New truck. Going round in circles

Dave W

Got a nearly 6 year old dmax. Bought me and Been absolutely faultless. Never had a spanner on it.
It's now done 140k miles of hard work (which I actually think has done it good, better than one that's not been worked anyway) so thinking it's time for a refresh.
A year ago we bought an iveco flatbed to run along side it so the dmax has been demoted a bit too general runabout but still does maybe 25% of the towing work.

So thinking about a swap, can't justify new any more. Don't really need the pick up back, just 4 seats and tow bar capable of 3.5t but could live with 3.3t.
Most 4x4 are out being too expensive.

So the most logical replacement is another pick up. Cheap and tick all the boxes.
So in reality I'd have to get what I've already got. Just a few less miles and couple years younger.
Or do I keep what I've got and look after it 🤷‍♂️

Grass And Grain

Mixed Farmer
I've been looking at paint/rust on the chassis. Mitsubishi and Nissan seem to put black water on, even the brand new ones have rust showing through. Poor.

That said, did see a new Nissan last week that had a much thicker ubderseal type product on the chassis. Not much use though if rust underneath.


Welshpool Powys
You need one of these Dave


N. Yorks
On my second 2.5 d max and both have been fine apart from DPF problems at 30,000 miles with first. They fitted new injectors but swapped it for current one so no idea if it sorted it.

I do too many short trips I’m led to believe and hence current one started regenerating the DPF every 20 or so. Fella on Facebook (I’m so going to regret taking any notice) said fit an ‘EGR delete cable’. This is a short cable for twenty odd quid (probably cost two and six shillings to make) which you plug in and egr no longer opens. I read a bit of the hows and where’s and the what’s to do about these egr things and they are plainly the work of the devil! So with what you would call light work with no towing or motorway work it‘s back over 100 miles between regens.

I do think @Dave W is correct in that the high milers running up and down motorways or generally working hard trailering don’t have any issues at all. Pillocks like mine that run around rural roads don’t seem to like it or at least the DPF don’t. I don’t spare the horses but in honesty half the time I’m following some retired local going to the library.
You need one of these DaveView attachment 970306

Is that you and Pete in convoy again? I can tell who is driving which- Pete is in the truck behind yours thinking he is clever pulling two trailers in tandem, but you'll get the last laugh when you approach the next DVSA weigh station and he's twice the weight and I don't mean he's gone and brought his Saturday lunchbox along today.


Looking at the price of newer second hand pickups I thought they looked dear compared to what I could buy brand new for using my buying group fleet discount rates. The only downside is that it will be February before I get my new Ranger. It would have been March for a Hilux and December for a Navara.

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Five nature-recovery projects spanning nearly 100,000ha across the West Midlands, Cambridgeshire, the Peak District, Norfolk and Somerset have been announced by the government and Natural England today (Thursday, May 26).

This is the equivalent in size to all 219 current National Reserves.

The aim of the projects is to deliver nature recovery at a landscape scale, helping to tackle biodiversity loss, climate change and improve public health and well-being.

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