1. M

    What should I buy

    Same lamborghini zetor case or jd. Just for the fun. What's best... Of a bad bunch😂
  2. B

    RT Inspector

    Here we go again. So in their latest bout of fu*kwittery the world's most incompetent organisation, the NSF, has just informed me that my new inspector is actually my neighbour. Whether or not we get along as neighbours isn't really the point, but ineveitably there would be times when you...
  3. S

    Best Tractor under 100HP

    Hey guys, I’m a newbie & looking for some advice Looking for a tractor to do light work such as mowing paddocks, levelling driveway, a bit of loader work etc Thinking along the lines of 60 - 100 HP & will be buying new Any suggestions? Or just as important, any manufacturer’s to avoid?
  4. Dowler78

    Radial Tyres or Cross Ply for MF390T

    I need to fit some new tyres onto my MF390T. Been given the options of the BKT in either Radial or Cross Ply. The radial option is quite a bit more and I'm just wondering what the benefits of a radial over cross Ply tyre would be. The tractor does very little work each year ( around 80 hours)...
  5. Cab-over Pete

    Regan Tractors Ireland

    Aye up, I’ve emailed and called this company about tractors but received no response. Are they good to deal with? Looks a fair outfit by the website. Cheers, Pete.
  6. FarmyStu

    New old gearboxes

    Just flicking through a John Deere 6030 tractor brochure from 2011. They were still offering 12/4 SyncroPlus gearbox for this range. That's a fully manual box, no clutchless shuttle or splitter. Has anyone here bought or used one? I know these type of boxes are still offered in other countries...
  7. glow worm

    To mask up or not?

    With parts of Devon & Cornwall currently having the highest cases of Covid in the Country ( according to the BBC news) what does everyone think on whether or not mask wearing should continue to be encouraged? With nearly all our local shops / businesses still asking for people to wear masks...
  8. Derrick Hughes

    JS145 noisy slew

    Had a noise in the slew for a while now just when it stops , not when it's turning , like a break binding noise , I've greased the lot many times including the one under the sump guard , could it be an oil valve that's doing it , no play at all in the slew ring and turns free , just a deep hum...
  9. Chris F

    COP26 has failed disastrously

    Nothing on the major greenhouse emitters. Just a side deal on methane and as we know - livestock aren't the problem here. Human population provides the biggest threat as increasing numbers consume more. Yes we have reduced dood carbon from 2.7 to 2.1t per person in the last 30 years and in...
  10. T

    Zetor clutch?

    On a Zetor 6211 I have, a few months back a younger sibling was reversing heavy loads in a high gear hanging the clutch, causing a burning smell for a bit. The clutch seems to still work ok. However I notice that when I take the tractor out of gear, not touching the brakes and take my foot off...
  11. AndersonAgri

    Loader hydraulic block help required

    Hi I have a Tanco 978 loader currently fitted onto my Marshall 802, at the moment just running off the spools with long pipe running under cab to loader, i am after a more permenant solution and possibly transfer it onto my 262 which would free up the 802, i have looked online and saw you can...
  12. FendtRunner86

    Tractor looks

    What brand takes the lead in design?
  13. W

    Is there a living in suckler cows

    Sitting here wondering if there would be a living to be made with suckler cows, on rented ground and rented sheds, with bought in fodder With calves sold store.
  14. L

    Leyland tractor prices

    I often wonder why Leyland tractors dont command proper money like Massey and Ford tractors of the same era. There were thousands of them sold so you'd think that there would be more love and appreciation of the brand. What is it about Leylands that dont get people excited?
  15. GAM

    Aircon or Not

    Peoples thought on Aircon? There‘s probably fors and against,
  16. C

    British Tractors

    Hi, probably been covered before but; we all want the consumer to buy British so........ If I was to buy a new tractor 120-150hp which make would support most British jobs? Thanks.
  17. Laggard

    2022 Sugar beet price not enough

    Spring barley @ £250/t looks a lot easier
  18. J

    Where to find a light switch

    Could do with finding somewhere to get a headlight switch like the top one and wondered if anyone had any ideas as I seem to be able to find loads of simple off/on ones like the rest but not off/on(sidelights)/on(headlights)
  19. Bald Rick

    What are YOU doing to mitigate against Climate Change?

    It’s an interesting thought whether you believe in it or not. I have to confess I have done nothing. In fact, probably worse as we plough a lot albeit we are intending to look at strip till for maize To be honest, it will only be cost saving measures we adopt to the benefit of the business...
  20. T

    Are Contractors rates having to go up.

    Due to the hike in machinery and fuel costs along with the increase price in electricity and the standard of living.We do a small amount of contracting and grain drying and I feel we will have to charge more to make it worthwhile. Thoughts ?