1. Direct Driller Magazine

    OSR monitoring reaches new heights

    New software that uses a drone to image crops has been developed to help farmers walk crops more quickly and accurately. Skippy Scout has been developed by farming technology specialist Drone Ag to monitor a variety of broad acre crops. The latest developments in the software’s version 2.5...
  2. J

    feeding big bale silage

    does anybody use ashear grab to split round silage bales at the feed barrier
  3. MX7


    Are slugs worse with direct drilling , than with ploughing (followed by conventional cultivations) and min till? If so have any of you given up on direct drilling because slugs have been such a problem to your crops.? I only ask out of general interest ,as unfortunately it seems that taking...
  4. D

    Does DD have to be low disturbance?

    I been thinking (which in itself is quite a scary thing) if I bought something like a Horsch CO drill would it need the legs altering to do DD or would it work quite happily on the standard (duett I think) coulters? All straw including OSR straw is baled opinions please
  5. MX7

    Have you learnt how to control slugs ?

    Some of you have been direct drilling /zero tilling for many years now. So how do you control slugs?
  6. Direct Driller Magazine

    Farmer Focus - Rob Raven

    The phrase “Regenerative agriculture” is a relative newcomer to our collective vocabulary, and although it roughly describes the type of farming I attempt to practice, it is not a phrase that sits easily with me, as it is so vulnerable to being hijacked by special interest groups, and can mean...
  7. Direct Driller Magazine

    Featured Farmer - Julian Gold

    Featured Farmer: Julian Gold Farm Manager Hendred Estate, Wantage, South Oxfordshire FARM FACTS FARM SIZE: 800 hectares MANPOWER: - 3 FARM TYPE: - Arable OTHER FARM TYPE INFORMATION: - Arable with sheep that graze cover crops and permanent pasture TENURE: - Owner occupied REGION: - South...
  8. Aspiring Peasants

    The positive thread

    Having flicked through the forum this morning I came away feeling quite negative. There is a lot of worry and uncertainty about and a lot of biased reporting by the supposedly neutral BBC. I have no quarrel with posters highlighting this information because it can't be ignored. However there...
  9. S

    Horsch joker alternative.

    What are the option out there for a machine like a horsch joker with a tg bar. Plenty of manufactures do a short disc and plenty do something like a sumo but very few do a short disc with a set of ripper type legs rather than a sub-soiler.
  10. F

    Front hopper

    Hi all. Looking for a front hopper with a hydraulic metering system. Making an osr drill over winter and wanting a tank for granular fert. Something like a kv df1/2. also be able to use it on a homemade tine drill many thanks
  11. Andy26

    Still waiting for WW seed?

    Are many others still waiting for seed? Skyfall, ordered months ago.
  12. H

    Pre ploughing and pre emergence spraying

    Quick question for advice . Agronomist want to spray off stubbles before ploughing ,where there is very little weeds , and then spray again with pre -em after drilling . I'm not sure whether this is right or not as I can't see the point in spraying twice with the expense of sprays . Also I want...
  13. CPM RSS

    OSR herbicides – Changing perspective on blackgrass control

    Written by cpm from CPM Magazine Download PDF Could blackgrass in oilseed rape be managed differently to reduce the losses of propyzamide to water? Some work being conducted by Stephen Moss on behalf of water companies seems to suggest it’s possible. CPM finds out more. The majority of...
  14. B

    Grazing swede tops with lambs

    I know it's been discussed before but I can't find it. Swedes have a good top on this year and was thinking of biting it of with lambs, before the ewes start on swedes around Christmas. Pulled them last year but this year they can do it themselves , thought electric fencing would be easier with...
  15. J

    uk going gm

    no thread on this? it could be the biggest elephant the eu could restrict all your ag exports let alone the carry on here in irl with the border
  16. G

    Wheat into orbit

    Up£3.75 today!!!
  17. G

    Starting to get worried about the wet weather ?

    Here in my part of Yorkshire it is raining every day, im starting to get worried about getting drilled up this autumn again .Hows everyone else doing ?
  18. N

    Muck for straw

    I have been approached by a neighbouring pig farmer asking whether I would consider a muck for straw agreement. Agronomically it is certainly of interest but how do others work it financially? Who is responsible for all the operations? And if using a contractor for baling and spreading, who pays...
  19. Clive

    Red Tractor liars

    This is beyond belief, how can they get away with lying like this ? Can any farmer be in doubt that we need some serious action here where is their London office and who has a muck spreader ? they seem to like bullsh*t !
  20. MX7

    How do you prepare very heavy land ready for a spring crop?

    I have never farmed very heavy clay land ,so just out of interest I was wondering what technique/s you use to set heavy land up in the Autumn so that you can "hopefully" drill it in the spring. It must be very difficult and only come with years of learning the hard way "by trial and...