1. D

    John Deere 6150r won’t lower link arms

    Hi, I’ve a 6150r that refuses to lower link arms.. don’t seam to be snagging anywhere and I’ve tried putting weight on them to pull them down but no good.. buttons on rear mudguards won’t move them either.. any thoughts? Thanks
  2. T


    Been after one for a while now, small bitta trailer work but mainly one to keep and cash in on in 5 to 10 years time. There’s no good ones about/left but a 2006 is coming up with 2500 Genuine hours, immaculate. Thing is it’s £41,000 + Vat! Crazy money, but hey 2500 hrs 🙉. I’m tempted, what are...
  3. J

    Contracting charges plus fuel, or contractor charges including fuel

    I contract as well as farm. To date I have fairly accurate figures on the cost/op. However with fuel prices nowadays and the elasticity in its price I want to move across to charging for the job, plus fuel and near cost on top. This way it takes a lot of guess work out of budgeting, as its...
  4. Durry cows

    Hp required for jd 381 butterfly mowers

    As per title looking in to possibility of these mowers, would a mapped puma 150 (200 at the shaft same as puma 165/ new Holland 210) power them? Flat fields dairy multicut grass but they are heavy (2.5t) and been told they take some powering! Thanks
  5. G

    Tractor search

    If you were looking for say a case puma 165, is there any way of searching all the online sales in the uk?
  6. severeoversteer

    Haulage tractor

    Hello all ! I am in the market for a haulage tractor to do all my trailer work. Its main job will be hauling a dump trailer both on and off road. I am considering .. John deere 6215r T7.260 Puma 220 Fastrac Valtra t214 or 234 Fendt 930 Tractor has to have over 220 horses and front brakes. Any...
  7. Grower Tesque

    Buying from Ritchie Bros, Euroauctions, etc?

    I see these large auctions from Ritchie Bros, Euroauctions et Al. Are becoming more regular, and look to have some decent t kit in (on face value), and the prices seem reasonable too. However, I'm yet to speak to anyone who has ever bought out of these auctions, do they all go abroad? There are...
  8. aussiefarmboy89

    Case Puma 140 error code 14900

    Hi all I have a 2011 case puma 140 that will throw the code 14900 before startup. If you start it anyway it will rev the tractor up to 1500rpms and won’t allow it to put it in gear or turn the pto on, have checked earths and powers, and have ran jumper cables to the battery to eliminate voltage...
  9. paul&mandy

    New tractor delivery dates

    Hi, I ordered a new JD 6 weeks ago with an estimated delivery of November/December. I've still not had a build date that I was told would be released soon as the order was put in. I have chased this and dealer not go it yet. Anyone else having troubles with extended build/delivery dates? I'm...
  10. Alistair Nelson

    Andrew Ward's Drill Demo Day

    Anybody go? The Good, the Bad, the Ugly? Watching the first video on Youtube ground conditions looked testing with wet clay land and the soil pit actually filling with water overnight!! Interested to hear people who went thoughts? Cheers Alistair
  11. Elpresidente

    Case Puma convex/blind spot mirror

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement mirror or glass for the lower blind spot mirror on an 18 plate Case Puma other than dealer as I’m not passing their way at the moment.
  12. B

    Wifes car diesel dpf filter

    I'm getting a car for the wife only for school run an short journey's should I steer clear of diesel with dpf filter an go petrol or am I being overly worried?
  13. Farm Classifieds

    7M005521 - 2019 Maschio Puma 470 Cultivator

    7M005521 - 2019 Maschio Puma 470 Cultivator Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tillage Cultivators Price: £22850 Condition: New Description Maschio 4.78M Puma Rotovator 470, Hydraulic folding Packer rear roller, Year: 2019...
  14. S

    Massey 8s owners/drivers

    Has anyone else noticed a plastic burning/melting smell from the plastic covers just below the exhaust, I’m guessing all the ad blue re gen is under there. the plastic on the outside is getting very very hot🤦‍♂️🔥🔥
  15. benny6910

    Case puma cvx 240

    I’m looking at buying a 240 as above and just wondering how people have found the reliability. The tractor is 4 years old 3000 hrs. I have tried it out and cannot find anything massively wrong with it apart from some small issues like suspension not working, front linkage position sensor faulty...
  16. FendtRunner86

    Fendt vs. Deere

    Fendt vs Deere in efficiency?
  17. Chunk


    I’m after putting a toolboxes on my puma 175 on the space between rear wing and exhaust any pictures or suggestions of a way to would be much help thanks.
  18. P

    36m tramlines in spuds

    Could someone explain to me in simple terms how this is done? What specialist kit? I presume planter??? Can you then plant all headland without headland track? Saw a thread on Twitter running a few days ago saying a lot of ground is then un-planted but I did think if track was planted maybe not...
  19. P

    Rowcrops for case puma175

    Looking for a set of rowcrops to fit case puma 175. Looking for 380/90R50 and 380/85R34 but other sizes considered
  20. Farm Classifieds

    Case IH PUMA CVX 185

    Case IH PUMA CVX 185 Advert added by: Farmstar Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tractors Farm Tractors Price: £73500 Condition: Used Description 4wd Front Axle Suspension Air Con Diff 3 Electric Rear Spools Hook End Rear PTO...