1. K

    New Honda bike delay!

    Hi, I’ve been waiting on a new Honda 420 fm2 for about 2 months and nobody I speak to can tell me when It’s going to arrive!! My bike just now is needing tyres and serviced but I’m not really wanting to spend any money on it. Just wondering if anyone else can shed any light on what happening or...
  2. J

    2nd hand towing vehicle. Whats still going at higher mileage?

    Our old Subaru Forrester workhorse is coming to the end of its life and am starting to think about replacing it. I am looking in the region of £4k - £7k. Ideally a 3t or more towing capacity, a hi/low range gearbox and basically reliable. I am currently looking at older landcruisers, discovery...
  3. Mcnulty24

    Rusty ryegrass

    I have 40 odd acres of ryegrass that my lambs were due to move onto, unfortunately it has developed a rust problem. I expect that the lambs wont be too keen to eat it, if I can find somewhere else for the lambs to go in the short term, will the grass recover or is that it?
  4. Oldmacdonald

    Tape to protect pick up bodywork?

    The lip of the load liner on my Amarok has been vibrating and damaged the paintwork leading to rust Whe I have it repaired, is there any sort of bitumen type tape that can be applied to the body where the lip rests to prevent damage again?
  5. X

    Ovalled wheel rim holes - how would you deal with them?

    What's the best way to deal with badly ovalled wheel nut holes in a tractor rear wheel rim? I was thinking of welding the hole closed - then re drilling the wheel stud hole with a mag drill and broaching cutter - then putting the taper seat back in using a chamfer countersinking bit. Getting...
  6. DeeBee

    Anyone figure out this make of old tipper trailer?

    Sad to say, my old 6 x 4 compact tipper trailer broke yesterday after 36 years of service! Got it in a job lot along with a nice old JD855 some years ago, never did figure out who the maker was. I'm keen to get it repaired as it's been useful for so many jobs, such a handy size and incredibly...
  7. ___\0/___

    Basic fert spreader

    Needing a new 2 bag fert spreader for grass with a spreading width of about 12m. The dealers I want to work with have came back with Krm L15 plus Sulky DX20+ KV Exacta CL 1550 (vicon version also priced) Khun mds 18.2 All with in touching distance on price but any of the machines stand out...
  8. Farm Business RSS

    Impressive yields from new varieties despite stop-start harvest

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Despite catchy August weather that has left many farmers with the usual harvest headaches there have been some notable performances from several new varieties being grown for the first time, including two new winter barley varieties, that have exceeded...
  9. O

    NH95 Jacks no power

    The Jacks on my digger have no power and are really slow to suck back up. All other hydraulic functions are working fine. I’m guessing it’s these pressure valves that need adjusting. Has anyone else had to do it? @fermerboy @Kevtherev
  10. D

    tractor info required (MF)

    Massey Ferguson 6265 with QUICKE Q35 loader 8800HRS £22,000 +VAT can anyone advise me on this tractor, if it good price or not, it will mainly be used for lifting bales of silage, tractor looks pretty clean no rust im happy with what i have seen of it
  11. CPM RSS

    End of sales date nears for Escolta

    Written by Charlotte Cunningham from CPM Magazine Sugar beet growers are being reminded that they only have until 30 November 2021 to purchase Escolta for the 2022 season – with a use-up period of 12 months following the end of sales date. Charlotte Cunningham reports. The deadline follows the...
  12. D

    Land Legend 40HP Donfeng vs Ford 7610

    Hello, does anyone have any realife experience of the Donfeng tractors from China (established 1952), imported as Land Legend by Sid / Cowling Agri (4WD, loader,4-in-1 bucket and a range of good value trailer/accessories ready to ship)? I've spoken to a few dealers who say they are actualy good...
  13. J

    Combine reliability

    Now most are wrapping up cutting for this year many are looking on how their combines have performed over the season. Many will be happy, a few will have niggles or just nightmares and I just thought a quick word or two on their own experiences. I was using a late 90's TX34, only a 15' header...
  14. J

    water bowser

    does anybody use an old slurry tanker as awater bowser to water cattle eg put atrough on to it so the cattle drink from it
  15. davidroberts30

    Fungicide use V crop biomass

    Just wondering about this Say for example I had a cereal crop that would yield 2ton of grain and 1 ton of straw per acre Would it require half the fungicide compared to a 4ton crop and 2ton of straw?
  16. D

    Keeping Ear Tips out of the sample.

    I have closed the lower sieve a bit to keep wheat ear tips out and it’s done the job but we have to drive slower to avoid overloading the returns. Is there any other way round this problem? We now have the lower sieves at 7 or 8 mm, where we had them at 10mm before and twice the forward speed...
  17. Wigeon

    Anyone still growing JB Diego?

    Gosh I miss it. Anyone had it in the ground this year, and if so how has it done? Costello & skyscraper here, both of which have been [email protected] Is Diego now "outclassed", and is it madness to grow it without epoxi and CTL? Thanks!
  18. ajd132

    Wheat blend problem

    Started on a farm in feb and they have been growing a blend of kerrin, crispin and gleam. I’ve sent a few loads into central store and the bushel is really low. The crops look good but aren’t yielding as much as they look. Bushels around 68. Had t0 teb, t1 .8 ascra, t2 1l revystar, t3 azoxy +...
  19. F

    Brexit again.
  20. D

    Toyota hilux buying used

    Hi im looking at buying a hilux. I'm looking in the range from 2012-2015. I've been told that the dpf can be troublesome on some years has anyone here had any issues . I've been offered an aussie imported 2012 hilux sr5 with 110,000miles she supposedly has no dpf from factory (don't know how...