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  1. Banana Bar


    Looks as though the posties are going to come out as well. Good job I say. Should make everyone realise how totally irrelevant a daily postal service is. I would get rid of 50 % of the posties and go for every 2nd or 3rd day delivery. Why do we need a daily service? BB
  2. P

    Food Prices

    Daily Express Today , Food prices going up 15percent , yes 15 percent of nothing is not a lot , they don’t know how cheap.... food has been. Farmers have not been paid according to inflation like most industries.Have heard of farmers selling potatoes for £50 - £100 per tonne after investing...
  3. Steevo

    Boris Johnson unveils ‘grow for Britain’ plan

    Boris Johnson unveils ‘grow for Britain’ plan British farmers urged to put more resources into producing fruit and vegetables to help ease cost of living and food threat from Ukraine war ByTony Diver, WHITEHALL CORRESPONDENT10 June 2022 • 8:50pm Boris Johnson gets in touch with the locals at...
  4. D

    Bosis’ leaked food strategy document; worse than half-baked
  5. pappuller

    Transporting scrap

    As per title, we are gathering a fair pile of scrap metal about and usually load up and take it to the scrapyard with tractor and trailer. Do I technically need to now run on white diesel even though the scrap is farm waste and its proceeds will be paid into the farm account? Tia
  6. Bogweevil

    Iceland slashes online price of fresh and frozen veg to 1p for Easter

    All frozen and fresh veg that would normally cost £1 or under, such as a kilo of onions, will instead be 1p from 11 April until midnight on 14 Apr. This is so wrong (not for frozen veg, that is a flavour free zone and 1p is about the fair price) - I hope the public rushes out and buys as much...
  7. A

    Spring barley

    With the prices of inputs, thought crossed my mind re old 6 row types. Due to our location and being needed only for stock feed wondering if anyone is still growing these and any advice please
  8. O

    Seed Potatoes going to Russia

    Cannot believe 600 tons of Scotch seed are set to be exported direct to Russia. Scottish government apparently have approved it… Total Value said to be £660k…. Firstly have the vendors got no conscience…secondly Scottish Gov could easily have found £600k to buy them and send for animal feed…...
  9. Womblefarrier

    Veg oil.....a fuel alternative?

    I thought I would consult the experience and knowledge of the TFF members. With increasing fuel costs(£1.50-£1.80 here in the south west) Is it possible to mix Veg oil in to diesel to make it go a little further or am I asking for trouble. Vehicle in question, Isuzu DMax. If it is possible...
  10. B


    Hi all, I've got the chance at a load of pumpkins for stock feed. They're fine by all accounts just sat out in the field waiting to decompose or be chopped up by the plough. Just wondered if they had much/any nutritional value for pregnant ewes? They're the right price at £0's and there's plenty...
  11. G

    Food in the fifties

  12. Laggard

    2022 Sugar beet price not enough

    Spring barley @ £250/t looks a lot easier
  13. C

    Potato Prices.

    Now that the AHDB potato council has been kicked into touch, does the Forum have a place in providing a resource for price information?
  14. Surgery

    Ad plants , you can’t make it up

    Local plant produced too much gas and having to burn it off even thou there’s a shortage
  15. N

    Most effective rat poison to use on farm

    What’s the most effective rat poison to use on farm?
  16. O

    Meat free Bacon at Sainsbury..

    Long time ago in Yf’s one of the counties had YF Sweatshirts with the logo on the back of a Boar and a Sow doing what comes naturally… With the caption….”Makin Bacon” This could be called “Fakin Bacon”...
  17. Agriland RSS

    £2 million Covid-19 support scheme announced for potato growers

    Written by Rachel Martin Northern Ireland Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots has announced further information on the £2 million financial support package for potato growers. The package has been granted in response to the significant reduction in demand from the hospitality and foodservice...
  18. Henery

    Mouse plague in Aus....... what a mess.

  19. S

    Getting extra calcium into ewes

    Have read on here that vets are saying that a lot of ewes are low in calcium this year. Was getting on great here with not a single prolapse a week into lambing however today have had to put harnesses on 4 ewes. Also this morning had two ewes with dead pairs as ewes not opened up properly. Not a...
  20. Becs

    How do I stop my new bull from hating me?

    Just bought a new bull, chosen partly because of a quiet, nice temperament. Unfortunately it became pretty clear that he wasn’t a well chap and in his first few days on the farm he’s had the vet out to him, resulting in antibiotic jab ( with us having to give him 2 more doses) and today he had...