1. Corteva Updates

    Have you drilled your OSR? Please take a moment to complete Corteva's short survey by 30 September 2020

    In 2019 we conducted a short survey on social media (@CortevaUK) to find out when farmers drilled their OSR, the number of hectares sown, and if a pre-emergence herbicides was used. Of our respondents, 70% used a post-emergence herbicide versus 30% that used a pre-em. The top week for drilling...
  2. J


    Evening all We are looking at mixing buckwheat with osr this year . I no everybody has there opinions etc but seems a cheap(ish) option to try ! And we have to try something . I only have one hopper , how are people getting on mixing the two together ? Wondering how they flow out etc ! Only...
  3. B

    Weeds - Pests - Diseases! Trials

    Hi everyone, I work as a field trialist at a leading CRO in the fields of Agrosciences and Regulatory Chemistry Consulting. I conduct crop protection trials ( herbicide/insecticide and fungicide efficacy trials) on different crops in the UK. Usually, I don't have difficulties finding good...
  4. E

    Rape Straw For Sale

    158 bales of 2018/2019 Rape Straw in big Hestons For Sale near Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire. Enquiries either through the Farming Forum or by telephone: 01727 738290
  5. CRM AgriCommodities

    Russia sees its grain production up 5% in 2019

    Cereals UK wheat snapped a 3-day losing streak in sympathy with Matif and Chicago. Russia's Agricultural Ministry see their grain production in 2019 up 5% at 118MT of which 75MMT of wheat (+4% on last year), the second largest on record. The country could even produce a 80MMT cropunder...
  6. CRM AgriCommodities

    Grains higher on technical support and trade talks

    Cereals Wheat prices found techincal support levels with Eurnext and Liffe trading at or near key levels. France export 1.26MT of wheat in November, higher than October 1.13MT but behing the bumper month of August where 1.48MT were exported. Algeria remained the main destination, purchasing...
  7. PNoble

    NIAB Cabbage stem flea beetle survey 2018 - please take part

    2018 NIAB Cabbage stem flea beetle survey Please take part in our survey by following this link: https://app.maptionnaire.com/en/4861 After a year of relative respite from adult cabbage stem flea beetle grazing damage the effects of this pest now appear worse than ever. We are conducting a...
  8. News

    Fungicide approval provides more choice for OSR growers

    This autumn, growers of oilseed rape will have the option of a new fungicide for controlling diseases such as Phoma and Light Leaf Spot. Revel is a contact and systemic fungicide containing 250g difenoconazole in an emulsifiable concentrate for use in winter and spring OSR. Used in a programme...
  9. jkw1706

    2018 - Flea beetle attacks in OSR

    Hello all, I'm doing some research into this issue - I would be grateful for replies on what the extent of the damage is and how the ban on the use of neonicotinoids is effecting farmers in the UK and overall damage to OSR, and what solutions there are (if any?!) to combating this problem...
  10. Dekalb News Feed

    Dekalb Harvest Update

    Out-Performing Key Grower Benchmarks DK Exclaim, DK Expedient, DK Exception and DK Expansion are continuing to out-perform key grower benchmarks in this season’s 28-variety farm-based DEKALB trials. Results from three of the four fully-replicated trials across the country now harvested put DK...
  11. AF News

    The many challenges ahead for Oilseed Rape growers this year

    It seems like it takes a brave farmer to grow OSR these days. However, with the increasing pressure on farmers to extend their rotation to control blackgrass and improve soil health, break crops such as OSR must perform to combat these issues whilst also being profitable. One of the challenges...
  12. NataliaWarks

    Please fill a very short OSR survey for a student

    https://goo.gl/forms/6z38Vr3H3V7BjdrG3 This survey is for you if you're growing oilseed rape in your rotation (this year or in past few years) or if you want to take part anyway. The more the merrier;) Hi, I'm a student writing a project about different pest pressures that affect OSR in...
  13. CRM AgriCommodities

    Grains higher following bullish USDA report

    Subscribe to future independent updates here Grain prices recovered today as the USDA revised lower its expectation for production of major exporters of wheat and corn. The forecast for Russia's - the world largest exporter - 2018/19 wheat production was lowered sharply to 68.5MT from 72MT...
  14. CRM AgriCommodities

    Has the price rally run out of steam?

    Wheat corrects lower as signs of rain loom Cereals Wheat prices retreated lower as signs of rain across arid winter wheat areas in the US (Kansas and Oklahoma) and in Russia muted some of the concerns in the market - see charts of the day. Black Sea rains have helped extinguish some of the...
  15. CRM AgriCommodities

    2018 price rally continues for EU wheat

    Cereals Support for EU and UK wheat prices continues in 2018 as they follow those of CBOT higher on cold weather in the US. A lack of snow cover in the Black Sea, considerably less than this time last year (see chart) is leaving developing crops exposed to a forecast cold snap in coming weeks...
  16. CRM AgriCommodities

    OSR rallies on higher rape oil price in Rotterdam

    ***Subscribe to more analysis like this direct to your mailbox*** Cereals Without a doubt, Russia continues to dominate the global wheat market after securing a further 120KT purchase from Egypt's GASC today. The average FOB price paid was nearly $2.20/T lower than mid-October at $196.50...
  17. CRM AgriCommodities

    Bulls spooked as US wheat price falls to contract lows

    Subscribe to this report direct to your mailbox Cereals CBOT wheat prices hit new lows today as traders sold positions and global supplies weighed. Lower than expected US winter wheat crop ratings was not enough to feed the bulls appetite to buy, despite being at 52% 'GD/EX' vs 58% last year...
  18. CRM AgriCommodities

    Wheat price higher as GBP weakens after PM speech

    Subscribe to this report direct to your mailbox Cereals UK wheat prices ended the week higher as sterling weakened today as Theresa May delivered a speech on Brexit, but she failed to mention details of the financial payments which the UK will pay to the EU. According to the Russian ag...
  19. CRM AgriCommodities

    Grains and Oilseeds sharply lower to start the week, funds liquidate long positions

    Subscribe to this report direct to your mailbox Cereals The bearish impact of the USDA report last week continued to be felt throughout the grains and oilseeds markets during Monday's trade. Funds cut their long position in corn and wheat according to the most recent report from the CFTC...
  20. CRM AgriCommodities

    Sharp recovery in OSR as harvest storms ahead

    Subscribe to this report direct to your mailbox Cereals Wheat prices reached their lowest level since mid-June this week on improving US weather and an abundant Black Sea harvest. French wheat harvest reached 91% complete this week according to FranceAgriMer [See chart of the day], 11 days...

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