roller mill

  1. Daniel

    New grain silo build.

    It occurred to me that I should stop sticking pictures of our silo build on @Woldgrain Storage excellent silo thread and start my own! Pics of the build of a 700ton Sukup drying and stirring bin to feed our poultry feed mill. Stirrers will be used to blend wheat/barley/rye etc together which...
  2. S

    SDF Deutz fAHR 6215 TTV

    WHAT ARE THEY LIKE ? We had one of the first Agrotrons and said never again ! All JD now apart from an Intrac 6.61 which is happy to sit on a roller mill whilst it appreciates ! All views goo/bad please.
  3. Clive

    Things that would improve farm safety ?

    This industry has a tragic safety record, what can we all do that may improve this ? lets use this thread for suggestions ? some maybe unpopular with others (I know mine will be !) but surely we can’t continue watching so many loose their life’s trying to produce a bit of food my top 3...
  4. JET

    Dad thinks I'm mad

    Farm in North Wales and last year I put in a few acers of Kale with the Aitchinson Direct drill, Done this a few times and cattle do well on it. NOW This year I'm hoping to plant some oats or barley and combine it then replant some stubble This year for the first time ever I'm hoping to...
  5. Arthur Living

    Cable size for motor

    Hi there, Tried finding a simple calculator for working out the cable size required for a motor but struggled. I have just bought a 5hp / 3.7kw single phase motor to power a roller mill. It is to be plugged into a 32a blue socket about 10m away. Does anyone know what cable size I need...
  6. Jsmith2211

    tractor. 40-50ish hp. near wellington somerset

    Want a tractor to drive our roller mill. Needs to be around the 50hp mark and fairly cheap. good mechanical order. nothing over £2500.
  7. Jsmith2211

    Cleaning extremely dusty cab

    Hello. Ive decided to clean out the cab of our 575, in the hope of actually using it for some grassland work rather than leaving it on the roller mill. Problem is, its the first time in several years that it has been cleaned, and its coated in a very thick layer of flour from the roller mill...
  8. D

    Roller mill

    Looking for a tidy mechanically sound roller mill approx 20ton per hr Lawrence Arnold 07771888624
  9. C

    Roller mill

    Looking for a pto roller mill, 5+t/hr anything considered.
  10. Manny

    Roller mill

    Wanted a three phase roller mill in good working order.
  11. Dan Attle

    Wanting to go no till but sit sure on the way to start

    Hi all got 250 acre mixed farm with plenty of cattle which in turn means loads of fym currently growing grass for the horse market wheat , spring barley and maize ( may drop maize yet ) , thinking ahead the grass will help the soil structure and seems a shame to plough it up and it’s heavy clay...
  12. D

    Eat less meat

    Sorry, I know it has been thrashed about before, but it needs sorting. Kath Dalmeny was on r4 this morning. When she speaks, people of influence listen. Kath said, and I will have the words largely correct here...
  13. Farm Business RSS

    Launch of large-scale machine for rolling dry or moist grain

    Written by John Swire A new machine launched by feed preservation specialists, Kelvin Cave Ltd, is thought to be the largest roller mill on the UK and Irish market. The Murska 4000 rolls dry or moist grain at a rate of up to 100 tonnes/hour (for maize) or 80t/hr (for crimped, moist cereals)...
  14. N

    On Farm milling

    Curious to hear of anyone doing small scale milling on farm of wheat/barley/spelt. Currently looking at the investment required. We'd only be looking to sell to local businesses and consumers for home baking etc.
  15. Johnnyboxer

    No more new cars or vans in 9 years

    The big green deal I guess that’s no diesel pickups or commercials under 3.5t Electric pickup then ?
  16. AF Salers

    Roller mill refurb

    Going to have to have my wheels on my Hunt roller mill skimmed and regrooved soon. Does anyone know of a company that does can do this? TIA
  17. Stags Agri

    Full Dispersal Sale of Telehandler & 5 Tractors at Bradnich, Exeter, EX5 4LT - Wednesday 23rd September 2020 - 700+LOTS

  18. F

    High horsepower 4 Cylinders, will they last?!

    So we are seeing high horse power 4 Cylinder tractors up to 200HP in the Massey Ferguson range. Are they as reliable as a straight 6? Do they have the tourque of a 6 cylinder ? Pros cons ? Are they here to stay? First tractor a drove was. 6930 150HP , it could run rings round a 4 Cylinder 200HP...