Red Clover Seed

MILVUS , HARMONIE and ATLANTIS Tetraploid Red Clover Seed , Available straight, as a blend or in a grass mix made to your requirements, Atlantis is top of the Recommended list as a Tertraploid with all three scoring high , very competitive prices and quick delivery for any amount

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Medium Term Hi Pro Red Grass Seed Mix (Acre Pack) (3-4 Years Dual Purpose)
3.50 kg ASTONCRUSADER Hybrid Ryegrass Tet
4.50 kg TETRAGRAZE Hybrid Ryegrass Tet
2.00 kg ROY Perennial Ryegrass Int Tet
1.50 kg MERULA Broad Red Clover
1.50 kg ATLANTIS Red Clover Tet
13.00 kg per acre
Medium Term Grass Seed Mix with Red Clover Cutting and Grazing )
2.50 kg ASTONCONQUEROR Perennial Ryegrass Int Dip
2.50 kg EXPLOSION Perennial Ryegrass Int Dip
2.00 kg ASTONVISION Perennial Ryegrass Int Tet
2.20 kg CAVENDISH Perennial Ryegrass Late Dip
2.30 kg ASTONCHIEFTAIN Perennial Ryegrass Late Tet
0.75 kg MILVUS Red Clover
0.75 kg ATLANTIS Red Clover Tet
1.00 kg HARMONIE Red Clover
14.00 kg per acre

Premium medium term cutting mixture, for maximum energy values, quality performance & maximum MILK

Excellent grazing performance that provides a very dense sward, good D values and high intakes

High 1st & 2nd cut yields and rapid 2nd cut regrowth, compared to other quality mixtures

All milk index grasses are tested for digestibility of organic matter, crude protein, water soluble carbohydrates (mainly sugar), cell wall fraction, digestibility of cell wall and ash content

Explosion is a brand new MI variety. High sugar contents, excellent digestibility, high resistance to rust, consistent high yields & exceptional winter hardiness

Includes other MI and Aston grasses. High disease resistance, high sugar, high protein, high yielding, dual purpose grasses for a Conquering mixture!
High inclusion of Nitrogen fixing Red Clover for low inputs
Options of adding White Clover and Herbs

LIVE - DEFRA SFI Janet Hughes “ask me anything” 19:00-20:00 20th September (Today)

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Hello, I’m Janet Hughes. I’m the Programme Director for the Future Farming and Countryside Programme in Defra – the programme that’s phasing out the Common Agricultural Policy and introducing new schemes and services for farmers.

Today (20 September) between 7pm-8pm, I and some of my colleagues will be answering your questions about our work including the Sustainable Farming Incentive, Farming in Protected Landscapes, and our test and trials.

We’ll try to answer at least 15 of your top voted questions, so please vote on the questions you’d most like me to answer.

You can read more about our Future Farming policy on our blog.

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