fell backwards and landed on the silage...
  11. Greythundercloudys

    Trump v greta

    The BBC have this like a boxing match, big bad Don v tiny teen planet saver, surly this kid is needing some nourishment, she looks like 10, also a boyfriend would help to take her mind of it, lm of to put more coal in the stove.
  12. andybk

    anyone using Downland Optilix ?

    usually use a few crystalix for some stores on old grass this time of year , local Downland agency is pushing their optilix , anyone have experience if they last as long as crystalix , £1-2 cheaper and closer than MVF
  13. dgjeynes

    Slurry tanker dribble bar

    So we’re getting a 7.5m dribble bar for our tanker currently stuck between a mastek or a storth, I like the masteks macerator but not seen the guts of the storth to compare anybody running either? Replacement metal for the mastek is £1k and the storth is £140 apparently. Looked at the both today...
  14. Lincs Lass

    Alexa ,,in simple language

    How does this Alexa gizmo work ,,obviously through a wifi connection but do you need an amazon account ,prime or something else . Is it a monthly subscription ,,what can it do . Had a nieghbor come round and we were chatting away ,,they couldnt believe that I dont have alexa or a smart tv ,,,I...
  15. Danllan


    The pro-independence SNP have failed to gain a majority of the popular vote, being nigh on a quarter of a million votes short of pro-union parties (+ Ms Sturgeon has herself stated that she doesn't expect all who voted for the SNP yesterday to support independence anyway!). Since the SNP claim...
  16. C

    Bugs in wheat in store

    Just had my first load rejected of the year this morning. 15 loads gone out no problem. Apparently bugs are a real problem everywhere this year??? So I’m told.. Grain not as cool as I would like but never had a problem before
  17. kevindb880

    Drilling anyone?

    Just north of Hertford, We managed to get 20 acres in last week but nothing since and now it’s really wet! Anyone else got anything in the ground?
  18. spin cycle

    diary of a comedy sheep farm

    taking a cue from others with their own threads....and upon a suggestion of a friend whom i keep 'entertained':rolleyes: so today.....up at the sheds at 6am to check for lambings although we're not supposed to start for a month:banghead:....just a single....penned it up and back for school...
  19. Durry cows


    anyone scanning cows themselves? What makes are you using? Looked at easi scan and I scan, they’re not cheap...any used ones about too? Cheers
  20. davieh3350

    Welcome to Highland Perthshire!

    I had a little time to kill yesterday and it was such a nice day I thought I'd go photo the farm from above(y)Craig na Airigh.about 2/3rds of the way up you clear the plantation and you can start to get a view. The first field is the hill park, and below the road is the sawmill field... This is...