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  1. S

    Will high fertiliser prices change you’re cropping plan.

    As per title. I am thinking of dropping winter barley and reducing wheat in favour of spring crops grown with plenty of pig muck under them . What’s everyone’s thoughts ?
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    T408179C - 2011 Bogballe M2W Q2 Broadcaster

    T408179C - 2011 Bogballe M2W Q2 Broadcaster Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Groundcare GC Seeder Price: £3500 Condition: Used Description 2011 Bogballe 24-36M M2w q2 mounted disc Broadcaster 3000 litres hopper, pto...
  3. D

    How do you weigh loads of produce

    A local weigh bridge has closed, always took it for granted £5 per weigh. I'm in an industrial area so a few about, but how do people manage out in the country.
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    TD000341 - 2016 Kverneland Exacta TL Geospread

    TD000341 - 2016 Kverneland Exacta TL Geospread Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Applicators Fertiliser spreader / broadcaster Price: £7000 Condition: Used Description 2016 Kverneland Exacta TL Geospread, ISOBUS, No...
  5. DrDunc

    McHale or Kuhn Fixed or Variable?

    Which baler to replace a variable chamber Krone? McHale roller makes best shaped bales of grass, Kuhn belt best for swallowing dry stuff (and presumably straw), but bales of second cut sag before wrapping (or I didn't set the density correct on the demo). What are the McHale V6 like for making...
  6. hillbill

    The on-going up hill battle that is agriculture.....

    It would appear iam not alone in having difficultly getting and keeping decent staff? Is it a nation wide issue or more regional? Wheres the best place to find the unicorns that maybe out there? Also, machinery price increases are a constant issue to us. I know theres nothing we can appear to...
  7. hilux

    Kvernland exacta cl fertiliser spreader

    Has anyone else had problems with the clip shearing on the shaft between the main gearbox and disc?. Had it happen to me 3 times now, so put an 8.8 bolt in lieu of the clip and it still shears. Can't find any play in the gearboxes. Can spread a load or 2 before it shears and sometimes just a few...
  8. Wobblebox

    Amazone fert spreaders

    I’m looking at an Amazone ZA-TS Ultra Profis Hydro spreader, but I have absolutely no experience with Amazone spreaders. It will be replacing an aged Kuhn Axis 30.1 which I’ve been really pleased with. It will be used through a Trimble GFX750 controller. So, basically, are they accurate? How...
  9. R

    Kuhn Axera EMC

    Hello. I am slowly looking to replace my current mechanical Kuhn MDS 935 spreader to electronically controlled Kuhn Axera EMC. Prices for them are really low. Is there a common problem as they are so cheap? Can't seem to find any bad reviews of them. Has anybody priced how much a replacement EMC...
  10. Granite Farmer

    What is an acceptable margin of error.....

    .....when spreading fertiliser. I've just finished rebuilt the spreading equipment on my spreading as rust had sized it up. So I first job for the repaired spreader was to apply 330kg/ha of 27-0-0-10 on 8ha of winter barley across two not quite rectangular fields at 21m bout width. However...
  11. H

    Vicon Varispreader

    Hi all, Anyone still using a Vicon wagtail fro spreading Fert on grassland. Anyone bought a new one recently ? We used to run them for years before having a basic Kuhn disc spreader. Lots of small and awkward fields on 250 acres of grassland. Any thoughts welcome .
  12. TBradbury

    Kuhn Axis 40.2 dosing error

    The Kuhn axis 40.2 ecm i am using is recording less product than actually used, even with quality products such as nitram, more has been applied by the spreader than is recorded on weigh counter, any ideas what is wrong with it? The picture attached was 2400kg spread but has been recorded as...
  13. Cab-over Pete

    Feeding a Beef Ration In The Field

    Aye up, I have a customer who feeds a few thousand cattle to slaughter every year. They’re all in all winter obviously, and he has enough grassland to get many out over February to October, but still has several hundred inside. He’s considering turning out more than the grass can support and...
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    TE000088 - 2008 Kuhn Axis 40.1W Broadcaster

    TE000088 - 2008 Kuhn Axis 40.1W Broadcaster Advert added by: Chandlers (Farm Equipment) Ltd Machinery Details Category: Applicators Fertiliser spreader / broadcaster Price: £5750 Condition: Good Description 2008 Kuhn 18-36M Axis 40.1w mounted disc Broadcaster 4000...
  15. Rob5150

    Tub mixer problems

    Evening, I’ve just started out using a new to me kv silo king duo 22m3 twin auger tub mixer, and I’m having a few teething problems. First off, on a small mix (1500kg total, 1t of maize silage, 250kg of rolled maize 100kg of blend, 150l of water) it won’t mix properly as it doesn’t cover the...
  16. C

    Kuhn AGT

    I am looking at moving from 24m to 36m tramlines, I am currently running a kongskilde wing jet and going back to a spinning disk really feels like a step in the wrong direction so it looks like a Kuhn AGT (Despite the price tag). Liquid fertiliser is not an option as out main activity is...
  17. gellis888

    Tru-Test vs Gallagher (recording sheep)

    I know eid has been talked about in previous posts but I’m ‘weighing up’ which brand to go with. I would like to, going forward, record my sheep flock and make better breeding decisions. I’ve tried to find direct comparisons or differences but not had much luck. All the commercial sheep...
  18. E


    Does anyone know how much a pharmweigh 3 way manual drafting crate with electronic scales and weigh head would cost new? There is one in a farm sale but I can't find prices online to compare. Thanks.
  19. J

    Tractor Front Weight - Fertiliser Spreader

    Hi, I've ordered a Valtra G125 which has yet to arrive. I specified front linkage too. My question is what weight of weight block would be most likely to suit whilst spreading with an Amazone Zam Maxis with 2 x extensions to allow me to carry at least 3 bags of fertiliser safely and also on some...
  20. Against_the_grain

    Are fert spinners that bad?

    Never owned or even used a fert spinner before. We have been using a mix of a boomed 24m machine and liquid fert through a sprayer for the last 10 years. Recently we have come back to the boomed machine for a variety of reasons one of which was application interval between liquid n and...