loader tractor

  1. JP1

    JCB 2B

    Presumably the weight was all in the wrong place for this to take off ?
  2. J

    Tractor advice wanted

    Thinking about putting a S/H front loader on our 2006 new Holland ts115a have found a q56 loader just need to find brackets but was thinking would we be better trying to upgrade to somthing fresher? Our tsa has over 8000 hours and is our main tractor we do most of our own work, baling (Mchale...
  3. hally

    Bales into diet feeder

    Looking for some opinions Recently bought a small diet feeder fir feeding bales out to our cattle and sheep, so far going grand except that the tanco bale shear we have got is not working in that despite being 4 or 5 foot above the feeder often the bale turning on the tub seems to grab the...
  4. W

    Alarming aspirations from latest climate report...

    Rather a confronting table from the latest CCC report