274: Pork: Choosing a sward mix for 'grazing' pigs

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274: Pork: Choosing a sward mix for 'grazing' pigs

Written by AHDB

This week’s guests:
Andrew Palmer, Knowledge Exchange Manager, AHDB
Ed Bramham-Jones, Head of Farming and Water, Norfolk Rivers Trust
Rob McGregor, Outdoor pig farmer
Chris Gooderham, Head of Market Specialists (Dairy & Livestock), AHDB

Over the last few years, AHDB has held several meetings to bring together pig producers, landlords, arable producers and other key stakeholders to look at ways they can work more closely together to benefit each other and the environment, with a specific focus on including livestock and grass in arable rotations.

In this episode, AHDB’s Andrew Palmer speaks to Ed Bramham-Jones, Head of Farming and Water at Norfolk Rivers Trust and Rob McGregor, an outdoor pig farmer in the East of England. They discuss a grass trial which is underway on Rob’s unit using different sward mixes with varying establishment periods. Hear how forward planning and good relationships with landlords have resulted in positive impacts for the pigs, the staff and the environment.

The episode also includes a market update from Chris Gooderham in our market intelligence team.

Follow our guests on Twitter:
Andrew Palmer: @AMPSalisbury
Ed Bramham-Jones: @NRTEdBJ
Rob McGregor: @robonthefarm1

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This episode was produced and edited by Miriam Drewett, Marcomms Manager (Pork).

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