1. M

    Case 4230 drop arm lift rods

    Hi I want to remove my drop arm lift rods to replace them with sturdier ones. Does anyone know how I go about removing the pin at the top of the lift rods (arrowed in the photo) does it need an Allen key in the end nearest to the wheel? Thanks Matthew
  2. mobileweld

    Stopping back of pick up truck condensation

    Has anyone any experience in what works and what doesn’t? Have an n&j aluminium canopy and suffering a bit with getting tools damp this winter. Wondered if the self adhesive sound proofing type stuff would help
  3. G

    Small pickup

    Does anyone still make a small pickup these days? Like a vw caddy?
  4. R

    John Deere 3050 rebuild

    We bought this 3050 30k, standard lift non turbo around 20 years ago and it was our main tractor until we bought the 6900 6 or 7 years later. It needed some work and a few new parts so I will let the photos do the talking...
  5. M

    JPM low loaders - any good?

    I’m looking at changing in my 26ft bale trailer for a low loader to move swing shovel and telehandler around, as well as moving bales still. Good idea? JPM seem well priced, what’s the verdict on them? I’m not expecting it to be as well made as some of the more expensive trailers but it won’t...
  6. P

    Gator versus quad

    Hi I'm looking at options of getting either a gator (something like the John Deere XUV855D) or quad bike (Honda TRX500) for 70 acres of pasture: feeding animals, fencing, moving stuff, pulling small loads etc. Apart from the obvious: staying drier, having more room onboard to carry stuff), but...
  7. C

    Desperately need help feeding a calf - please!!

    I bought a few calves to raise at a local market, have a good shed & a few years experience but this one is stumping me. Calf was big strong animal (about 6 weeks old) then scoured -rust coloured. Vet thought salmonella so medicated for that. Then she blew up, another vet came & relieved the...
  8. B

    8T Digger Recommendations

    We are looking for an 8T digger for around £20k. What would you recommend higher hour mainstream makes - which are best? Or have seen a 2016 Liugong with 2000 hours for £20k - are they any good?
  9. TFF

    Toward Comprehensive Plant Microbiome Research Front. Ecol. Evol., 13 March 2020

    Toward Comprehensive Plant Microbiome Research Authors: Kari Saikkonen, Riitta Nissinen and Marjo Helander Microbes have driven eco-evolutionary adaptations organizing biodiversity from the origin of life. They are ubiquitous and abundant, facilitating the biochemical processes that make Earth...
  10. P

    Z purlins

    Does anyone know where / if I could get 10metre z purlins ? A rough price would be excellent too !
  11. Jerry

    Pottinger Tedders

    What are pottinger tedders like? 4 or 6 rotors. Have a pottinger mower which I do like.
  12. Riverblue

    Inside the factory JCB

    On bbc2 now
  13. S

    BBC2 9pm tonight

    Greg Wallace and Cherry Healy are on a tour around the JCB factory in Stafford
  14. Manny

    Mf 6290

    I have just been asked to look at a mf6290 for a friend. At this point I need to explain I know little more about mf other than they are red! What are the good, bad and ugly things about them and what do I need to be looking out for when looking at it? Thank in advan for any help.
  15. tr250

    Mig welder power supply

    I’ve just bought myself a mig welder having never had one before I’ve bought an Rtech 250 amp single phase machine and running it off a 16amp blue socket my trouble is it keeps tripping out if I turn it up much more than half or weld for prolonged periods I’ve been trying to do continuous welds...
  16. W

    Are fungicides more harmful than insecticides

    We hear all the Time of farmers using less insecticides, and for good reason generally, but I do wonder if the real bad apple is modern fungicides. Amazing how many are now farming without insecticides after years of addiction, can we start to cut our reliance on fungicides too?
  17. Farm Business RSS

    Top scores as four Barenbrug varieties make the Recommended Lists

    Written by John Swire from Farm Business Three of four new grass varieties from Barenbrug UK have top scores in their respective categories on the Recommended Lists, including a perennial ryegrass that boasts the highest silage ME yield of any late diploid variety. Ballyvoy, bred in Northern...
  18. Ffermer Bach

    Teacher sacked for kicking a horse

    Primary school teacher sacked after being caught on film kicking horse Footage of Sarah Moulds shared online by Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs viewed by millions in November 00:28 Huntswoman filmed appearing to kick and punch a horse – video Léonie Chao-Fong Mon 20 Dec 2021 23.05 GMT A...
  19. S

    Anyone known of an issues with JR Firby?

    Hi all, Has anyone known of any issues with sales from JR Firby at Slingsby? Bought a David Brown from him which when i tried it, seemed to be in good working order with everything working and he told me that everything worked as it should even the PTO (which i specifically asked about). Got...
  20. Rob_AD

    Slurry proofing a tractor

    Has anyone painted the inner wheel arches with anything to protect from slurry? Our last spreading tractor the paint started to blister a fair bit inside the arches and I want to prevent it on the new one. Would Waxoyl/Dinitrol be a waste of time when the machine gets hot pressure washed, if...