Best jumper


If you want the proper Guernsey sweater, not cheap ,but warm and last forever.
The traditional navy one is the most popular worn by locals for work.
Them, or Le Tricoteur. Also worth looking at the Alderney ones, perhaps?


see some folk at the local collective sale and its obvious that they have not washed or put on a clean set of cloths for days and its not a one off , if you dont take some pride in your appearance are you going to take any pride in your work.
Know what you mean riggers and hi viz brigade. I’ve a mate when at work he looks like a tramp but his work is spot on . He dresses up when out .

Post Driver

South East
It works both ways, some of the worst fencing I have seen is undertaken by companies with all lads wearing company logo, looking smart, sign written trucks, clip boards for days but don't know a strut from a strainer


more thinking boiler suits thick with so thick with grease that they run water , hands the same never bothered washed , using there jumpers for wiping there hands , a wipe with some rags or hand wipes is not to much to ask is it , they walk in to shops and offices like this expecting every one else to clean up after them , sh.t on there wellies and walking into these places is not on , i have taken my own wellies off a the door of the accountants if nipping in some times .back to jumpers the john lewis wool jumpers are rubbish loose there shape far to quick , my fav is my carhartt keeps it shape and warm , dont wear them for work because i find them no use for working with oil and grease

Arable Scotland: Alternative markets and new cash crops

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Arable Conversations: Alternative markets and new cash crops 11.30 – 12.30 on 29th June 2021

Join us at Arable Scotland on 29 June at 11.30 am for an interactive ‘Arable Conversation’ that will discuss ‘Alternative markets and new cash crops’. The session will cover the seasons market potential and the current rollercoaster grain prices. New crops being trialled in Scotland, opening new doors and opportunities for the cereals sector will also feature. Chris Leslie from AHDB, will lead the discussion and be joined by the following panellists.

To register for the webinar visit and for more information about the event visit...