1. Clive

    Vaderstad drill speed signal

    Is it possible to run a vaderstad drill control box from a speed signal other than the drill's radar? ie the tractor GPS or wheels speed sensor The radar has failed on our carrier bio-drill and rather than get that repaired I'm wondering if we can simply use a different (more accurate) speed...
  2. F

    Drilling spring beans with vaderstad box drill

    Is it possible t do so have drilled ours with tine drill but wondering if it would be better with vaderstad
  3. C

    12m Cambridge rolls choice

    I am looking to upgrade a 30 yr old set of reasonably heavy 8m canbridge rolls and would be grateful of any opinions and experiences, good or bad, of whats available. Even weight distribution across their full width is my main priority.
  4. ajd132

    Levelling fields

    Have taken on managing a farm that has been no till for a while but some of the fields are really quite rough. don’t want to properly roar fields up because the soil is in good stead underneath. some kind of shallow tine and levelling have board? Just drilling at angle won’t sort it out quick...
  5. Farm Classifieds

    4M011373 - 2009 Vadertsad Rapid A 6m Trailed Drill

    4M011373 - 2009 Vadertsad Rapid A 6m Trailed Drill Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Tillage Drills Price: £18999 Condition: Good Description 2009 Vaderstad 6.00m Rapid A Trailed Drill, Folding Cultivation...
  6. icanshootwell

    Fertilizer a little lumpy!!

    20 to 30 years ago we never had this problem, every year now I seem to get several ton that lumps together in the bag, and I do drop the bags on their side to break the lumps which does help but some are to bad and this happens.
  7. M

    Vaderstad Disk Bearings For Sale

    Shaft and bearing unit 182814 for a Vaderstad Disk
  8. Farm Classifieds

    Väderstad CR500 Carrier Cultivator

    Väderstad CR500 Carrier Cultivator Advert added by: Russell Group and Hallmark Tractors Machinery Details Category: Tillage Cultivators Price: £21000 Condition: Description Vaderstad CR500 Carrier , 2012 c/w system disc ,aggressive crossboard heavy steel packer (stock no...
  9. Farm Classifieds

    Vaderstad Carrier 820 Cross Cutter Disc

    Vaderstad Carrier 820 Cross Cutter Disc Advert added by: Toby Simpson Machinery Details Category: Tillage Cultivators Price: £27500 Condition: Good Description Vaderstad Carrier 820, refurbished in 2018 with cross cutter discs and straw harrow added, low...
  10. C

    Vaderstad roller

    Has anybody got a Vaderstad roller with crosskill rings?? If so how do you find it ? Asking as i am thinking of buying one . It is claimed by Vaderstad that the crosskill has a significant cultivation effect so might be a suitable alternative to running a power harrow ahead of the combi on...
  11. O

    Autosteer and 3m combi drill

    Looking to start spring drilling soon, with a new to us 3m Kvernland accord DA power Harrow combi and recently purchased a tractor with auto steer. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to go about using the GPS for a beginner? Fields are 10 acre average with not many straight hedges, is a...
  12. shumungus

    Plug problem.

    Does anyone know the super secret way of opening this plug? And yes I have tried all the usual ways. It's off a set of Truetest load bars.
  13. Thefarmingpilot

    How much HP do you really need?

    So, today my neighbour took deliver of a new Fendt 1050, and keen to show it off he brought it over for me to have a look. That got me thinking, what benefits does having 500bhp have? My 8330 is tuned up to 350bhp, pulls my 8m Mounted Tine drill comfortably along with my Vaderstad Tempo R. No...
  14. T

    Fendt VarioGuide implement problem.

    We have just had a software upgrade in our 724 to unlock Contour Assist which works fine. However we now have a problem where a trailed implement when operating in a dead straight line maps askew to the tractor. Not in an offset manner but the left hand side further back. This is ok if you're...
  15. Deere 6430

    Vaderstad spring tine brackets NZ etc

    31 Genuine Vaderstad Spring tine brackets tine / mounting brackets Brand new. Bolts to suit available as well. Can send/post if needed etc
  16. D

    Any Future.

    Been in the indrustry since i was 14 now 51. The constant bombardment from organisations, groups and people i ask myself is there any future in this indrustry?
  17. D

    Direct drills

    Having finally got my head round DD were probably going to try a bit this next year. for now I will use a contractor but going forwards if the results are favourable I will take the job back in house. reading thru various things I see a lot of farms big and small are home building drills. Is...
  18. MX7

    What cultivator (excluding Top Down types) do you use to "One Pass" cultivate Over wintered stubbles ready for drilling.

    I see a large estate near where I live are using an 8mtr wide cultivator to rip up overwintered stubble ready for drilling with their Vaderstaad drill. Up until now they have been using their Top Down, I think they must have at last realised they do not need to use a Top Down on thin...
  19. Chae1

    Drilling advice needed

    Drilling with autosteer RTk on new Holland tractor. Up until now on 24 m tramlines I have had to overlap a half run with our 4m drill. This has been enough to take out any small kinks in the field. Gone to 28m now so won't have to do half width overlap. Will drill the first tramline in...
  20. Farm Classifieds

    VADERSTAD RAPID A400s System Disc, 2011, 1717 hectares c/w interactive depth control

    VADERSTAD RAPID A400s System Disc, 2011, 1717 hectares c/w interactive depth control Advert added by: Agri-Linc Farm Machinery Machinery Details Category: Tillage Drills Price: £0 Condition: Used Description How to make contact with the Dealer Click here to read...