1. Bigjon44

    Groundsel in wheat

    Got a smattering of quite tall groundsel in a field of it worth doing anything or will anything do anything at this stage to take it out or not too worry about it
  2. W

    T1 winter wheat

    What are people using and when are you starting
  3. R

    Sprayer tank cleaning between crops

    If you've been spraying su herbicides on cereals, then want to spray sugar beet. I use a tank cleaner such as All clear / tank cleaner Usually with the rinsings I have a stubble field which I would opt to spray on. If not, does All clear / tank cleaner have any effect spraying back onto...
  4. Bigjon44

    Winter wheat

  5. bobk

    Which fungs for Septoria , T1 and T2

    Now Epoxi has joined CTL in the bin
  6. casemx 270

    Spray sequence

    Can I legally use Hatra and Axial in the same growing season ? Thanks
  7. Norfolk Hill Farmer

    Yield form a spring sown grass ley

    Due to some last minute complications with the arable crop rotation, I am considering growing a short term ley on 14 acres. I know it is extremely variable, but what kind of baled silage yield could I expect from it if I drilled it now and cut it in say early July ? Looking at the Barrenborg...
  8. S

    Broadway/pacifica cold nights

    what are peoples thoughts/experience of spraying the above with cold temperatures at night? Damage to crop or reduced control.
  9. Derrick Hughes

    Chicory , Ryegrass Clover Seed Mix

    Pastoral Chicory Seed Mix (4 Years Grazing) 2.50 kg Perennial Ryegrass Late Dip 2.50 kg Perennial Ryegrass Late Dip 0.80 kg CHOICE Chicory 2.20 kg SWALEDALE White Clover Blend 8.00 kg per acre High quality grazing mixture Drought tolerant Unbeatable for finishing lambs High ME Mixture high...
  10. J

    Reviving neglected land

    Hi, I thought I would try to pick some of your brains out there. At the end of the month (Feb) I'm taking on an approx 70 acre farm that has been left for around 3 years without any stock or anything on for that matter. The amount of docks, creeping buttercup, thistles and ragwort on the land...
  11. Gormers

    Manganese deficiency

    Anyone thinking about putting some on this time of year…too early or not…(W Barley)
  12. W

    KwS cochise spring wheat

    Just got a bit for potential home saved seed for next year depending on fert prices, weather and black grass. I would like to drill it with my Claydon on 7 inch row gaps but I also have a vaderstad, so my question is would the vaddy be better for spring wheat with its closer coulters or will...
  13. W

    Is Red Tractor actually legal?

    As a cereal farmer we all have to produce crops within the rules set out by government such as crop sprayer MOT, NROSO, Safe storage of grain, fuel storage, fertiliser storage etc etc. We’ve had EA, Natural England, Defra and Trading Stadards inspections over the last 5 years. We then have to...
  14. Janet Hughes Defra

    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    Morning all Today we'll be publishing some information about how the sustainable farming incentive will work when we start rolling it out from next year in England. I'll post the links here as soon as they're online, and will be here on this thread over the next few days to answer your...
  15. RAF

    Winter bean herbicide

    Can decide weather to pre em or post em them, either Nirvana and Centium 360, or I have got some banned Forban { bentazone } i could use post em. be ok in spring ?? ground is clay. tia
  16. Agriland RSS

    Rhug Lamb served at British Embassy in Dubai to showcase Welsh food and drink

    Written by William Kellett from Agriland Rhug Organic PGI Welsh Lamb was served recently at the British Embassy in Dubai at an event to showcase Welsh food and drink. The guests enjoyed poached and roasted saddle of Rhug Organic Welsh lamb, whipped pine nuts and salsa, for their main course...
  17. C

    Italian Ryegrass volunteers

    Planning to drill winter wheat into this ex-Italian ryegrass, really reluctant to plough as the soil looks good however, as you can see, there is a large seed bank waiting to germinate. Is another pass with glyphosate enough to sort the problem? The other option is to wholecrop it but I’d prefer...
  18. Steevo

    Bandur Herbicide

    Anybody used this before?
  19. S

    How much are you going to plant this year?

    With the good wheat prices currently, are we going to try to see more wheat planted?
  20. T

    Price predictions for the next 12 months

    Where do people see the farm gate prices going from here now . Personally i think as a whole yields will be down across the board on most crops and of course there are lots of weather events that have / are effecting the big producing nations . When the dust settles my prediction is Top...