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I'm in the (slow) process of uploading to eBay most of my health and safety documents including risk assessments, method statements and training materials,

Visit my eBay shop, the farmsafetyblog to view what is currently uploaded or contact me directly on here for more information.

All my materials are written with years of practical working knowledge of agriculture and what works and what doesn't, I'm WAMITAB and ISOH qualified & I'm still farming and consulting AD plants daily.

There's only a limited farm documentation currently up, There's also a great 12 risk assessment pack for you AD guys,

Will hope to have more of the farm based health and safety documents up within this week, trying to get the message out that practical agricultural health and safety advise is available, affordable and never out of anyone's reach.


Forgive my ignorance, or maybe I've misunderstood, but are you selling risk assessment documents to people without actually having been to their sites to actually assess the risk in a particular location, and see what control measures may be appropriate?

I never did get my IOSH ticket, but even I know that proforma RAs and MSs aren't worth the paper they're written on, and that's even if you've been given them free, let alone paid for them...

Very enterprising of you though. No doubt there will be plenty of people out there for whom paying £180 is the most expedient way of ticking various boxes.


Mixed Farmer
Good question, that I Really should have explained,
I write the main hazards that I have experienced and the most effective control measures that should be in place and can easily be implemented by any business.

I state very clearly in the packs, that they must be adjusted to be site specific by the purchaser!!! I do not and never will risk score them without going to the site personally!! I also state very clearly that any control measures that you do not intend to implement must be deleted.
All purchasers must review and If needed, add additional hazards/methods/control measures. I also detail what polices & procedures need to be in place to implement the risk assessment.

I am selling my basic template that I would adjust accordingly when carrying out site specific risk/methods personally. Most of them are 16+ pages, and have taken hours to write, I am supplying the basics for the customer to build upon.

I am a huge believer that especially in the ag industry, employers need to take a more active role in H&S and what it is really about, and the best way to do that is learn by doing!
I supply the building blocks as guidance to a good foundation of a risk assessment/method statement.
I actually even stated a farm safety blog because it’s a topic that has so many misconceptions connected to it.

These aren’t for everybody but I’m giving purchasers an option to do take a more active role in their hazard and risk analysis.


Genuine question...

So say we have written risk assessments for common tasks such as operating implements, telehandler, working on roofs, tagging suckler calves etc.

But then we come across a job that we haven't thought to write a risk assessment for. E.g. clearing snow from the farmyard, or climbing down into a ditch to clear a culvert blockage, or climbing over a gate, or using a stanley knife to cut string, or freeing a tangled calf from a fence etc. etc.

Can we do these everyday tasks without a written risk assessment. How do we decide if the risk assessment needs to be written or not?


Mixed Farmer

@Grass And Grain

It's very hard to get risks assessments for everything, in fact, you would end up with hundreds which the every farm does not need!!

You would have to decide what is "acceptable risk v unacceptable risk", if you look at what is called a risk scoring matrix above, it in simple terms can work out what is acceptable v unacceptable.. sort off.

If you take your example of climbing over a gate and risk score it,
For a young fit and healthy person it could look like:
Likelihood =1 (99.9% of the time, harm will not occur)
Severity of Harm = 1 (99.9% of the time only a slight injury will occur for the unlucky 0.01%)
Overall risk rating = 1 (Basically you don't need a risk assessment) that's not to say that something won't ever happen but the risks are so low.

For an elderly person with numerous ailments
Likelihood =3 (The elderly person is very frail and has trouble balancing, maybe 75% of the time harm will occur)
Severity of Harm = 2 (Yep there going to break bones and cause themselves some serious harm, that they might struggle to recover from)
Overall risk rating = 6 (Completely unacceptable risk) a detailed risk assessment must be in place and you must implement effective control measures to reduce this risk.... the effective control measure would be to open the F'ing gate you idiot. And this would put the risk rating back to 1/2, Do you know wanna I mean?

This would be a simple explanation of "acceptable risk v unacceptable risk", there are things that are never an acceptable risk, no matter how much you try to justify them i.e. unguarded PTO shaft, lifting a person up in a bucket etc.

The snow clearing should really be covered under just general "operation of farm vehicles" you generally wouldn't mention snow clearing unless its a contract job then a full RAMS (risk assessment & method statement) would need done and site specific at that!!

A very generic manual handling-site task-working with livestock risk assessment would cover the rest of the bases, and again you could never cover every single task... it would be madness!!


Mixed Farmer
Managed to get a few more risk assessments only up on the site Click Here, All machinery based,
These are a great start if you want to build a risk assessment portfolio for your farm or contracting business, just remember you still have to assess all the hazards at your business and give the hazard a risk score, this is to ensure the risk assessment is effective to your business and site specific.
Going to try to get all machinery based ones all on site next week and try to group them to suit certain people i.e. a contractors pack etc.
Haven't forgot about you dairy/livestock guys either but will take me a few weeks.

I'm genuinely surprised about the response I've got via e-mail, so thank you to all who made enquires.

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