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    Agri-environment subsidies provide more stable farm incomes than direct payments

    Written by Agriland Team Subsidies paid to farmers for protecting the environment lead to more stable incomes compared with payments based purely on the number of hectares being farmed, according to a new study of farms in England and Wales. The research, from Rothamsted Research, the...
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    Thunberg criticises UK government for allowing farmers to use pesticides banned by the EU

    Written by William Kellett Well-known Swedish environmentalist campaigner Greta Thunberg has criticised the UK government for allowing farmers to continue using a bee-killing pesticide that has been banned by the EU due to the levels of poison it contains. English farmers will soon be able to...
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    Emergency authorisation granted for Cruiser SB

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham The UK sugar beet industry has been granted an emergency authorisation for the use of the neonicotinoid seed treatment, Cruiser SB, in 2021. Charlotte Cunningham reports. The case was prepared by British Sugar, NFU Sugar and the British Beet Research...

    Reporting of strict controls for emergency pesticide authorisation

    Reporting of strict controls for emergency pesticide authorisation Written by Defra Press Office There have been reports this morning in the Guardian and Independent of the emergency authorisation of a neonicotinoid seed treatment for the limited use only on the 2021 sugar beet crop...
  5. Bogweevil

    Beet growers have a neonic seed treatment for 2021

    Statement on the decision to issue – with strict conditions – emergency authorisation to use a product containing a neonicotinoid to treat sugar beet seed in 2021 Published 8 January 2021 Contents The process for assessment and decision-making The requirements for emergency authorisation The...

    Gene Editing consultation launches in England

    Gene Editing consultation launches in England Written by Defra Press Office There is widespread coverage today in The Financial Times, The Times, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Daily Express and other publications, reporting on the launch of a 10-week consultation on the...
  7. Feldspar

    How to mole & keep fields level in no-till?

    We are in a system now where we crop every other year with a fallow in between. The idea has been to no-till wheat into the fallowed fields because the surface will be completely free of black-grass (having had a spray before viable seed set). This year we started no-till wheat on 16th...
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    Survey highlights need to build farmers’ confidence in ELMS

    Written by John Swire A survey has shown farmers and landowners have a strong interest in the environment and the need to tackle climate change – but they do have concerns over the lack of clarity on the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELMS). The survey, carried out jointly by the...
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    Defra launches the Healthy Bees Plan 2030 to help protect honey bees

    Written by William Kellett The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Welsh government have published the Healthy Bees Plan 2030 to protect and improve the health of honey bees in England and Wales. The plan sets out four key outcomes for beekeepers, bee farmers...
  10. S

    I want to grow cover crops but i dint want brassicas.

    Ideally I'd want to establish cover crops in two scenarios After winter barley and after spring barley. I'm in north east scotland so WB is cut early August, and SB cut late august, early september. I dont want to be growing brassicas, to keep club root down. I'd like to have something that...
  11. F

    Bees in the soil?

    I have been discing some land that’s been uncropped since harvest 2019 but was sprayed off twice so quite bare. Anyway where the soil is soft and organic there’s bees everywhere. Difficult to photograph but I have attached one. Anyone know anything about them? @Princess Pooper
  12. Flintstone

    Wheat drilling 2020

    Go on, someone must have started...
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    OSR Alternatives – Right for Nature

    Written by cpm The recent shake up to the rotation could be viewed an opportunity to re-evaluate crops on the farm and the way they’re marketed. CPM talks to a grower who is doing exactly this. The story of OSR is a cautionary tale on monocropping. By Lucy de la Pasture For a large number of...
  14. C

    Grass only farm feasibility

    We plan to buy another farm in Devon - not very big 50 - 100 acres. We don’t want to run livestock or grow crops but put the whole acreage down to permanent pasture. This is because we want less hands-on commitment and plenty of opportunity to support wildlife and conservation. The question I...
  15. teslacoils

    Where Do Wasps Go At Night?

    I'm harvesting wind fall plums, and getting up late to avoid the wasps......but where do they go at night? Presumably they fly to a nest? So how far do they travel to get at my fruit? Or do they just hunker down? I presume they are feeding on the sugar then taking it back to their nest? I...
  16. G

    BPS reduction = rent reduction

    Have RPA or Government announced the BPS reduction rate over the whole period 2022-2027? I’ve got the 2021 reductions. I’m really struggling with rent figures for rent review! My gut says 12% reduction per year! I think that works a £150/ac rent in 2020 to £54/ac in 2028! Too much or too little?
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    Climate Change Champions – Steward of the catchment

    Written by Tom Allen-Stevens Download PDF A drive by his local water company to improve water quality prompted a Dorset grower to embark on a plan through Countryside Stewardship to deliver bold environmental goals. CPM visits to find out more. I’m probably contributing more than my fair share...
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    Natural England’s Chair and CEO launch Local Nature Recovery Strategy

    Natural England’s Chair and CEO launch Local Nature Recovery Strategy Written by Defra Press Office Yesterday Natural England’s Chair Tony Juniper and CEO Marian Spain visited Hampden Bottom Farm in Buckinghamshire to launch the new Local Nature Recovery Strategy (LRNS). Representatives...
  19. British Farming Awards

    The finalists for the 2020 British Farming Awards are announced

    The British Farming Awards 2020 has welcomed a record number of registrations this year, a testament to the incredible work being done on farms throughout Britain. Fifty-six individuals will now battle it out for the 14 categories up for grabs which highlight the innovation and diversity of UK...
  20. radar

    Controlling seeding of cover crops

    First year of growing a cover crop because of not getting spring cropping all in - excellent take of a buckwheat , mustard, phacelia, linseed clover mix - too good in fact and advised needs topping now before destruction in about 1 months time. Haven't got a suitable topper on farm, do I try and...