1. M

    Looking for land access to fly a Harris hawk - Hampshire

    Hi everyone. We are looking to establish a link with someone who can grant access to arable and/or thinly wooded land in Hampshire over which we can fly a Harris for a few months a year, probably September to April. The hawk would take rabbits mainly, but also possibly pigeons. In general, we...
  2. D

    Land required for vermin shooting - will pay annual lease

    Hi, I am a 44 year old guy from Ayrshire. I'm married with two young daughters and have a professional career, although not in farming. I was brought up as a child on a family farm, Midtown Farm, Cornhill, Banffshire and have the utmost respect for farming and the countryside. I've been a...
  3. S

    Grazing Need Near Axminster, Devon

    Hi all, Currently working in Cornwall, I've been offered a job near Axminster and am in need of land for my 40 EasyCare ewes with lambs. I need to move them asap. Rent, keep or day rate all considered. If you can help or know someone who could, please call me, Steve Moore on 077 9656 1025...
  4. O

    Polite Request To Enter Your Land With a MD

    Hi all, this is my first post on this forum so please bare with me :) Thank You. My name is Jan and I am a keen history enthusiast who loves to learn about UK's heritage and my goal is to add to this knowledge and to share it with others. I live in London and I would like to ask all of you...
  5. P


    LINCOLNSHIRE FARMERS- Please could you fill in my short survey about agricultural land and the impact of non-farming investors within the county to aid the research of my final year Honours Research Project as part of my degree at Harper Adams University. The survey should only take a few...
  6. browny823

    Grazing land wanted wheelton,withnell,Chorley,Darwin

    grass wanted for expansion of deer farm.obviously I've got to fence it ,I'm a good tenant (so they say) and pay well and just want to get on with building a deer farming business .