1. Cloonpotatoes

    Newholland HD

    Is anyone running a newholland hd or a case optum. If so how are you finding reliability, power and to drive? Is there much advantage over a long wheel base t7? Thanks
  2. S

    Serious incident in Welshpool market

    I have not heard all details but yesterday in Welshpool market a cow went berserk in the ring and jumped into the crowd causing serious injuries.
  3. AF Salers

    CNH switching to Novatel GPS

    A heads up for anyone concerned, CNH are apparently parting company with Trimble this year and sourcing their GPS systems from Novatel in future.
  4. benny6910

    Weaving gd drill

    Please be gentle with me as I am not a direct driller but have been looking into the options and I quite like the look of the weaving gd. Would this drill still work on sumo’ed land or do they need a firm surface to work on? Just wondering as I’ve got 50% sumo’ed ground and 50% lightly...
  5. M-J-G

    If you tell lies you'll get caught out eventually

    Some people can't help themselves
  6. spin cycle

    diary of a comedy sheep farm

    taking a cue from others with their own threads....and upon a suggestion of a friend whom i keep 'entertained':rolleyes: so today.....up at the sheds at 6am to check for lambings although we're not supposed to start for a month:banghead:....just a single....penned it up and back for school...
  7. sjewart

    AI Bulls

    Who uses Cogent? I have two shapely Limx heifers I want to ai to a Lim bull. Iv never used Cogent before and the bulls on offer are different to Genus. What Lim bulls are you having success with on heifers?
  8. W

    Feeding fodder beet

    If we were to replace some of the barley in our intensive barley finishing ration with beet at a ratio of 5 of beet to one of barley. Fully balanced with protein and fibre, what percentage of the barley could we replace, 50%,.....70%,... all of it.......?? Just trying to make things cheaper and...
  9. Matt77

    Case Puma facelift

    anyone know when the Puma is getting the new style bonnet? I know it’s coming just getting mixed information as to when.
  10. Case290

    Cab boxes and steering brackets

    Do cab boxes screens and auto steer brackets count as work shop projects
  11. F


    Hi how's everyone gettting on with fleckvieh I'm considering using them ,will they maintain yield when crossed on a herd ? What's your opinions of them ?
  12. Farmer Roy

    Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

    Mod Note: New thread created by moving some posts. Haha - every second post on TFF seems to be about problems with townies, cyclists, dog walkers, trespassers etc etc The further from all that the better I reckon I couldn't cope with having non farming neighbours . . .
  13. MX7

    Price of a new Quadtrac 620?

    I drove by the local Case dealer today "Cotswold Farm Machinery",and I see they have a new Quadtrac 620 in the yard either for a customer or for a demo.Roughly just out of interest how much is the cost of that tractor or the John Deere /Challenger equivalent? Asking out of general interest...
  14. cormywormy

    Ford 8730 a bit sick

    well lads I hope ye all had a good Christmas. I'm after buying a ford 8730 powershift that's a bit sick. She locked on the road at 40k and when it did so it broke the 2 back cast centres with the shock. It also must have snapped a shaft from the gearbox as it won't drive. When you put it in...
  15. Sweepa

    Whats the worst tractor of all time?

    Whats the one tractor that never should have finished on the production line? The type of tractor that turned the owner into an angry man.
  16. C

    Weaving GD user thread

    Thought it would be useful to gain some knowledge from other weaving GD users out there to share experiences / problems / solutions. I'll start.....anyone else had problems with blocked coulters? I've had a lot. It's been on the wetter side of ideal, but still good drilling conditions. It's got...
  17. zsnotdead

    Northern Ireland Milk Price Tracker

    trying to revive the ni milk price thread from the other forum which has nearly died, we differ from the rest of the uk in that most of our raw milk is "exported" to ireland and with brexit,europe what this holds for us. also most of our dairy products are exported which leaves us very exposed...
  18. fermerboy

    Worst machine owned or used?

    After the worst tractor thread and the if you could buy a new one thread. What is the worst machine you have owned or used?? Think mine was a 3 drum Claas mower that was crap from start till death. It was an unusual 7ft one totally on the lift, too heavy for tractors at the time, and crap...
  19. eulb

    Fendt 700scr poor air con?

    Am I unlucky or is air-con on the 700s shite? It's never really got cool and now for the 4th time it's blowing warm (n)
  20. W

    170 up reliable old tractor

    Looking for a spare tractor to basically leave on the baker. What would you recommend. Needs to be 170 up. Very basic. Reliable. And cheap....