1. Jerry

    Bales per acre GS4

    What do people expect yield wise for GS4 covers. This a new ley put in last autumn. Its shot up lst couple weeks but can’t cut till second week in June. ( can just see deers ears in picture for scale in this one field) Just wondered what people see in terms of round bales per acre. Will be...
  2. bobk

    I've got blackgrass

    Do I get a badge
  3. F

    How low would BPS have to go before you stopped claiming it?

    A quote from farm minister Victoria Prentis saying " 10% of BPS claimants receive 50% of the money" ok not great but we all know how BPS works on a acreage basis. She then went on to say that "33% of claimants receive less than £5000" I couldn't believe it, why go through all that ball ache and...
  4. D

    Anyone using stone crusher in uk

    Anyone using kit like this in UK. FAE from Italy do something similar. With land worth 12K, improving shallow stony stuff is tempting. I can see erosion could be a problem, on slopes a one off before grass reseed?
  5. C

    Spear thistles in new ley

    I’ve a new clover/grass ley that was planted last spring, is a good ley but is now absolutely covered in spear/boar thistles. Anything I can spray with that won’t harm the clover or plantain ? Or is it going to be a weed wiper job, it’s a 30 acre patch so if I could get away with spraying it...
  6. ffukedfarmer

    Permanent pasture to winter barley - cover crop?

    I’ve got an unproductive field of grass that’s mainly meadow brome. The plan was to hay it this year but with it being so dry I can’t see there being anything there worth mowing. I’m still an amateur to growing cereals and a cover crop virgin so be gentle… I’m thinking: Burn off the grass in...
  7. M

    Share farming/ contract farming sheep

    Anyone involved in a share farming agreement or contract farming agreement. With sheep is it possible to
  8. M-J-G

    Red Clover

    Who's growing it, and what are the up/down sides. I'm wondering about feeding it to young stock and restricted to sucklers along with straw. TIA
  9. J

    Cheap 1 year legume

    So I've got 50 acres of silage ground that I'm hoping to put into gs4 herbal ley autumn of 2023. However, I'm looking to plough and reseed it this autumn in 1 year ley, as this will give me the opportunity to level it out this year, spray it next autumn and direct drill the gs4 into what then...
  10. Hereford21

    Is it worth fattening store lambs on forage rape?

    Last year we harvested spring barley in a 20 acre field then moved straight to winter barley in the same field. After the winter barley harvest this year we want to rotate the barley to a different silage field and grow grass on it again, but my dad mentioned growing forage rape on this field...
  11. Kevtherev

    Forage Crops

    Thought I’d start a thread on what members are/have been putting in this season to fill the forage gap with rising feed costs. Brassicas Arable silage mixes Rye etc
  12. Cmoran

    Stitching with grass harrow

    I’ve bought a 6m grass harrow with apv air seeder and I’m wondering what is best method for stitching in grass,clover,rape etc?? Should I burn off or will bare pasture do? Does it need to be rolled asap?
  13. DrDunc

    Weeds in grassland, what to do?

    I've a field that's contains a fair few broadleaf weeds. Clover is looking well, pH and nutrients are fine, and only other issue is lack of actual grass in places. It's intended to be cut for haylage at the beginning of July Should I spray off the broadleaves now with MCPA / 2.4D and check the...
  14. Sir loin

    Can you have too much clover in a ley?

    This is year 2 of a five year cutting/grazing ley. The clover seems to have taken off this year, but can you have too much clover for first cut haylage?
  15. Oldmacdonald

    Garden agronomy.

    Got a few invasive weeds in the garden, so hoping a knapsack of something will sort them out. Ground elder And some sort of buttercup - not the creeping sort. MCPA all I need?
  16. L


    Been out and about walking, past few days, on the home farm and across other people's silage fields and can't help but notice the abundance of chickweed in everybody's silage fields. Grazing fields very little chickweed present but fields that are predominantly cut its like a takeover. What...
  17. stroller

    Getting dry

    Anyone else think it's getting a bit dry? No rain for weeks, ground cracking, and no rain forecast.
  18. A

    Tine drill for grass reseeding.

    Looking at changing my reseeding strategy which on a 2/3 3 year ley presently is based round 3x short discs then sumo trio a roll then combi then roll again. Results have always been good and it helps level any traffic issues but it is an expensive operation. Thinking of LD subsoiler pass...
  19. F

    Under sowing grass with wholecrop barley

    Hello, there, so summer 2020, we ploughed and reseeded some of our Meadows in permanent grass. So my question is I was thinking of under sowing wholecrop barley after we take the first cut of silage of it around end of may. This would be done with a wag tail sower, and slurry also applied at...
  20. Granite Farmer

    Fastest growing forage crop?

    I have a field that has had cattle out wintered on it. I would like to reseed it in the Autumn. So i would like something growing in there in the meantime that can be grazed. TIA James