1. Romeogolf

    Fastrac 4220 towing ability

    Following my thread regarding the disappointing performance of my Claas arion 650 when towing recently, I come to you again with a question for fastrac owners. Regularly towing near the maximum legal weight is becoming the norm more and more, and the fastrac appeals to me for many other reasons...
  2. W

    Case optum 300

    Looking for a fairly big hp tractor but nimble enough to go on corn cart etc. I have demoed it and ti be honest really liked it, but I have never had a case before, so what are people's findings...
  3. Banana Bar

    Horsch Sprinter 12SW

    Will a Challenger 775E be ok on this drill, using 3” Bourgault points? Undulations rather than hills. BB
  4. Rob_AD

    What 150hp+ appreciating classic

    Looking for an extra tractor, main job to drive a lagoon mixer, needs 150hp and won't do many hours in a year. Age and road capabilities not important. Main criteria is that it won't depreciate and may in fact gain value over time, perhaps after a little restoration work, what would you go...
  5. Zebbedee

    Case isobus question

    Hello have a case Pune with 700 pro screen running isobus for lemken drill, screen has section control available but needs a gps feed to control it, so how do I connect to my trimble fmx screen to give gps output feed?
  6. J 1177

    Krm powerharrow

    Do krm still import falc powerharrows and sell them?
  7. Fragonard

    MF 8s

    Any new models at work yet?
  8. nick...

    Just seen this

    John Deere obviously keen to keep their tractors looking hideous. nick...
  9. Agriland RSS

    Limousins topped at 6,800gns in Dungannon

    Written by Agriland Team Buyers travelled from far and wide to choose the animal that caught their eye from the first British Limousin Cattle Society (BLSC) sale of the spring. The sale was held at Dungannon Farmers’ Market on Monday (February 15) with 32 bulls and 14 heifers being brought...
  10. D

    New Holland T8 Genesis

    Has any one got or used a new New Holland T8 Genesis with tyres or with tracks how are you getting on with it
  11. An Gof

    Machinery dealers/manufactures, have they lost touch with farming reality?

    Had a call from a machinery manufacturers rep suggesting that it might be a really good time to change my machine (telehandler). I explained that it was not on my “to do” list but that if the deal was right I might be persuaded. so the dealer rep turns up and we go through the process. I’m...
  12. Yorkshire lad

    American farmers

    I'd rather watch YouTube than TV now and enjoy seeing farmers in other countries . I follow a quite few, Millennial Farmer and 10th Generation Dairyman being a couple of them. What suprises me is how Americans use skidsteers as their main loaders. Surley loading shovels or...
  13. F

    250,000 heifer

  14. Gator

    Dog Signs

    As the title, going to get some dog signs made up, been round this morning and theres dogs all over, luckily all ewes are in but just gimmers out, some folk are fine when asked to put them on a lead but others need to meet Billy Bat :banghead: .Get the same old story of oh my dogs fine it...
  15. W

    Light upgrade

    The lights on the attached tractor are woeful making working at night dangerous. Are there any simple upgrade options that don’t require rewiring?
  16. cyffylog

    Culling a cow

    Sadly I have a 17year old suckler cow which has been increasingly stiff on her hind legs and so far has not been able to get up today. All her life she has had rapidly growing hind hooves, needing annual trimming and after this years trim, about 3 months ago, she seemed to have difficulty in...
  17. Farm Classifieds

    Trimble FMX 1000 RTK

    Trimble FMX 1000 RTK Advert added by: Guy Shelby @Shelby Farming Machinery Details Category: GPS and Farm Electronics GPS and Precision Farming equipment Price: £7000 Condition: Used Description Trimble FMX 1000 system for sale. RTK guidance using soil essentials...
  18. D

    What combine would you recommend

    We grow about 100 acre wheat and barley and probably cut an additional 60. Currently running a mf 29 but its forever back in the yard with breakdowns. Budget perhaps around 20k. Open for ideas and/or offers
  19. Gone Shooting

    T8050 GPS

    Our T8050 - basically a blue Magnum is GPS ready ( i know little about it ! ) and has a rectangular plate on the cab roof with a clip each end and plug - what am i missing ? Big screen inside showing gps stuff in a past life - would it be Topcon or Trimble etc - thanks.
  20. Against_the_grain

    Tractor hp options

    Why do manufacturers give such a range of horsepower on tractors that have the same engines/transmissions etc. For example the case magnum / nh T8 rangegoes from 250 to 380 with as far as I am aware exactly the same components. It presumably doesn't cost any more to get it to the higher power so...