Best jumper

The Ruminant

Livestock Farmer
I like a good, chunky woollen jumper. I’ve tried woo lovers but find quality v poor. I’m currently wearing a Samuel Windsor - poor finish but ok once you’ve sewn up the badly sewn seams etc.

What is everyone else wearing, Jumper wise?

Bruce Almighty

Mixed Farmer
I bought a ski top from the middle of Lidl before Christmas at a discounted price of £3.89
I can't believe how warm it is, I wish I'd bought 3 or 4
It's really clingy & shows up my gut, so I wear a sweat shirt over the top of it ;)


British army one, £4 each and last a long time. Think how much money the MOD spend on their design and quality for rugged use and I don't think there's much that can touch them and at £4 each you can't go far wrong.


I have a heap of MKM ones merino possum liner and wool outer best jumper I know of warm and even soaking wet still warm
they also make a hoodie that is bit longer so covers yer arse a bit better if fencing no more builders crack or cold back

Nithsdale Farmer

Livestock Farmer
Depending on what work you're doing... I have one of these

Pure wool, with a 2nd thin polyester windbreaker lining. You do cook in it if you're doing a lot of physical moving about about but it is brilliant when out on the bike - especially at lambing time. Wearing it this week with these cold snowy conditions, keep toasty warm on the bike.

I also have 2 wool Edinburgh Woolen Mill jumpers which must be about 18 years old. They're also very good.

Arable Scotland: Alternative markets and new cash crops

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Arable Conversations: Alternative markets and new cash crops 11.30 – 12.30 on 29th June 2021

Join us at Arable Scotland on 29 June at 11.30 am for an interactive ‘Arable Conversation’ that will discuss ‘Alternative markets and new cash crops’. The session will cover the seasons market potential and the current rollercoaster grain prices. New crops being trialled in Scotland, opening new doors and opportunities for the cereals sector will also feature. Chris Leslie from AHDB, will lead the discussion and be joined by the following panellists.

To register for the webinar visit and for more information about the event visit...