Bent tractor front loader


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Hey guys, accidentally while backing up trailer the tractor front loader hit a wall and now it's bent as shows the picture below

I measured the both main cylinder lenghts and there is 5mm difference (left side is 5mm less out than right side), putting loader max up the cylinder lenghts are the same


There are no broken welds, bent frame or anything twisted except the plate seen in the picture (it is the only thing bent)

When the loader is put against ground it seems straight like in the picture

So the question is can the main cylinder 5mm difference make such an uneven level for loader arms, or can the bent plate be at fault. Also the bolts that hold the loader safety pins when the boom is not maxed out or put against ground are loose (moves a bit) (picture below)

Hope anybody can help, Thanks!


Take the boom off the tractor and then back on again in case it isn’t quite nesting in the top saddle of the subframe. I seriously doubt whether the boom is bent without showing some buckling of the book sides or a crack or two. Mind you, shït happens!

More likely and notwithstanding the 5mm difference at the lift ram, that the tool carrier has deformed.


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The dairy farmer in me says to do the opposite of what you did to bend it in order to make it straight.


Like Donald Duck said, take the loader off and put it back on again to make sure that side of things is OK. Then pull that bent linkage off and straighten it, it will likely affect the geometry of the crowd tilt system quite substantially.

As for the 5mm, I don't know. I'm guessing there would be some variation between the ram lengths in every loader?


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SW Scotland
More likely and notwithstanding the 5mm difference at the lift ram, that the tool carrier has deformed.
Yes, my money is on the carrier. Had one similar that I thought had a twisted boom since I bought it s/h.
Then I broke one of the crowd rams while tearing out a grabfull of silage. Welded up the ram, fitted it back on, and the twist had miraculously cured itself :scratchhead:

Rs chunk

As cowabunga says take the loader off and on looks like it’s not sitting right, and straighten that plate that’s bowed. Cant see it being twisted

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