1. Dave W

    Bloody customers!

    Recently sold an atv flail to a valued Yorkie customer. The deal was very sharp and both parties happy. Machine even passed muster with his finance department and chief operator (wife). Today he's phoned saying machine no good. He's cut half off North Yorkshire and the belt has snapped. Yes...
  2. Joe

    Weed licker workings

    Trying an experiment on thistles that have come into a multi species award using a weed wiper, but have never used one before. It’s a carpet version, and just wondering how exactly it works to avoid dripping & still maybe get a kill on the thistles. How long do you leave nozzles spraying and...
  3. It was already broken.

    Weedwiper clogging up!

    I got a new weedwiper from Logic to tow with the quad this season. I used it with MCPA (pasture master) a few weeks ago no problem. Put some roundup through it to do rushes and some thistlex. Now I am back on MCPA the chem seems to 'curdle' in the tank and block up the filters and nozzles within...
  4. Bojangles

    Petrol pressure washer??

    Needs to be capable of cleaning cubicles gates concrete walls all covered with dried on muck. What bar would I need and any recommendations of make??
  5. Wolds Beef

    Groundswell. Where is the press coverage?

    As title suggests. Have had a look but very little coverage of the different speakers speeches! WB
  6. C

    Crop Irrigation - Changing With the Times

    Crop irrigation is an integral part of growing vegetables. This is because 80-95% of any vegetable is water! A plant can suffer stress from lack of water as quickly as 3 days after the most recent rain. In places like the high plains where rain can be sporadic or even sparse, crop irrigation has...
  7. Jerry

    Harvest date prediction?

    3 or 4 weeks?
  8. A

    Boomless ATV sprayer

    Does anyone use one of these? I see you can get them up to 25’ thought it might be handy for steep/wet/rough bits mostly using mcpa. Just wondered if they worked well or do they not carry enough liquid for that amount of coverage?
  9. R

    Spraying fungicide and side effects

    Hi all, We're moving onto a small acre of land with a house in the middle, surrounded by fields. Cabbage and wheat I think. Please excuse my uneducated stance and questions but I'm struggling to get info from the local famers. Lived in the area for 17 years but this new house is just outside...
  10. H

    Househam AR

    I’ve found a nice Househam AR 3500 with 24m pommier booms. It’s a year 2008 with 8250 hours on it. It’s got TMC Fieldmaster with auto steer, shut off etc. It appears in very good condition and well looked after. The current owner bought it at 5500 hours but doesn’t have any history of it prior...
  11. Z

    Best Hay Preservative ....(apart from sun )

    What do people use now I have a balers choice kit on a 80*90 new Holland Have used eco bale DA on haylage very successfully Balers choice is £650 for 200 litres I'm looking for other alternatives
  12. RS1600BDA


    Excuse me if this is a silly question; but this year our grazing land for horses is absolutely covered in buttercups. Do they stop grass growing? If I topped the unused paddocks would it help in any way? All thoughts and advice is appreciated.(y)
  13. Agriland RSS

    Machinery Focus: Getting prepped for the sprayer test

    Written by Justin Roberts A sprayer, especially on a non tillage farm, is often neglected until required. This can result in poor, or even hazardous, operation when they are eventually pulled from the hedge and pressed into work. The use of pesticides is already a target of public criticism...
  14. shumungus

    Trailed Quad Sprayer pump

    Fed up with messing about with 100l sprayer on quad, temperamental pump, sprayer on quad when you need it for something else etc. I have a 400l ex Hardi tank and frame and am going to build a trailed sprayer mainly for lance and small boom work doing hedge bottoms, lanes, yards etc. It will have...
  15. Farmer mk1

    Amazone sprayer spares

    Hi folks, Where do you get your sprayer parts from? Just wondering if anyone uses any where from the internet to order the parts in to save running about to the dealers etc. I need a new nozzle body for our Amazone UF and would get a few other bits for the nozzles while I’m at it. Thanks Mark
  16. Sir loin

    Scald in lambs

    Anyone use Iodine to treat scald instead of terramycin blue spray. Was thinking of trying it any reason why not and why it wouldn't work, what do you use?
  17. Sonoftheheir

    Spraying Weather 🤔

    How come local mr big farmer can spray in any conditions? -
  18. teslacoils


    So, T2 has always been the big spend. Is this Revystar the complete dogs danglies? Because £45/ha gets me a lot of other chem.
  19. Jerseyjames

    Silage additive , round baler

    Round bale all out silage have never used additive before , have my own baler and bought a quad sprayer etc Going to mount the quad sprayer on the baler , all I want to know is where about a should I locate the nozzle , near the rotor above the reel seems abit hazzardous to me but maybe ok ...
  20. H

    Pressure or flow - sprayer

    What’s the pros and cons of each system?