1. Sid

    Are we heading for another dry spring?

    Blue skies again this morning, touch of frost and no rain for next day in forecast, some snow forecast for tomorrow. Drought, I mean extended dry period, sorry @Farmer Roy
  2. Daniel

    British Sugars Penultimate Sugar Campaign. 2021/22

    Ahead of tonight's online bunfight, I thought I'd start a new thread for this year's beet crop. I assume all growers have signed up for the meeting? With the 3 year contracts ending next year, this year could be the 2nd last year of having a viable sugar industry in this country. Or maybe...
  3. Farm Business RSS

    Environmental and biodiversity funding available for farmers in the Midlands

    Written by John Swire The annual Severn Trent Environmental Protection Scheme (STEPS) now will provide a greater window of support to farmers, after a year of unprecedented challenges in the agricultural community. This extended window is now offering match funding of up to £10,000 for farm...
  4. M

    Sustainable Farming Incentive - Pilot Information (including PAYMENT RATES)

    https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/sustainable-farming-incentive-scheme-pilot-launch-overview/sustainable-farming-incentive-defras-plans-for-piloting-and-launching-the-scheme To me this looks far from straightforward and those who moaned about the complexities of the BPS application...

    Reporting of the threshold for use of emergency pesticide authorisation not being met

    Reporting of the threshold for use of emergency pesticide authorisation not being met Written by Defra Press Office There has been coverage this morning in the Guardian, BBC News Online, Farmers Weekly and Farmers Guardian following yesterday’s news that the emergency authorisation of a...
  6. MX7

    Why is the Uk agricultural industry becoming almost “obsessed by carbon free farming”???

    I ask the above as the island of the “Uk” is such a pinprick, relative to worldwide agriculture. Which other countries agricultural policies are so concerned with “carbon neutral farming “ as the Uk is??
  7. Defra Farming

    Your views on our plans for sustainable use of pesticides

    Your views on our plans for sustainable use of pesticides Written by The Team Back in December, we published a draft national action plan on the sustainable use of pesticides and a consultation to find out what people think of it. The consultation is open until 26 February and we’re keen to...
  8. Defra Farming

    Working with farmers to design the future of environmental land management

    Working with farmers to design the future of environmental land management Written by Louise Maguire We plan to launch a new environmental land management scheme in 2024. To keep things simple, the scheme is called Environmental Land Management, Some elements of Environmental Land...
  9. E

    Converting pasture to orchard: advice for newbie

    I live in an area primarily concerned with livestock farming, however I'm keen to convert a 4 acre patch of pasture into orchard. Can someone give me a rough idea of the tasks I need to organise and roughly the time of year to do them? I'm planning on planting the trees on berms (raised ridges)...
  10. unlacedgecko

    Middle Tier GS4

    Anyone fancy putting in 200ha plus and renting it to me?
  11. D

    Natural Regeneration - Does it fit anything?

    After some serious thought I have decided I would be willing to allow 40 acres out of 180 to go to natural regeneration. Its all extremes of soil types and would buffer and straightnen the edges of watersourses very nicely leaving me with the easier working land in nice square blocks, amenable...
  12. D

    ELMS co-design submissions.

    For many on here, what ELMS looks like will have a major - perhaps defining - impact on their business. Defra have made it clear, through their input on here, that they genuinely wish to hear everyone's views. Co-design as they are calling it. Hopefully, then, many of us will be making a...
  13. Bogweevil

    Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund

    HMG has announced a new fund granting up to £100,000 to groups including businesses for projects that tackle climate change, create and restore habitats, or improve water quality to demonstrate the UK’s leadership in nature as COP26 approaches in November. Your application should explain how...
  14. Bossfarmer

    Is the contract farming business model finished without sfp? poll

    the last 10-15 years has brought contract farming into mainstream uk farming, before that it wasnt anywhere near as common it seems that this has been largely due to guaranteed sfp for the landowner who can then use this to help pay the contractor/inputs and a certain profit % can be split at...
  15. M

    University Project

    Hi everyone 👋 I am completing my university project and am investigating the impact of agricultural land management practices on bumblebee populations in rural areas of the UK. If you are a farmer or land owner, please could spare 5 minutes to complete my survey of 14 short questions I would...
  16. Agriland RSS

    How just 30 minutes on your farm could bolster conservation efforts

    Written by Rachel Martin Farmers in Northern Ireland are encouraged to set aside just half an hour to get counting and join the Big Farmland Bird Count (BFBC). Taking place from February 5 to February 14, 2021, the initiative run by the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust aims to show the...
  17. matthewizod

    Anyone part of a Farm Cluster?

    We are currently in the process of setting up a cluster with some other local farmers and have formed a steering group of interested members to get the ball rolling. Is anyone on here part of a local farming group/cluster that focuses on landscape scale environment projects? If so would you be...
  18. Agriland RSS

    Agri-environment subsidies provide more stable farm incomes than direct payments

    Written by Agriland Team Subsidies paid to farmers for protecting the environment lead to more stable incomes compared with payments based purely on the number of hectares being farmed, according to a new study of farms in England and Wales. The research, from Rothamsted Research, the...
  19. Agriland RSS

    Thunberg criticises UK government for allowing farmers to use pesticides banned by the EU

    Written by William Kellett Well-known Swedish environmentalist campaigner Greta Thunberg has criticised the UK government for allowing farmers to continue using a bee-killing pesticide that has been banned by the EU due to the levels of poison it contains. English farmers will soon be able to...
  20. CPM RSS

    Emergency authorisation granted for Cruiser SB

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham The UK sugar beet industry has been granted an emergency authorisation for the use of the neonicotinoid seed treatment, Cruiser SB, in 2021. Charlotte Cunningham reports. The case was prepared by British Sugar, NFU Sugar and the British Beet Research...