Get a head start on broadleaf weeds this autumn, warns Corteva

Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine

Cereal growers are being urged to consider the benefits of controlling broadleaf weeds in cereal crops this autumn, rather than waiting until spring. Charlotte Cunningham reports. Most growers favour leaving the bulk of weed control until temperatures rise and days become longer, but Corteva Agriscience says there are good reasons to get ahead, if conditions allow. Winter wheat drilling is expected to get underway in the next two weeks across certain parts of the UK, and early-emerging crops may face competition from key problem weeds such as cleavers, chickweed and fumitory going into the winter. “Tackling weeds when they’re small – be that in the autumn or the spring – will always be the preferred tactic,” says Alister McRobbie, category manager for cereal herbicides at Corteva Agriscience. “Applying herbicides early means the chemistry will be more effective and the weeds won’t be given the chance to grow, making them more difficult to control come spring. It is also part of a pragmatic anti-resistance strategy. “Although temperatures will begin to drop, they will be fluctuating between daytime and night time, so we advise use of herbicides which are reliable for controlling weeds while coping with variable temperatures.” Proven to act The…
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