1. Overby

    Gatepost ideas

    I've got a gate that now isn't quite wide enough and I could do with fitting a double gate. The whole area sits on an old hardcored site so is a nightmare to try and dig into. Anyone got any genius ideas for a simple way to install a gatepost? I toyed with a plate on the bottom but the pins...
  2. markmcc

    Sumo trio wear.

    Please don’t shoot the messenger. We are pulling a trio for a neighbour. It is new to us both. When should the wings be changed on the large point or how far can they be worn down.
  3. 640

    Power Harrow tines

    Morning what are people paying for power Harrow tines just got quoted 30£ for alpego tines Seems expensive to me but not bought any for a few year
  4. S

    Making a hole in spring steel

    Hi there any tips or ideas on how to drill a 10mm hole in a spring steel tine which is 10mm thick
  5. Breckland Boy

    Beet '22

    Made a start drilling today. Direct into an ex 2 year ley. Reasonably confident that it won't blow.
  6. Pringles

    Plasma Cutter

    Will the Plasma cutters at the "budget" end of the available list be able to be used for thermal heating of seized bolts etc? I was hoping that if we were to splash out and buy a Plasma cutter then hopefully I could tell BOC to ram their annual rental charge somewhere painfull. I have been...
  7. I

    Lemken plough

    Lemken jewel 8 plough, what's to like what's to hate??????
  8. Clive

    Will Putin invade ?

    As the wheat prices seem almost completely dependant upon news about this right now which way does the crowd wisdom of TFF think things will go in the Ukraine ?
  9. Jsmith2211

    Shotgun cartridges

    What is everybody shooting? Just used up the last few of my slab of hull 29g 6s, which seem to work nice. Slightly nicer on the shoulder than the 32g lyvales or eleys, but still seem to take a pigeon out. Also need to get some clay cartriges as using pigeon shot for clays is a bit of a waste. Is...
  10. Renoman

    KV PH18/400 powerharrow

    Long shot does anyone know how the rotors are timed on this powerharrow? It was bought as a bit of a bit of a project with a broken rotor but unsure if the rest are timed right. Can't find much on Google for a kv but I assume all power harrows be similar?🤷‍♂️ It's 4m 16 rotors.
  11. Zebbedee

    Tig welding newbe

    Looking at getting a tig welder but no idea what I need.? Have a 400amp Lincoln mig with separate power source can I use it to power tig unit? Want to weld normal steel steel along with stainless and aluminium Would rather a big industrial machine secondhand rather than a new hobby machine Seen...
  12. C

    Your perfect seeding tine for a Horsch?

    From what I can see, a lot of gents are using a 1" tine in the spring and a 5" tine in the fall for cover crops. If you had the ability to build the perfect tine, what would it look like? Would you prefer narrower than a 1" for spring seeding? Something that is interchangeable between 1" and...
  13. Direct Driller Magazine

    Product in Focus - Bourgault

    BOURGAULT PUTS BRITISH FARMERS FIRST British farmers will be primary beneficiaries of Bourgault Tillage Tools’ (BTT) decision to open a new subsidiary company in the UK. The Canadian company has become well established in the UK for many, initially working via distributors. But its’s new...
  14. Horn&corn

    Adding metal to tub mixer auger

    Anyone done it successfully? Any tips? Is it worth putting stainless in or big chunk of mild steel enough? I’ve heard of stainless bar around the edge of the auger but I fear it would wear the flight even more? Also any good suppliers for metal especially stainless. Thanks
  15. casemx 270

    Recommendations blade sharpening

    Looking for a company in Midlands to sharpen a circular saw blade from a saw bench thanks
  16. Farm Classifieds

    Kongskilde Delta 4 metre hydraulic folding with dd type packer

    Kongskilde Delta 4 metre hydraulic folding with dd type packer Advert added by: Robert Gourley @Farmer73 Machinery Details Category: Tillage Cultivators Price: £6000 Condition: Excellent Description Kongskilde Delta 4 metre hydraulic folding with auto reset...
  17. News

    UK manufactured tungsten carbide tile that decreases downtime for maintenance

    UK based manufacturer, Tenmat, have developed a weldable tungsten carbide tile that is proven to extend the life of wear parts. Already used and trusted by a number of UK based farmers, Ferobide can last up to 3 times longer than other options on the market, meaning that down time for...
  18. T

    Proforge invertamax

    Had a set of these disks a while now while they are a excellent machine but we are struggling with the roller blocking up.They are only used when the ground is dry enough but you are always pulling a bit of damp soil up. The scrapers seem to be at the wrong angle and don't last more than a week...
  19. Agriland RSS

    Pulveriser destroys weed and volunteer seeds

    Written by Justin Roberts from Agriland Eliminating volunteers and other weed seeds by spraying after they have germinated requires a further field pass and may not always be successful. A Canadian company has developed an alternative approach which, it claims, destroys 98% of weed and...
  20. J

    Wear parts cost/ha

    I am working with a company in the wear parts sector and trying to establish the approximate annual spend on soil engaging wear parts per ha. I realise there are many variables like the cultivation method, crop type, soil type, wet year versus dry year etc but wondered if there are any members...