1. Foregoneconclusion

    Puma clutch Pack failure

    Well that scuppers my plan to buy replacement to puma.. Mid silage clutch pack E is failing.. This one requires cab off n split.. nightmare. Is it cheaper to build back up or replace entire pack pre assembled? Is there such a thing as an oven ready pack? Oh and its now raining and drive...
  2. miniconnect

    KV Geospread issues

    I'm having issues with my new this year geospread. sometimes, almost all the time it's slow to react, the speed reading can be a good 20 seconds behind what the tractor reads, and therefore so is the spreaders operation. been through all plugs and cables and everything looks good. if I switch...
  3. Deepseaman

    John Deere front and rear pto speeds

    Recently seen a couple of videos on you tube with operator’s running Claas 3100 / 3200 front mowers and 3050 / 3150 rear mowers. I thought the 3050 was only available in 540pto and if so how are they operating the front at 1000 rpm? Any one have any experience operating this combination? Thanks
  4. W

    4 cylinder question.

    Currently running a 160hp 6 cylinder but looking to change it shortly. It’s main jobs are ploughing with a 4 furrow reversible, 3 meter power Harrow, bailing, cutting silage, slurry tanking and silage/grain haulage with 12 ton trailers. Thinking about changing it for a 4 cylinder, the 6130R...
  5. P

    Massey 87 vs 8S

    Being that you can't get an 8s Vario I've been looking at an 8727. They look a big old lump but only 0.05cm longer wheelbase are they practicable as an all rounder or they a big tillage lump only! Main jobs be 3m Sumo, 5m Carrier, 5m Drill and 4000L 36m trailed sprayer in early spring before row...
  6. S

    400 hp tractors

    What is the best 400 hp tractor to run
  7. Bald Rick

    The Demo Thread

    Anything on demo? Thoughts & observations... Since Monday this has been here on triple mowers, trailer and tanker Verdict ... it's not a John Deere
  8. P

    New Holland guidence ready.

    Looking at a nh tractor that is guidence ready. It has a intelliview4 screen. What would I need to make it steer its self?? I have a 750 screen if needed!
  9. powerontheland

    Anyone chipped at NH T6.175?

    As above really, what sort of power are people getting from one? Any recommendations please?
  10. B

    Top fill tanker adapted to umbilical pump?

    Does anyone know if a top fill slurry tanker could be used as a nurse tank and the splash plate be changed to fit umbilical pipe to, to pump to a field? Thinking of a system that would be used in early season/wet weather/cereals that would be low cost. Not needing to pump big distances or up...
  11. T

    Dinosaur wanting advice on GPS

    Hi, I'm looking to put an RTK system on our tractor for drilling.We have a Kubota M7 tractor which is autosteer ready.I have googled RTK but don't really understand everything.We are based in West Herefordshire and would like to install a system.There seems to be established companies such as...
  12. Mullzer

    Case puma 155 code 2055

    Have 2010 case puma changed the 2 speed sensors but the code still coming up and can’t go up the gears anyone know what the problem is ?
  13. Hillside

    Tractor comfort

    After another day bouncing about on a tractor with cab and front suspension that leaves me sore at night what is a comfy tractor to sit in all day and not feel like a can of irn bru ready to explode 🤯!!
  14. Paddy on

    Can I put a turbo in a stockman case 895?

    I am wondering if I can put a turbo in our case 895 because I am looking for more power is there a difference between 895 engine and the 995 engine apart from a turbo
  15. N

    New defender

    Has the new defender seen off the double cab pick up brigade
  16. dragonfly

    Case Puma 200 - error code 2387

    Good morning, our Case Puma 200 has developed a fault, it won't go into reverse. It shows Error Code 2387 and a cog symbol (transmission?) Can anyone shine any light on this problem, please?
  17. J

    What front weight ??

    Looking at buying a 1000kg front weight , ideally would like space for a tools aswell can I have people’s recommendations please . Thanks
  18. S

    FM-1000 and Horsch Pronto DC ISOBUS issues?

    A new to us Trimble FM-1000 with ISOBUS unlock with our some years old Horsch Pronto DC Combi Seeder. Task Controller seems to be OK for Section and Rate Control. Latest firmware on both gadgets. But to our disapointment we do not get any sound alarm from the FM-1000 when the seed of fertilizer...
  19. W

    Case optum 300

    Looking for a fairly big hp tractor but nimble enough to go on corn cart etc. I have demoed it and ti be honest really liked it, but I have never had a case before, so what are people's findings...
  20. S

    Reputable remapping companies

    As the title suggests, any recommendations in the East Anglia area? I have the baby of a range (165 puma) and would like to up it to more of the mid/higher end of the range (200/215ish HP should be safe I think, ideally trying to get it to run a BB9090 baler if safely feasible). Many thanks