1. B

    Sudden Death of Sucklers in This Weather.

    Anyone else had a rough time of time of it? We had a dead cow on Wednesday morning and then two more side by side this morning, all in the same field. Its very mild to bring them in ,which brings its own problems. They look content enough and have plenty straw , molasses and mag buckets...
  2. kfpben

    Where is less Loony?

    Wife and I are early/mid 30s, living in the South of England and thinking about the future. Baby arriving soon all things being well. I’m a livestock farmer, she’s a farrier. Outside interests; cricket (me), horses (her), hunting (both). With the mounting lunacy in government with regards to...
  3. Agriland RSS

    New beef tool could cut feed costs and reduce GHG emissions

    Written by Michelle Martin from Agriland A new tool that allows beef animals to be selected for feed efficiency has the potential to reduce feed bills across the UK beef industry by up to £12.5 million, while also accelerating the reduction of beef-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 27%...
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    Farmers’ chance to invest in future of livestock production

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business British farmers are being given the chance to invest in the future of livestock production, diversifying their own income streams while accelerating the drive to sustainable supply chains. Breedr, the free herd management app which is transforming the...
  5. Agriland RSS

    1,500 support heifer ‘Hope’ and Air Ambulance NI fundraiser at Balmoral Show

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland Almost 1,500 people have supported a fundraiser for Air Ambulance Northern Ireland (NI) launched at this year’s Balmoral Show. Visitors to the show got to meet ‘Hope’ the roan heifer, announced as the grand prize for a competition draw taking place on...
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    Angus cow-calf duo clinches Balmoral interbreed in ‘maternal masterclass’

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland The Armour family has clinched this year’s interbreed beef championship with a “terrific” mother and calf duo. It marked the first time the family from Dromore, Co. Down, has won the Angus breed championship, and also their first beef interbreed win...
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    Balmoral Show: Chance to win roan heifer in NI Air Ambulance raffle

    Written by Rachel Martin from Agriland Visitors to Balmoral Show next week will have the chance to win a roan heifer as part of a charity raffle to raise funds for the Northern Ireland Air Ambulance. The heifer called ‘Hope’ is a Limousin X weighing in at around 570kg. Hope has been bred by...
  8. FarmerDanny1989

    Blonde bulls

    Looking for semen from blonde bulls Whitefield Leader, Druk Lance, Blackwater Jockey and a bull I would like to know if semen has been collected from or will be is Hallfield Plato bought for £12000 recently?? Iv A.I’d 22 cows mainly blue X/Lim X to Hallfield Fanfare Iv high hopes for these.
  9. jacobl741

    Pedigree lim bulls

    Got a couple of very smart pedigree Limousin bulls for sale, ready for work and well bred. You won’t find one much quieter, sensibly priced. We are near Buxton Derbyshire. If anyone’s interested I can get some pics and send you more information etc
  10. S

    Situation Vacant Estate manager - Roche Court, Salisbury

    Estate Manager Roche Farm and Woodland • Running all aspects of the farm, including hands on assistance with the herd of Limousin cattle, haymaking, fencing and other farm/estate tasks. • Responsible for all farm records (other than accounting) including subsidy application, cross compliance...
  11. Vader

    In calf cow values

    We got some cows PD 3 month + in calf. What you think they worth to sell, as in what extra over meat price does the calf add ? Cows a mix of beef breeds, no dairy in them and to a limo or blonde bull.
  12. S

    Why should I stay..............

    Help me out please. Particularly those native Scots. I have spent half my life north of the border, but was born in the south. 20 plus years here. I am now after that time able to consider buying a small chunk for ourselves. However........ When I came north my lineage was not of much...
  13. Clive

    Are you all depressed ?

    I've been lucky enough to have a bit of a family holiday recently with lockdown restrictions ending and I've also spent a lot more time with none farming friends and reduced my time talking farming online a fair bit. After a period where that has been hard to do it's easy to forget just how...
  14. Wolds Beef

    Why o'Why

    The menu has so much foreign stuff on it for the G7 Why has not Boris that it is all British!! We have got fabulous food in this country and it is summer!! It is all available. James Martin et al should be serving the best of British, including S Devon Beef English Sparkling Wine, Mr Dysons...
  15. baaa

    Re-directing cattle farming advice/views

    Hi to everyone, I'm based in Brittany, France. I farm sheep over here. I have a farming friend with a 400 acre farm, who has recently sold his Montbeliarde milking cows, after 30 years of milking on the farm. He is now looking to redivert his farm business whilst keeping cows and cattle as...
  16. Kevtherev

    The Turnip Taliban?

  17. E

    Bull warranty.. Or not.

    Read the small print and be selective who you trust. Bought 5 Charollais bulls at borderway mart at the British Charollais spring show and sale on the 15th of may. One of which came with a vet certificate of fertility.. Ideal sensible vendor. The other four did not. Two of these bulls came from...
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    Royal Highland Showcase reveals livestock entry figures for 2021 show

    Written by William Kellett The Royal Highland Showcase, in Partnership with Royal Bank of Scotland, has revealed excellent livestock entry figures for its sheep, cattle and goat classes. Over 1,100 entries have been confirmed for the innovative hybrid event, which takes place at Ingliston...
  19. Cowabunga

    Farming going down with hardly a whimper...

    Worth the effort to listen to this sensible commentary to the end.
  20. H

    Feeding fields beans to finishing cattle

    Currently finishing Lim x cattle on maize silage, grass silage, brewers grains and 5.5kg of barley/wheat mixture. Beans grow well here and interested in if they would have a place in our finisher ration. Thanks in advance