Bees’ Needs Week 2020 off to flying start with B-Lines wildflower network launch

    Bees’ Needs Week 2020 off to flying start with B-Lines wildflower network launch Written by Defra Press Office The newly completed B-Lines network for England has been launched by conservation charity Buglife with support from Defra The Defra-coordinated annual Bees’ Needs Week got underway...
  2. PaulNix

    GS4 Herbal ley.

    HI, want a bit of advice please, I been reading up on the GS4 option for mid tier and land agent said " You understand you need to replace it within 5 yrs! " as I understood you could move it as in seed out another area with a Herbal ley as long as you had the same area but he made it sound as...
  3. TFF

    Your chance to help design ELMS

    Environmental Land Management - Defra Director answers Farming Forum members questions about the new scheme

    Response to Wildlife Trust report on pesticides and pollinator health

    Response to Wildlife Trust report on pesticides and pollinator health Written by Defra Press Office Today there was coverage in the Telegraph, Mirror, Daily Mail and the Yorkshire Press following a report issued by the Wildlife Trust today which suggests pesticide use should be reduced in...
  5. Farm Business RSS

    Farmers feed one million bees in pioneering wildflower project

    Written by Iain Hoey Pig farming brothers Mark and Paul Hayward have succeeded in feeding one million bees thanks to an innovative and pioneering project that saw them turn 33 acres of their farm land to wildflowers. The project, which they launched four years ago around the pig site at...
  6. The Guardian RSS

    'It's only important if you eat food': inside a film on the honeybee crisis

    'It's only important if you eat food': inside a film on the honeybee crisis Written by Adrian Horton The Pollinators investigates the honeybee, which is essential to America’s agriculture and food supply, and dying by the billions in the process Every February, Brett Adee joins a caravan of...
  7. T

    Help a non farmer understand

    Non farmer "civilian" here but I'm trying to understand what I'm hearing come out about the proposed US-UK trade deal and how its going to affect farming and farmers in the UK. Its quite frankly scaring the sh!t out of me. - UK market flooded with cheap meat and grain that uses processes...
  8. Hutchinsons News

    Using stewardship to improve sustainability and productivity

    Using stewardship to improve sustainability and productivity With environmental stewardship becoming a more important income source post-subsidy reform, leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons is giving growers an insight into how features can be practically integrated into productive arable...
  9. Agrimetrics

    BASIS Points Available Webinar - 11th June - Digital and Data Innovation - 15:30 to 16:15

    Digital and Data Innovation Chaired by Dr Anthony John, Department of International Trade This session explores the latest innovations in digital and data – and how farmers can access the value that lies in disruptive technologies. • Matthew Smith, Agrimetrics discusses getting the most from...
  10. R

    Chlorinated chicken and hormone-treated beef

    The UK is currently in the midst of negotiating a trade agreement with the US and there are two factors to watch very closely: 1) To what extent will this Conservative government protect the inrerests of the British farmer who cannot compete against the highly subsidised monocropped corn, soya...
  11. Agrovista News

    Scheme means growers donât pay for failed OSR

    Scheme means growers donât pay for failed OSR Oilseed rape growers taking part in a risk mitigation scheme now have even further support, thanks to the launch of a new incentive from Agrovista. Running for the second year, the KWS Oilseed Establishment Partnership (OEP) sees growers pay for...
  12. Nearly

    Right then. It's fodder rape time. :(

    Ok @Great In Grass after 2 months with no rain on a sand farm it's time to send me some fodder rape seed please. Unless anyone else can do me a rain dance?
  13. Agricology


    Virtual Field Day: Multispecies Leys Thursday, 21 May 2020 - 11:30am This virtual event is part 1 of a 2 part series in a collaboration between Agricology, FABulous Farmers, Duchy College, AgriTech Cornwall, FWAGSW and Rothamsted Research. Multispecies leys combine complementary grass...
  14. steveR

    Conservation margin on Riverbank?

    This seems the most appropriate area of TFF to ask the question.... I am looking at the new STW offering for STEPS and their biodiversity options. One or two look VERY appealing for my medium term aims for the farm, and will be a priority in the coming week. However, one area the Adviser is...
  15. Farm Business RSS

    Popular wild bird mixture keeps options open for growers

    Written by John Swire Growers looking for a wild bird seed mixture that complies with the Country Stewardship Scheme (CSS) rules, attracts farmland birds and also offers game bird cover should take a closer look at Limagrain UK’s Jack Russell mixture. “We’re seeing a lot of interest in this...
  16. F

    Will The Ag Bill Be The Last Nail In The Coffin Of British Farming?

    One has to question why there is this undue haste to see the Agriculture Bill passed into Law at this difficult time with almost no chance of proper scrutiny. While it now makes a mention of food which was a step forward from the first draft the main impetus is to help the government complete a...
  17. E

    Any soft fruit growers out there?

    Cant seem to find any soft fruit forums. Just wondered if there are any strawb or rasp growers out there in enough numbers to be worth setting a forum group up for.?
  18. T Hectares

    Bee Watch

    I was alarmed to receive this letter today, I wonder how many of you have also received it?? I found it alarming and containing non proven claims presented as fact and a clear sign of where anti direction will be focussed next I would like to send a reply, would any of you more learned members...
  19. Agriland RSS

    Joined up approach needed to protect future of oilseed rape in Britain

    Written by Agriland Team The NFU is seeking urgent discussions with Defra about the future of oilseed rape (OSR) in Britain. OSR is a key ingredient for many products, from rapeseed oil and margarine to mayonnaise to salad dressings, making it a valuable crop for Britain. It is also an...
  20. Corteva Updates

    Buttercup and Dandelion

    Buttercup and Dandelion Buttercups emerge in April so this is the ideal month to target them. Often, the trigger for spraying a field of buttercups is once the farmer has noticed that the field has turned yellow as the buttercups flower. Best control of buttercups is achieved if they are...