1. N

    Nitrogen on beans

    Anyone ever applied liquid N or N/Mg to beans to perk them up a bit? Look cold/pale/weevily.
  2. A


    Looking for a subsoiler with seeder for establishing OSR. Nothing larger than 3meter.
  3. Sid

    Simply ban the use of Brazilian Soya

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56989711 Instead of writing a strongly worded letter get some balls and ban the use of it in animal AND human food. If I get an issue I am sure the line" well I wrote them a letter" will see me right!
  4. Premium Crops

    Alternative break crops for UK production - by Alex Cook, AHDB Market Analyst

    Alternative break crops for UK production - by Alex Cook, AHDB Market Analyst Break crops form an integral part of conventional crop rotations, and so an increase in alternatives from OSR is occurring. Information from Premium Crops and Soya-UK has enabled a domestic picture to be built around...
  5. B

    Liquid N scorch

    Is it just us or has this year been bad for it?
  6. M

    Nitrogen 3rd pass

    What’s everybody doing? Our milling winter wheats were planted mid October to mid November and so far had 165kg N. We are due another 80kg (liquid) to go for group 1 spec but whilst the calendar says go the crops I think are a month behind due to the dry spell. N2 went on a month ago but it’s...
  7. Bob lincs

    Cover crop oats

    We have a field that was due to be drilled with beans this spring so in the backend we drilled a strip 21m wide diagonally across it with 30kg/ha of oats as a cheap cover experiment. Over the winter we had a bit of a shuffle around with our cropping so this field is now drilled with spring...
  8. F


    Could anyone who runs one of these give me any good and bad points about them please? Common faults, output etc. Also does it smash the straw up badly or is that not as bad as is made out. many thanks
  9. kfpben

    Feed for laying hens

    My Mrs has a poultry empire of 45 hens which she feeds mixed corn and layers pellets which she gets delivered by the pallet from the local ag merchant. This seems a bit mixed up, given that we grow corn on the farm. What would be a good ration for laying hens? I have access to wheat, barley...
  10. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    Canadian canola area increases for 2021/22…but below expectations

    As markets are in the midst of being very reactive to weather, crop area data can also drive prices for the 2021/22 marketing year. Yesterday, Statistics Canada released their estimated area of principal field crops. With Canada being a net exporter of cereals & oilseeds, data like this can have...
  11. Clive

    No fungicide 2021

    nearly may and yet to use a fungicide, crops spotless clean cold, dry - could this be the first year we don’t use this group of chemicals at all ? rain could change things yet but it will need to be significant now to rebalance smd’s anyone else not applied a fungicide to wheat or barley...
  12. H

    Will we be ploughing for re seeding in the future?

    With farmers taking the blame for wrecking the planet do you think we will be ploughing up permanent grassland to re seed?
  13. E

    Sugar beet damage - skylarks?

    As above really - I have quite a few acres of beet where the cotyledons have disappeared, leaving a tiny plant trying to grow back. It has been suggested that it might be skylark grazing - the areas seem too defined for frost damage, and no evidence of shrivelled leaves. Has anyone any...
  14. AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds

    USDA FAS forecast UK wheat to stay net-importer for 2021/22

    As we all know, better planting progress for winter and spring cereals has laid the foundations for an increased UK grain production figure. But nearly a month without substantial rainfall across the UK has threatened crop health, with yields likely affected. Production figure forecasts from...
  15. S

    sclerotinia Spray

    With the high osr price are people thinking 2 or 1 sprays. For the last few years we have only done one spray and not had any problems. will be taking weather into account as well.
  16. Jerry

    Lucerne for sheep

    These dry springs are starting to get to me and I need a decent option to make fodder for winter use. Anyone one fed wrapped lucerne to in lamb ewes on over winter roots and after lambing on grass? I have a field that is a dry light field that I think might suit it as a crop for 3 years as a...
  17. Farmdeals

    500g Metazachlor deal added to Farmdeals

    We have added the herbicide Makila (500g Metazachlor) which come in 10 ltr cans to Farmdeals today. The price is £102.00 per 10l delivered and is available to mainland UK. For use on brussels sprout, oilseed rape - OSR Click here to sign is or register -...
  18. D

    Water Resource Management

    I'm confused. I was considering applying for a water abstraction licence from one of the watercourses that runs through the farm. I have read through the EA Abstraction Licensing Strategy for my area (Lincolnshire) and it implies that no licences will be granted as water availability is...
  19. SIABOD50

    Bulking up small seed quantities

    Need to sow a mix of different sized seed in a small grass seeder . But need to bulk up volume so seeder will cope .basically havnt got enough seed to fill hopper . It's WAY to expensive . Any ideas ? Not sure sand is an option.
  20. Against_the_grain

    Millet winter cover

    Have fields going into spring linseed next year and want a cover crop over the winter. Have some millet seed and wondered how this would do through the winter, being planted in August and the linseed drilled in March/April. Thought about mixing it with some OSR seed we have left over ir even...