1. W

    Case optum. Punching well above its weight

    Sold our old jd 8530 (brilliant tractor) but have to say our new optum 300 is a beast a real pocket rocket. Replaced the 8530 and does the same heavy draft jobs but also nimble enough on a 18 tonne trailer or 3 m mower. Really impressed
  2. Dave W

    Case magnum 7230

    Can anyone confirm this is a trima pick up hitch hook. As fitted to a magnum 7230. Got a customer trying to find replacement hook but struggling to identify it
  3. michael N123

    No need for a trailer test anymore?

    Is this true or fake news
  4. Agriland RSS

    Case comes up with new cabs and comforts

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Case has brought in some significant updates to its three higher powered Optum CVXDrive models which range from 273hp to 313hp. The major changes have been made to the cab and to the electronics, with more space for the operator and the fitting, as...
  5. P

    7r john deeres

    Are the early ones 12-14 plates any good or would a 7930 be a better bet??
  6. Bald Rick

    Snog, Marry, Avoid ....

    Need to replace our big tractor (require 200hp+ boosting up) but am not sure of best way forward. Buy new - expensive but warranted Buy used - cheaper but could be a bag of spanners Long term hire - not overly cheap but no hidden costs unless over hours. No equity either Tractor likely to...
  7. SuperTwo

    Massey Ferguson 3635 Project

    I've just bought a 1993 Dynashift 3635 as a project, I've a couple of electrical gremlins that I'm working my way through. My first problem is that the 4wd is permanently stuck on. The light doesn't light on the dash at all. I've no power to the switch either. I've ran power directly to the...
  8. M

    Control cables?

    We need some replacement throttle, gear control and clutch pedal control cables for our fleet of Case Magnum Tractors, does anyone know of a manufacturer of these items we have patterns for them , we are just reluctant to pay main dealer prices !! Any suggestions preferably in Northern England...
  9. M

    Ineos Grenadier and Land Rover Defender

    Had a chance to look around both of these at the Festival of Speed at Goodwood last week. Is there anyone on here running the LR yet? And anyone tempted by the Grenadier when it becomes available next year?
  10. F

    Best tractor you owned

    What’s the best tractor you ever owned and reason. For me it’s a challenger 765. Bought by mistake in an online auction. While browsing thru auctions listing one morning at breakfast the wife asked if I was interested in buying it as I was looking over the pictures. My comment was it would be...
  11. L

    7120 magnum selectable gearbox speed

    Got a 7120 magnum with 2 pto it's currently on a keenan feeder which it runs fine, customer want to put it on a new tub mixer that needs 540 for mix and then a 1000 to spit it out. Would anyone now where to get a 2 speed selectable gearbox to mount on drawbar so could shift speed from tractor...
  12. S

    400 hp tractors

    What is the best 400 hp tractor to run
  13. Hillside

    Tractor comfort

    After another day bouncing about on a tractor with cab and front suspension that leaves me sore at night what is a comfy tractor to sit in all day and not feel like a can of irn bru ready to explode 🤯!!
  14. dragonfly

    AB9 drilling

    Right, we've had some rain. So who is drilling AB9 now? Is it warm enough, or should we wait another week or so?
  15. Romeogolf

    Fastrac 4220 towing ability

    Following my thread regarding the disappointing performance of my Claas arion 650 when towing recently, I come to you again with a question for fastrac owners. Regularly towing near the maximum legal weight is becoming the norm more and more, and the fastrac appeals to me for many other reasons...
  16. W

    Case optum 300

    Looking for a fairly big hp tractor but nimble enough to go on corn cart etc. I have demoed it and ti be honest really liked it, but I have never had a case before, so what are people's findings...
  17. Banana Bar

    Horsch Sprinter 12SW

    Will a Challenger 775E be ok on this drill, using 3” Bourgault points? Undulations rather than hills. BB
  18. Rob_AD

    What 150hp+ appreciating classic

    Looking for an extra tractor, main job to drive a lagoon mixer, needs 150hp and won't do many hours in a year. Age and road capabilities not important. Main criteria is that it won't depreciate and may in fact gain value over time, perhaps after a little restoration work, what would you go...
  19. Zebbedee

    Case isobus question

    Hello have a case Pune with 700 pro screen running isobus for lemken drill, screen has section control available but needs a gps feed to control it, so how do I connect to my trimble fmx screen to give gps output feed?
  20. J 1177

    Krm powerharrow

    Do krm still import falc powerharrows and sell them?