1. teslacoils

    World Record Wheat For Harvest 2021

    *If* I had a tiny penis, and *if* I felt the need to compensate for this by growing a huge pile of wheat, what would be the things I would do? Ignoring soil and location, how would you set up for a world record? Obviously you'd publicly say it was down to some crazy trace element, or dancing...
  2. Farmer Roy

    Tony Abbott ( former Australian PM ) as a UK trade advisor ??😮

    Oh Boris, we are judged by the company we keep so you should read this. They neglected to include the bit about him supporting a convicted pedophile and his sashay into Honours where he demoted a Prince to a Knight. Nor is it explicit that he not only lost his PMship at the hands of his party...
  3. roscoe erf

    this can not be true...................can it

    =AZXoF_IqbZS66DslFG1TWBizCnYwXpWRuhKFnNCa_FSkWPyQqOgRKEBRXksnv5mN5Fps7J1oNjnJMXuRtagiboIG3hgmWlSvnLWrgktHtcl1tFDput-jfro4PK55W5DaHv9Lpc97Pgs8xN0UcEE6ci43UyeWi-Pq8NC9l7sKXrOIT4Q3rMZ_7KpxvDd_2eMqsWcNMs3Ra0aom5JRqjcM6P0B45A2BLIbZ2myXLXUqCiUMQ&__tn__=-UC%2CP-y-R']The world is not PC enough...
  4. Chris F

    Record Recession figures are finally in -20.4%

    Im amazed it not worse to be honest.
  5. B

    Renewing ancient permanent pasture

    Hello all looking for some advice, topic probably been covered several times... so apologies for that. I have acquired some very old permanent pasture. Looking for advice on how and when to revitalise this ground ideally into a new ley, woild want to get started as soon as possible. What would...
  6. J

    John Deere 6230 Premium

    We have a 6230P that when you try to indicate the indicator won’t stay on, it seems that it is whenever the steering wheel is in a specific position as sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Any ideas?
  7. Farm Business RSS

    BVA sets out roadmap to control and eradicate bovine tuberculosis

    Written by Iain Hoey The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has set out a comprehensive approach to tackling bovine tuberculosis (bTB) across the UK, drawing on behavioural science and proposing 35 wide-ranging recommendations. BVA’s new bTB policy position has brought together veterinary...
  8. Robt

    Mitsubishi pulling out of UK?

    This just came up on Twitter. Maybe @Cowabunga knows more? Mitsubishi has written to its UK dealers and informed them of its plans to withdraw from the UK and European markets. According to reports in Automotive Management, Mitsubishi plans to retain as much of the 103-strong dealer network as...
  9. S

    Puma 140 to small for 16/18t trailers?

    Hi all, I'm in the market for a tractor to mostly pull 16/18t potato and onion trailers with the odd load of maize too hopefully. Budget is very tight (close to £25,000 as poss) and I had been aiming for the likes of a 69/7530 Deere for simplicity and resale value, but I've seen a couple of...
  10. slim shiny

    New MF

    😳😳 https://mf8s.masseyferguson.com/mf8s.html
  11. Ceri

    John deere 5125R. What's the verdict on this model?

    Hi all.... thinking of buying a 5125r with a standard 16/16 gearbox, complete with front end loader to replace a very tired 6230. Anyone got any opinions on this model and my major question is how reliable are they......? I wouldn't wanna spend a few ££££ and have a tractor that keeps breaking...
  12. G

    Kelso tup sales

    they cancelled for this year
  13. Ukjay

    Stone Window Boards

    Hello, I have a bit of a project that I need some insight as to where I could get a piece of Limestone or similar to replace a hidden and rotten window board for our property. I was removing tiles and modern plaster etc from the downstairs toilet, where I found plasterboard hiding what I found...
  14. S

    advise please,jd 6230 banging when brakes released

    Hi new to here and not really a farmer (car and van mechanic with a mot station and a small holding) I bought a jd6230 standard 2009 with a loader a few months ago for doing our hayledge,no experience with tractors and only used to driving my international 685xl. when clearing the fields and...
  15. PowderedToastMan

    Inefficiencies in modern machinery?

    Hi all, I am an Ag- Engineering student. Soon I will be asked by my college to make a project for my course based upon making something better. I have decided to do this project on something Electrical in modern Ag machinery. I already have a few ideas running around but wondered what people...
  16. Bald Rick

    Is Boris Johnson our Nero?

    It has to be asked as I see precious little evidence of leadership from him. All I see is a government that flip flops from one idea to the next and then reverse ferrets pdq. He MUST get a grip and soon
  17. Farmer Roy

    This is the future

    @Clive you are about the only person I know here who might be interested in this . . . The rest of TFF seem to masturbate over any time spent in tractors, especially shîtty old Fords & Masseys . . . Personally, the less tractor hours the better
  18. Bossfarmer

    "Will crops survive" poll????

    crops ok at the moment but with the heat getting up and a dry June forecast how does everyone think their crops will fare? will later drilled stuff stand a better chance if rain comes in july? will crops sown after muck ploughed in be able to draw moisture from that to keep them going...
  19. MrNoo


    Walking the dogs this eve, WW is stuffed full of them, clouds and clouds, struggled to not breath them in. Skyfall so not stressed but they werent there yesterday.
  20. Danllan

    The what I f^cked up today thread...

    A suggestion of @betweenthelines, probably long overdue for most of us, this thread seems like one with a real future to it... :rolleyes: I'll start, something relatively minor, but irritating nonetheless: putting in some thunderbolts to hold a mini-sleeper to a wall so I can attach some rails...